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  1. So coming out around the same time as the PS5 and XSX? No chance (even if it did exist).
  2. Thanks guys. I didn't think of the dip switch settings. I'll try the refresh setting. All the others appear to load correctly.
  3. Metal Jesus is starting to get on my tits. Any opportunity to do the devil sign with his hands. Hrrrrrggggggghhhhh
  4. I'm having a problem. I am using Retrodrivens latest script. I have noticed that one of the CPS1 games (Ghosts and Goblins) is being displayed upside down on my monitor. I can't find a setting to flip or rotate it. Is it in an ini file somewhere? Also, loading Bionic Commando results in a black screen. Does it take a while to start up?
  5. Must do a video on it. I've got the black edition.
  6. Also a fair point, although I am going gangbusters at the moment on picking up second hand and cheaper PS4 games at the moment. The end of a generation is always the best time to stock up on games. I nearly always buy new games online and second hand from CEX. I haven't bought a game in Game for years.
  7. It had Ratchet and Clank. I'm sold. I was really disappointed they only release 1 game on PS4
  8. lol. I just like having the option to trade but mainly to be able to buy second hand games.
  9. I don't. Digital is usually more expensive and you can't trade it in.
  10. Yup. I added an accelerator and also a CF card. It is still going strong. Currently in a storage container under the bed.
  11. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I did have a moment. Looks like the box is generic and shows the white console. Had a panic then noticed the colour on the side had a black disc on it. Phew!!!!
  12. Well, mine has just arrived. Got to wait until after work to have a look though. Boo!
  13. AceGrace

    PC Engine Mini

    Got mine. Can anyone explain the sense in putting Snatcher on the Coregrafx mini and turbografx mini with japanese text making it impossible to play?
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