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  1. my preorder timed out so I registered my interest again. I suspect Sony will be in touch shortly
  2. Yes, It might have been about £84 for the same as above.
  3. I grew up on the outskirts of Brighton so I was spoilt for choice arcade wise. Games that stand out for me were Crossbow Space Harrier Space Ace Gauntlet Astron Belt Super Punchout TX-1
  4. Indeed.Between the pocket, evercade exp and the steam deck, I'll be like a dog with 3 dicks
  5. Mine arrived today with the dock etc..., then immediately got taken off me to wrap for Christmas
  6. Here is a quick video I made showing the boot and a quick fiddle with the dos Hopefully I will have other stuff soon.
  7. Here it is I can't get over the quality of the case and that keyboard. I knew I was right to get blue switches. Unfortunately i can't turn it on yet as the cables haven't arrived from Amazon. I need a DVI to HDMI converter and a kettle plug lead which I don't appear to have any spare. Still, 68040 inside
  8. Has anyone had theirs ship yet? I got a "prepared for shipping" email on the 17th of October but haven't had anything since then.
  9. It has been delayed. No new release date as yet.
  10. Will do. As far as I understand at the moment, there isn't a lot of software yet so the hope is that people will port and create it. It wouldn't be a machine where you would buy it at this stage and have access to lots of things. For that, I would go for a Next or a Mega65 This is more of a hobbyist machine
  11. Yep. I was going to get them, then looked at the shipping price and thought fuck that. Also then remembered that I can run Roms on the cores so why would I need the adapters.
  12. Another cracker from George. I also watched the latest video from Ms Mad Lemon too. Cracking video and it makes me sad that she has gone through some of this shit in the past. It made me think about the prominent UK Youtubers who could be in the circle jerk. I think I've got a pretty good idea of who to unsubscribe from.
  13. Wow! I didn't even know it came out on the Amiga.
  14. How much was Mind Fighter on the left? Was it the Atari ST version?
  15. I've got one of those. Also this is on its way to me. 68040 in it. Lovely.
  16. Just had an email from Analogue saying my pocket is being prepared for shipping. At last
  17. I do love his delivery of "Richard's in bits". Gets me every time
  18. I don't know. George was one of the people that highlighted the Vega Plus scam.
  19. I agree with what George is saying though. Why not make a video denouncing them. They are youtubers. Videos are what they make. I understand the internet is not always real life but LD and THGM should know that actions have consequences. I hope Martin issues court proceedings against them for inflaming people to have a go at him or at least demonising him I don't think they would have a leg to stand on. Also where is Richard in all of this? So far only Neil and Kim seem to have said anything about it. I have a lot of respect for them both.
  20. That's exactly what I think. Big boys club. Self interest at heart. No outsiders allowed.
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