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  1. I've got the Mortal Kombat Midway one. Seems decent enough to me but it isn't a first gen machine.


    The only downside is if I want to put a Pi in it, I would have to re-do the button board as the buttle layout for Mortal Kombat isn't conventional.

  2. I meant that if you want to set up the 2nd SD card from scratch then MrFusion is the fastest way to do it.


    AFAIK everything needed to boot the Mister is on the SD card, not internal firmware.  If you don't have the SD card inserted, it won't boot.



  3. I would say so, yes, then re-configure it from there

    Unless you want to start fresh then I would


     Put Mr Fusion on the new SD card.
    Run it on the Mister

    put back in PC and put in update_all script.

    Back in Mister and run the script.

    Copy across all ROMS from one SD to the other.

  4. I've been setting it up this afternoon.

    Moved PSX to external drive. Works like a dream (can't find a reliable source for bin/cue files on PS1 for now).

    So I currently have set up.








    Neo Geo


    Master System



    GameBoy Color





    All fully working as far as I can tell 🙂

    I also did an update_all after moving PSX and MegaCD games to the External SSD and it didn't create new folders so it looks like the downloader handles it


    Haven't done Gameboy yet. Need to find those 🙂



  5. Thanks for the advice.  I agree that the external USB will be used for CD based games or anything that looks like it might be bigger will be moved to the external drive.

    If it is as easy as cutting and pasting folders, then it will be easy.

    And yes, I will be using a PC to transfer files 🙂

    I didn't know the Saturn core wasn't complete yet so I will stay away from that for now.


    I'm using the MMS so it already has 128mb I believe.


    One last question (for now 🙂 ). Do I need to run anything for the USB drive to be recognised or just plug it in before turning it on?

    Will update_all, just recognise it if it is there?

  6. Thanks for the info. I assume the Saturn core shenanigans is because it hasn't been officially released yet?

    I will follow the advice i.e. put CD games onto the external hdd only. 🙂

    I assume the easiest way to do this for say PSX is to cut the folder from the SD card and then paste it into the Games folder on the SSD drive? That way the bios files should already be there.

    Thanks for the help. I may post some more questions but so far so good.

  7. I spent the afternoon assembling another MMS with the latest case.


    I've been away from this thread for a while so have forgotten a few things.


    I've run MrFusion and got the newest update_all script. I've set everything up and have all arcade cores working. Yippee!!!!!


    I've got a 512gb SD Card in it which I know is plenty of space for most "ROMS" e.g. Neo Geo, Megadrive, SNES etc.. but will run out quickly once i start ploughing into Saturn, Playstation etc...


    I've got a spare external SSD drive which I can plonk them on.

    I seem to remember I need to create a folder called Games on the external SSD and put the folders named correctly that I want to be on the USB drive e.g. Saturn

    Is this correct?

    Also, where do the BIOS files go for these systems?  Can they stay on the SD card or do I have to move them to the SSD as well?

    Also, will the update_all script cope with some systems with bios files on the SSD or will it try and update it always on the SD card?


    I seem to remember problems if the same folder names are on both the SD card and SSD.

    Is this still the case? Will it cope if there is for example an empty "Saturn" folder on SD card but another on the SSD drive with games? Do I have to remove the folder on the SD card?

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