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  1. Currently rocking serie A 4-2-2-2 and finding it giving me the best options yet. Plenty of attacking options yet if I need to then defensive leaves 6 at the back at all times. Recommended. If it works for this amateur....
  2. I had a traumatic time tonight until I tinkered with custom tactics. Ended up with a solution that worked for me where I'd go all out attack from the start to get the goal and then immediately set up defensive tactics. Ended a stupid run of 3-2 endless defeats with basic tactics followed by a string of wins. Morally I feel bad but needs must.
  3. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  4. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Hey Twig I think it's time to dish out threats again. Gar hasn't played since he promised to, it's business time and we need contributions. (Apologies fifa came out and distracted me).
  5. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  6. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  7. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Didn't realise you weren't an admin. I'll sort that out in an hour and then you can let your ruthless side go to town.
  8. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    It does irritate me when they put 2 new songs in the spotlights but for week one it doesn't matter so much. Doing one song for spotlights is likely enough.
  9. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Amazingly I think I have all 3. Bloodstone with the week 8 dregs as per!
  10. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Damn them. The one time we can get bloodstone a week early they throw out 3 spotlights I don't have.
  11. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    No idea what this week's challenge is about but the spotlights ain't bad. Again- crew lightweights we need your xp this week. It's the summer lull, don't try to tell me you're outdoors!
  12. ryanski

    The random discussion thread

    Any of you guys got any suggestions for an alternative to 247hd which has been particularly poor this last month?
  13. ryanski

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Anyone have an invite they could send me for smoothstreams?
  14. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

    Top quality spotlights this week compared to recent times I feel. So come on you lapsed rivals members, shoot us up some xp in this tough promotion week.

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