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  1. Rivals expansion now free to all rock band 4 owners.
  2. Neither of the 2 spotlight songs I don't own appeal to me through already having the better version of each song.
  3. With Labor Day near, we wanted you well equipped to enjoy the holiday weekend. We’re kicking things off with three DLC songs by the one and only @muse this week. “Knights of Cydonia”, “Starlight”, and “Won’t Stand Down” DLC is available Thursday!
  4. Yes it is I'm afraid. We are on xbox. In Rivals there is an option to look for crews who are recruiting, you could easily just jump into one you lie the look of and see what it's all about. We are currently in between seasons, think the new season starts either this thursday or the one after.
  5. The rllmuk Rivals crew has for quite some time now been a merry little band of just contribute what you want whenever you feel like it. We don't strive for bloodstone each season and that's quite alright. Anybody that wants to join for whatever length of time and play whatever amount of songs they feel like is very welcome.
  6. Damn fine spotlights this week for change.
  7. I've no intention of playing weekend league in this fifa due to the usual lag fest compared to rivals. So as an experiment I tried losing all 9 game to see if quitting affected the opponent level. Without doubt it does. Started against 4 icons and by game 5 there was Phil Jones in defence. By game 9 I could barely find anyone else to match up against who was 0-8. When I did the guy quit out in the exact same way I would have had I had kick off. So in summary don't be afraid to quit out to get an easier next match.
  8. Anyone got any trading tips akin to last year's Bellarabi position change one? Struggling to make coins right now with bpm drying up.
  9. I've been off it for a while due to bruised ribs so it was just a relief to be back on drums pain free. Well that and the companion app servers being rubbish for a few weeks. Wish they would hurry up and announce a next gen version, even though that will inevitably end up with faffing about getting all our DLC songs sorted and instrument compatibility.
  10. Such a chilled evening on this. Took off from Belfast city and visited my girlfriend's house in Belfast and then mine in Antrim. Took off from Derry and travelled all along the north coast to Belfast. Seen a few beaches I want to explore irl. Expanded my local geography knowledge and had a great time. Doubt I'll ever try to sim fully a flight but exploring is such a relaxing way to spend time and I think I'll be on this quite a bit.
  11. It's evil genius. If this is an on going thing then over the course of a fifa there will be times when you've no coins in your club, preview a pack and end up spending real money when you otherwise wouldn't have. Don't know whether to love it or hate it.
  12. Holy fudge. Vini jr from the FoF upgrade pack. That's my team getting totally overhauled yet again. 3.3million!
  13. He has 4* skills, has been in my team since january and won't be leaving it anytime soon. He's brilliant.
  14. Great job last week! Looking at that line up on Spotlights I'm glad we can take a week off as week 4 is always too much of an ask.
  15. That's a damn fine start @StephenM I'll be making my contribution Mon & Tues.
  16. You're in. New weeks challenge starts at 8pm tonight.
  17. @StephenM go into rivals and search for the crew, it's called rock'n'rll(muk) Then request to join please.
  18. @StephenM are you on xbox? if so there's always room.
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