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  1. Really enjoyed playing fut on the beta and looking forward to the full release a lot. Same as for fifa 19 I'll be calling my team RTG from the start and sticking to it.
  2. Oh I see FUT has been added to the fifa 20 beta and high end player packs available for use. A friend of mine needs to get home quick to try that.
  3. You only get 8 hrs of play for fifa 20 with ea access.
  4. Jeez Pepe tortured me earlier on fut champs scoring a mad hat trick. But he still lost 6-5
  5. Torn as to whether to do Richarlison or not. Looks an awesome card.
  6. R9 is INCREDIBLE. Pity I don't have time for much weekend league this week but 5 wins from 5 with his deadly finishing. Normally I end up 14W 12L or something.
  7. If you mean Promes he scored 2 on his debut for me in fut champs. He was Great.
  8. SBC complete. He is mine
  9. When I had Bale I had a 50% scoring record from freekicks with him. Apart from that I didn't rate him in open play.
  10. 88 Doherty & 94 Ederson. I have Allison and Kimmich. Well they are fodder for my plan to do R9 sbc.
  11. 92 Fabian & 93 Parejo from fut champs rewards. Only got a 83 scream card from packs but overall pretty happy with that haul.
  12. The one player that tortures me constantly is any form of Eriksson of spurs. Always scores amazing goals from long range. Hate him.
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