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  1. The legit way in the UK will be Paramount+ when it launches (at least for 1883).
  2. More things I didn't realise about 1883 the guest stars include:
  3. Another for the disappointed list. It wasn't terrible but it seemed to lack anything that I remember liking about the first. It just seemed over complicated for little reason.
  4. I think I had the wrong impression about 1883. I thought it was a small scale spin off that would have a limited cast and setting to fill in some back story. Based on the first episode it seems they went all out on the locations. I'm quite looking forward to '6666' now. The parts of Yellowstone S4 related to it were pretty good. Hopefully they don't stretch the IP too far though, given that's 3 spinoffs already.
  5. Only half way through season 3 and struggling to keep any interest. I can see why they felt they need to expand it beyond Joe but I don't like any of the cast they've added beyond to ones they had more or less from the start. The tone of the show and heart seem missing, which made the earlier ones so good. Did anyone else watch season 3? Maybe I'm just not in the right mood.
  6. Not sure if this counts as a final spoiler, but my TikTok started showing:
  7. Ugh, I just did an entire character weeklies without realising I had max intel, so didn't progress the Operation Elbrus quest at all. Also found out why I couldn't work out the rune puzzle on my first playthrough and then had no trouble since (until today again) - if you have exploding payloads it keeps also hitting extra runes and resetting it...
  8. Don't worry, IGN have the definitive list of 'Top 10 open world games' to clear this up.
  9. Yeah I have work colleagues in New Jersey who live around there, and their houses are basically the same inside.
  10. Was going to say the same. Sopranos and Mad Men include many different forms of comedy as well. I’d throw Deadwood on there as being intentionally hilarious. Christopher talking about a 50 Cent DVD he got at a car wash is something that I often remember and start laughing about.
  11. I did it with an LFG and just blitzed it. Fun but in a different way.
  12. The weekly mission just seems so easy compared to legendary campaign due to no dying light and not being under level. Was thinking of skipping it due to it being Ghosts.
  13. Yeah seems to be whenever quick resume kicks in that it doesn't work (or even from just sleep).
  14. Gambit does feel better with the changes. The lack of a new map does dampen my enthusiasm though. I know it is non-trivial to make them but it has been a long time and no announced plans I've seen for more. Also they've not fixed the motes going beneath the map bugs, and if anything it was worse than ever in my recent games. More positively though the change of the envoy placement made the boss phase much more interesting. The games were also much tighter and it didn't seem like people just gave up when behind (although that could just be new season interest).
  15. You also seem to get a checkpoint for more than one level at a time. Not sure if you get one for each but I had at least 3 when LFG people bailed on me at various points. Was able to resume all of them
  16. They think the same mostly. I actually liked 5 more on repeat viewings but it’s clearly the weakest.
  17. Yeah from my legendary run I’d say ghosts end boss was the hardest part. Too many more attempts than the final boss.
  18. If anyone else completes the campaign on normal, and then goes back to do it on legendary (as I did) - If you complete the missions out of order and then are really confused and annoyed that you don't get the 1520 drop you need to go to Ikora in the tower. It doesn't seem to say this anywhere and she didn't have an icon on the map.
  19. That's quite disappointing that they'd not be more open minded.
  20. Have I just been unlucky or is there a serious bug in the Wellspring. Only played it a few times, but twice had to abandon as an enemy you have to kill spawned outside the map.
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