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  1. Riccardo

    Rock Band!

    Screw you guys, I like Coldplay and I'm not ashamed to admit it!* (* I am a little bit ashamed, but I'm buying them anyway.)
  2. "A Good Day To Die Hard". ... ... "A Good Day To Die Hard". ... ...
  3. I'm kind of amazed at the dedication of calculating this all out. Thanks for posting it here!
  4. What was the image on the AMC website that fooled us?
  5. It's so good to have Community back!
  6. Riccardo

    Rock Band!

    Not my cup of tea, but thanks as always for posting the info here - everything else is blocked at my work.
  7. Just chiming in with my own love for the improved Horde mode... it's absolutely fantastic stuff, very addictive. Being able to set up defences adds a nice level of stragegy. Got to level 30 with a group of friends last night before I had to leave them and go to bed, the boss waves are epic.
  8. I was using the regular Lancer without particularly great effect last night, all these posts suggest I should give the Retro Lancer a go tonight.
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