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  1. I got 96 Sterling. He can't start for me but I'm guessing he can be a real impact sub.
  2. Well I'll say this for him, I rarely ever concede from a corner anymore as he always takes up near post defensive duties and wins that header every single time. Wish he did the same on attack! But yeah he's great.
  3. I had him come up against me a couple of times this evening and didn't feel he was any real threat to my defence if that helps.
  4. 8 wins from 10 so far. Gullit with an anchor chem feels like cheating! And bringing Raul back in from the cold has provided goals aplenty. Now I think if I don't get 17 wins I go mad.
  5. No. Just a minimum of 9 I reckon.
  6. Just packed a tradable TOTS.....French......ST.......Charbonnier. Argh!!!!!!!
  7. If I don't get 14 wins this weekend I go mad. Slightly nervous about moving Gullit back from ST to CM but sure what can go wrong.
  8. Yeah Aouar is the only way I can make my chem still work so he's getting done today.
  9. Got 92 LB Mendy as 1 of my player picks so happy with that but my god it's gonna require a serious reshuffle to fit him in with full chem.
  10. Could be worse. Tonight I had my 87 rated LB Mendy miss 2 open goals in one game. Can't wait to get Sandro back from fut swap.
  11. I used Dembele too and 1 goal in 10 games from him too. Must be my crap finishing.
  12. Had to give up on the objective to score in a rivals win with a French league player. I was playing well and winning but that tool Neymar was missing all round the show despite me assisting to him every time possible. 1 goal in 10 wins? Dick.
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