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  1. Ah, maybe I got that message and zoomed off the surface. This game frazzles by brain, half the time I don't know what I'm doing, sometimes I stand in game outside my base frozen by indecision on what to tackle next. I need to focus on the early missions or something.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken I think I accessed the map from the planet surface two nights ago. I just had to be inside my ship. I think I need to spend some time familiarising myself with the map again, it feels unintuitive but it's been a while since I did any warping.
  3. I would rather try and put thread through the eye of a needle with my eyes closed than try and use the galaxy map.
  4. I bought the scanner tech so I could earn a little more from discoveries, however I have since traded in that tool for a larger and better one. My question is is the tech just lost to the old tool? It wasn't a blueprint so do I have to re-buy the tech from another vendor?
  5. Was playing last night, by brother joined me for a bit, just mining in a cave. Then two other unknown players joined my planet. One proceeded to do a makeover on my primitive wooden base, i was only a few hours into a restart since the update so it was just a shack. He added a landing pad and a corridor with about 10 storage containers! These are well beyond my current tech and financial level, but will help me immensely. It was like DIY SOS. Somebody had also terrain manipulated a giant phallic rock sculpture, I'm not sure if this was my brother or Nick Knowles. Although I didn't ask for help and they did not communicate with me I'm not complaining. But this got me thinking, there must also be some saboteurs out there.
  6. I started fresh in Normal mode and have been pretty impressed so far. Resource materials are totally different so there is a lot to get re-accustomed to. I like playing Survival mode pre-update but the one thing that bugged me was the constant ship refuelling, it made me refrain from exploring so much - having to use landing pads. I can't face that on top of everything else, so will probably stick with normal mode now. What difficulty are other people playing on?
  7. I made up this Porsche Martini livery. I spent more time making it than I have driving it.
  8. New to this. Never played GT, except briefly on PS1. Is nobody showing off their livery creations on here? I just knocked up this on day one. Not the prettiest, but it was only for the starting car. Had fun uploading more vector files since.
  9. Same happened to me last night. I've been finding it really hard to get any sort of foothold on the game so far since the update in survival mode, with blueprints being so much harder to come by etc. If I spend more than 5 minutes in space, pirates kill me. So I decided to try and make the most of the planet I've started out on for now. After having a good low fly scout around I eventually found a crashed freighter which was cool, then after using a signal post, I got somewhere to sell some gear which was just too valuable to discard but was clogging up my inventories for a long time. There was a multi tool available for just over 1million. So I decided to mine enough gold to afford it but then fell under the map. Luckily before it happened I had transferred most the gold to my ship but it was a really disheartening moment. No matter how hard I try with this game it still finds some way of kicking me in the nuts when I least expect it.
  10. Yep. My base was still in the air last night but when I found another one nearby it was on the ground, so I moved house. Lucky for me I'd only build one corridor and one room.
  11. I had a go the other night. I was asked to 'go build my first corridor!' but my base was about 12 metres in the air. Does it not procedurally fix itself if you leave the planet and come back? I took quite a health battering trying to jetpack up to the front door in survival mode! Also I noticed a cluster of three planets I gazed up to had exactly the same cloud formation at the same rotation. My heard did a little groan.
  12. I could use it right handed but it would feel odd, at least for a while. My parking would suck and I'd be geriatric in a dogfight.
  13. I'm seriously considering getting the Hotas but I have two questions. 1. I'm left-handed and not sure I want to control the ship with my right hand and thrust with the left. Any left handers use the stick? 2. Does it have to be the Hotas 4 or does the Hotas X also work. If so is there any drawbacks to using the X?
  14. Survival Mode disaster! I casually wandered to a (?) location on a hot planet a little way from my ship and saved straight away when I got there as I was a bit low on life support, resources and a lot of hostiles were milling about. Ironically I probably left some handy resource on my ship which was now out of range but I didn't sense much danger. Here's a lesson: Since 'upgrading' my multitool a while ago I lost the grenades for digging in against the harsher planet elements. This proved a royal pain in the ass since I don't have the blueprint to re-craft it. The location turned out to be a locked door research lab thingy and because my life support was low sentinels killed me before I could blast my way in. I tried again and then panicked as I realised my previous saves were getting overwritten. I found myself in an impossible death loop! I mean seriously impossible! I die in seconds, before I can get enough resources to craft a shield plate or get through the steel door. I could dismantle some stuff to try and get the resources required but even that would be a tricky with no pause when in menu management. I'm going back to Normal mode. I've figured Survival mode is just going to be too much of a constant grind for me to endure.
  15. I played last night on PS4 and found the game freezed with sound still running 6 or 7 times. The first time I thought it had crashed but it resumes after about 15-20 seconds. Anybody else had this?
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