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  1. One thing I've admired about fifa in the last few years is their ability to 9 times out of 10 give you an evenly matched game in fut or any other mode with their ranking system. Gotta say this icon swap grind has right royally screwed that up big time. It's a very long time since any game made me angry, I'm too old for that shit, but my god the amount of people clearly relegating themselves for easier meat has made a mockery of matchmaking. I sincerely hope they never again set in place so many objectives that people desire so badly to the point of not having a clue what level of opponent you will face. Fun goes out the window with this sort of thing.
  2. I was on 7-2 on fut champs before today. Then when I started this evening Griezman the prick managed to hit the post approximately 13 times in 8 games, shooting wide another 235 times, fifa ripped my soul out, wrapped it in tinfoil, put it in the microwave for 30mins, exploded the microwave, burnt the house down and told me to fuck off and die. I've had better days. Yay it's icon swaps tomorrow with crap teams
  3. Thanks for the 442 tip. Playing 2 different squads cos I'm too tight to pay for squad fitness and 6-2 so far. Only felt outclassed once. This market crash hurt hard for my main team but meant my second team was mega cheap. At what point do we sell up and save all packs for toty generally?
  4. Really struggled to 14-11 in weekend league with my bundesliga team, luckily won 3 for 3 shoot outs. So sold up and got this lot, and Haller will become Lacazette before my next fut champs. I play fast build up most of the time to defeat drop back.
  5. 352 wasn't doing me any favours today in weekend league. Tinkered a lot with formations and tactics and the most joy I had was playing 4231 with possession as attacking tactic.
  6. Hold on let me get this logic - people spend money on packs and get sod all except immediate buyers regret. Some time later while opening a pack that cost nothing you get good stuff. That somehow is all a ploy to encourage more spend?
  7. At times when it's not working against drop back defence or whatever I switch to fast build up at halftime and that really overwhelms opponents. I've gone up 250 skill points in the last 2 days thanks to the formation and that despite doing rivals icon swaps. Can't wait to get back to my normal team. Just 2 wins on French league 1 to go.
  8. I use a 5212 which becomes 352 in game so that I can use wing backs, better defence and stamina than wingers.
  9. Didn't seem to matter. The front 5 were like Duracell bunnies for 90mins with their constant getting behind the lines for easy goals. Sure if they fade for you then just don't have them drop back.
  10. Just on that point- whoever posted the 352 video link thank you. With those custom tactics as well I'm suddenly scoring 3 or 4 goals a game where I was struggling before.
  11. It will not be internationals. Man Utd vs liverpool and 3 other weekend games.
  12. Do you use jockey? I find it's impossible to defend without it, and I've never used it before fifa 20. Still getting to grips with it.
  13. All sbc's are a gamble. You're hoping to get something decent in the pack rewards or at least your money back.
  14. Packing Alex Sandro in squad battles rewards allowed me to sbc the big man up front. Last year I hated playing bundesliga teams so if you can't beat em join em.
  15. I'm currently battling the controls more than I'm battling my opponents. With contain being next to useless now and tackles being very prone to immediate yellow cards ive had to change a lot of my buttons and it currently feels like torture. Surely the game is gonna see dramatic changes in the form of updates from community advice cos currently this ain't much fun.
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