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  1. It's what I use with the front 4 told to stay forward and the full backs stay back with the CDMs being box to box for 90mins. I also use the Ronaldo button to avoid being rubbish.
  2. Aye but you complain about everything so that doesn't count.
  3. Nobody seems to run in here saying omg I just won the flukiest game ever when the game screwed over my opponent in the last minute. The game is the same for both players and you will get luck just like your opponent will. Accept it or delete it.
  4. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  5. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Normal service is resumed.
  6. Really pleased with this update. Played 3 games of rivals and so far found it a lot more enjoyable.
  7. Just packed Ozil wearing a Chelsea kit.
  8. Lucked out through the night with an sbc for 3 ucl players. Cost about 9k and produced Alexis Sanchez also before that there was an sbc requiring lots of bronze players which lasted 2 hrs and was extremely profitable with the bpm. Nearly makes me wish I was on night shift tonight again but not quite!
  9. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  10. IDGI. I got mullered tonight on rivals and couldn't defend for toffee but I'll be back. Can't imagine throwing away all the time I've put into trading and deleting my club just to ensure I don't go back! Do you hate the gameplay?
  11. I've never played weekend league before. Having Friday evening to myself is a rare event so I thought why the hell not, I've 2000 points let's do this. So went to register and it said "ready to play in 6 days". what the hell did I do wrong. Not amused. Especially since I've no chance of playing it next week.
  12. What if any types of players should be kept?
  13. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  14. Tempted by that new Savic card. Lazio already though to the knock out stages so he won't stay at 86 very long.

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