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  1. I've just done the xbox live gold 3 year stacking then converted to GamePass for £1. Current expiry date is 3/19/2024. I redeemed my first xbox live gold subscription on the 19th December so it looks like I got the extra 3 months free. It is a sobering site to think that I've got just over 3 years to go. I've turned off recurring billing too. I did it because even though I didn't really use GamePass much in the past, I got wind that Microsoft may be stopping the stacking and conversion at the end of the month.
  2. I also got a Series S just before Christmas from Argos. I had the same thing. Paid for it, it said the order had failed but got a text saying it was ready to pick up. Contacted Argos and they said all good. So now I have a Series X, PS5 and Series S. I think I am going to use the Series S as a dev unit for emulation.
  3. I got the expansion. I've plugged it in a forgotten about it. I also have an 1tb external ssd plugged in. For me it was about future proofing.
  4. I think I'll wait a couple of weeks until this settles down. Never played any of the hitman games, have 1, 2, and 3 on xbox waiting in their shrink wrap and the faq guides open in a couple of tabs. /gulp
  5. Can you import H1 and H2 into H3 if they are all physical or am I talking bollocks?
  6. I went for an LG 55 In 55NANO796 Smart 4K UHD NanoCell HDR LED Freeview TV from Argos. I think it is terrific although not an OLED.
  7. I didn't run the official one. I'll run that hopefully tomorrow and also video Jotega's one. I haven't found anything that doesn't work so far. Do you know know why running the punisher first made Cadellacs work? Does it write some files somewhere?
  8. At 48mhz I get 2 bands of red and a high pitched constant beep. At 96mhz it just works.
  9. Shiffy, that worked. I ran the Punisher, then Cadillacs and it booted. I did the sd ram test. the 48mhz has 2 red lines but the 96mhz is fine. Should I be concerned?
  10. AceGrace

    NIOH 2

    So if you own Nioh 1 and 2 on PS4 you will get the PS5 remasters version FOC? Are they doing physical versions of the remasters or is it just digital upgrades?
  11. I've got a working Jaguar and CD add on both boxed and quite a few games except Rayman (Grrrr - so pricey). It actually pains me to think that the machine was capable of so much more but released with a memory manager bug and handled by Atari. Most of the games are unspectacular and clunky but for some reason I love it and wouldn't part with it. If anyone has a rayman they want to part with for not a silly price, I'd be interested.
  12. Ah you say that but about 5 years ago I went on a C64 buying streak and bought all the classics. I've got about 4 tubs worth of games as well as 3 c64's, 1541 disk drives and the fast loader 6 cartridge. I had the hardware already which I got in a large box for £5 in a car boot about 15 years ago. However, I have the C64 mini, the full size one (TheC64) and the Vic-20 version as well. I flippin' love the C64. Had one in my teens and absolutely loved it.
  13. So, Hitman 1 and 2 on Xbox One or PS4? I'll be running on Xbox Series X or PS5. Which console do we think we will provide the wow factor and therefore decide which machine to get Hitman 3 on.
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