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  1. Cool. I suppose that is one of the problems now. Ordering things from other countries makes you think twice.
  2. I just ordered it. And the Xbox one. And the Dreamcast one. And the PS2 one. This site costs me so much money
  3. I wonder how much the customs charge will be for the Satiator?
  4. Is that the Master System version of Speedball. I have to say I'm really disappointed with this. They should be the Amiga versions.
  5. I think you'll both be nicely surprised. It has the same feel and the same "plodding" gameplay
  6. Not sure if this is the correct thread but..... I've just picked up an older MSI Trident 3 PC (The one that is the same size as a PS4/Xbox One) It has a Core I5 7400, 16gb RAM and Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb in it. Is this good enough for high end emulation? What can I reasonably expect to emulate up to? PS2, Dreamcast? I have a more powerful PC (Radeon 6700 XT 12gb with Ryzen 7 5800X) but the Trident has the form factor for under the TV.
  7. I've got the first game but I don't recognize the 2nd game. Seems to have passed me by. I'll have to give it a whirl.
  8. What was the second Champions of Norrath game called?
  9. I'm in. Can't wait to preorder. I wonder if they will do a pack with 4 controllers Oh and get Gauntlet on there.
  10. I'm still waiting before I play it for a few more patches and the next gen update. I bought it at launch but I am happy to wait.
  11. Both available for preorder tomorrow.
  12. Has anyone noticed that if you delete a game on the PS5 the grey icon stays in the list at the top? Is there any way to remove it?
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