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  1. AceGrace

    'Atari' are up to something

    Sounds like a press release from RCL
  2. Especially the Dalek bit
  3. Is Jonathan Cauldwell still going to do one if it doesn't appear as he promised?
  4. Anyone know who George is talking about in his latest video?
  5. AceGrace

    PC Engine

  6. AceGrace

    PC Engine

    Where did you get it from? Very interested.
  7. AceGrace

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Or scratches!
  8. AceGrace

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I've got one and the 16 game pack in the Neo Geo replica box. Also bought an extra controller (all boxed and bought brand new) and a rewired SD card with custom firmware and all neo Geo games on it as well as CPS games etc.... Luckily I bought it all before it went out of stock and the prices started rising I like it a lot but it isn't a replacement for my AES or NeoGeo Cd machines.
  9. AceGrace

    Atari Jaguar

    I've got a working boxed Jaguar and a working boxed JagCd too. Bought them both for 25 in Gamestation a few years ago. Haven't got that many games and really want Rayman but not willing to pay the stupid prices it sells for now
  10. AceGrace

    The C64 Mini

  11. AceGrace

    The C64 Mini

    Link? I can't find anything about the firmware on their site
  12. AceGrace

    Retro Freak 12 in 1

    Isn't this the same one that Funstock have had available for a year? Pretty sure mine is the premium I'm edition with the extra adapter.
  13. I agree. He has probably saved a lot of people from getting ripped off with the Vega plus.
  14. I've unsubscribed from Kim's channel. Fully behind George (although he does take it to extremes). He has probably saved people from getting stiched up by retro Computers. Isn't THGM just a rip off of Lord Arse? Still it's a bit much that he on a moral crusade about CEX though

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