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  1. Going by your pics I would explain that by other crews beating some of our individual song scores on individual instruments therefore our overall score decreases as the LP score drops. I might score 10000 on a song at the start of a weeks challenge but may only have a score of 1000 by the end of the week as people beat my score.
  2. Only your best score on each song counts so don't worry about that. Just keep in mind that in the last week of this current challenge each crew is playing like mad to achieve bloodstone and that's what's dropping us down rather than anything we are doing wrong.
  3. No just the weekly rivals songs with R beside them. I would suggest when you're doing rivals that you do so from within rivals part of the game so that you only see the available songs, but it'll also show you which songs have already been played by crew members which if you then play will earn extra xp.
  4. My main tip for gathering LP is to stick to your DLC songs, and as well as that the less popular ones. The less competition you have for that leaderboard the more likely you are to be awarded high LP essentially. I always start a new week's challenge by sorting my songs by source and going through my DLC first.
  5. Well we can only improve one spotlight song, and for the rest just play, and play well lol. But seems like it's not quite doable for us this week. It is though the most the crew has played in a single week for a very very long time so it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort.
  6. I've played for the last couple of hours and haven't even moved the needle in rivals, it just maintains position.
  7. I'll be on it the next 2 days for sure.
  8. No but you can replay the featured team in squad battles multiple times and that works. Just pull out your ethernet cable when that match kicks off and that game counts.
  9. Keep them for use in live friendlies as they'll grow like the normal card but friendlies won't use up their loans. Handy to have lying about for a future objective.
  10. Yeah not so good on the simple minds song though! If @beenabadbunny gets his drums shifted he can nail that one.
  11. Invite sent to you now anyway.
  12. The crew is called rock 'n' rll(muk)
  13. Spotlight songs for this week.
  14. @moosegrinder I think you need to go on rivals once to activate it or something. Despite you being on my friends list now I don't have the option to invite.
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