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  1. I've only every played the first 2 levels on Halo. I have the Master Chief Collection. Am I in for a treat?
  2. Might explain why Game charges £10 for delivery on collection preorders.
  3. I was thinking last night. What with Wales going into lockdown until the 9th November. Has this date been chosen to avoid problems with people picking up their consoles the day after? Also, how many sphinkters are twitching at the thought of a full lockdown over November meaning that potentially not being able to go and pick the consoles up?
  4. I need a deeper one so that I can have the unit flat again the wall but have the TV angled so everyone in the room can still see it. We don't all have perfect rectangular living rooms
  5. I'm keeping mine with Game as I didn't have it in my basket with Microsoft
  6. When are the lynx games out again?
  7. Same here. How interesting..
  8. One is turning things off to save power Secondly, to avoid problems that can arise from Resume (that used to happen) Thirdly, I'm a luddite!
  9. Oh OK. I didn't know that. Still it is of no real interest for me. I only ever have one game on the go at a time and the disc issue means that it is unworkable really. With the speed of the SSD's, it will make cold booting a game easier to bear. For me, the way the Xbox handles updates is ludicrous. It mystifies me that they couldn't come up with a better, faster way to do it.
  10. I don't use the suspend feature on either the XBox One or PS4. I always power them down completely so don't use resume at all. Since most of my games are on disc rather than digital download then that would make it fairly unworkable for me. I also don't leave the discs in the drive when the machine is powered off either.
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