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  1. Well, that's still a 30-40 minute drive from me but might give it a go. Certainly nearer than Reading. Doesn't look like they have Trials on Tatooine though :(. I expect places will start popping up and i might hold out until later in the year as i think a sleeker Vive is going to be released. Sorry if you thought this was a plant - I did only sign up to see if anyone knew a vive spot, but genuinely wanted the answer and genuinely excited about where VR is now having been in the Gaming wilderness for decades.
  2. yeah, that's what i've heard. Complete game changer, motion sickness removed, still looking for somewhere to try it. And next year maybe the Virtuix Omni. This sh*t is getting crazy
  3. Does anyone know where i can try the HTC Vive near me? It's a big investment before i know if it's worth it. I live near Bournemouth and the New Forest and the nearest place i can find is in Reading in PC World where there'll be queues no doubt. Don't mind paying if anyone knows of a local arcade offering gametime on the Vive.
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