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  1. I just ordered the deluxe kit. I wanted a 2nd MiSTer anyway so perfect option for me. I also like the case design. Much better for putting in the TV cabinet than the 3d Printed box i've currently got.
  2. Yes, lots by the look of it on Twitter
  3. Well, it's shipping and preorders are being received. Not due to get mine until Q1 2022
  4. I think I'll wait for the physical release
  5. I installed my 1tb SSD. Took a couple of minutes. The hardest bit was being brave enough to pull the side of the case hard enough to disengage it. fitting the SSD was a piece of piss. I transferred about 700gb to it from the internal drive. Only took about 1 minute.
  6. I've got the official Wii Component cable. Does it work on the Cube?
  7. That's fair enough. I was just concerned that they were being bought expecting them to be bluetooth.
  8. Is this for the Vita version or PS4? If it was real.
  9. I've got an AMD card already in another PC (RX570) which has done well. I didn't have a need for a 4K capable card as I've only got 1080p monitors. My main gaming is done on consoles. It also has 12gb RAM in it. I also have a history of going against the grain!
  10. I got a prebuilt from Scan a few months ago with an AMD 6700XT in it. Are they hard to find then?
  11. I've got couple of those Megadrive pads for the MegaSg The 2.4g dongle fits the megadrive (d9) and it comes with a USB lead for charging, so would assume for the Mister you will be using them wired. Might be better to get the bluetooth pads with a dongle for the MiSTer. I couls be wrong though.
  12. I echo the sentiments above. I was lucky enough to grow up on the outskirts of Brighton so every weekend I used to jump on the bus and go into town for the Arcades. It didn't dawn on me that other towns didn't have them. The Brighton ones in West Street and on the Palace Pier were superb.
  13. I bought it at launch on Xbox but I haven't played it yet. I'm waiting for the Series X patch
  14. Quick question. Can anyone confirm that the SuperNT and NT Mini Noir are all USB powered for UK use? The MegaSg appears to be OK. The only reason I ask is that I haven't opened the SuperNT or the NT Mini Noir yet but the boxes say 'Worldwide Power Supply US/JPN' and not 'US/JPN/EU' or does that just refer to the usb power adapter in the box?
  15. I always liked 'TheOne' magazine
  16. Nice. It must be digital then. Can't find it listed
  17. I ordered a pad on ebay that came from China. Took 5 days.
  18. Is this out soon? I can't find it listed on my usual shop sites. Is this digital only?
  19. It just feels really authentic with a rock solid clear picture. Lovely stuff. I've still got the Super NT and the NT Mini Noir V2 to try yet. Don't tell the wife
  20. Finally got round to unpacking the Mega SG and wow. Just wow. Perfect.
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