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  1. Everything I've seen from the RSC has been great with very high quality sets, and Ghibli don't put their name on too much crap. It seems like theatre is just not your thing.
  2. Its the same or less than most London shows.
  3. Buy them from the Barbican, don't use Ticketmaster https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2022/event/royal-shakespeare-company-my-neighbour-totoro
  4. I doubt it will sell out, but those Ticketmaster prices are higher than direct from Barbican. I'm a resident if anyone is desperate to order before they got on general sale. Got my tickets for opening night.
  5. I'd forgotten this was a miniseries, so was sad to see there's only 6 episodes and already half way though. It is as good as you'd expect from this team.
  6. Based on IMDb Gareth Evans didn’t direct any episodes in season 2. Episode 1 and 5 were by far the best parts of season 1 (which he did direct) so I’ll wait for comments before watching more.
  7. I think they overdid it on the casting. It felt like I was watching a shot set in a parallel Wire universe, with almost every scene featuring someone reused. Maybe that was intentional but it felt a little lazy rather than a some deliberate homage. It just took me out of what was otherwise an amazing first episode.
  8. pledge

    Apple TV +

    It just being six episodes was a bit of a surprise (That's fairly standard for a British broadcast show but not for streaming). Did they film them back to back or there was a delay in airing the first season?
  9. pledge

    Apple TV +

    Pachinko is quite slow going, but suitably epic. I absolutely love the intro sequence with everyone from the time periods together. Like in Mad Men everyone in a suit just looks really cool. Especially this guy:
  10. Is it 4k on Prime? It seemed to be listed as just HD for me like the rest of Bond.
  11. He's tediously taking D+ to mean discovery+, rather than Disney+, in the Disney+ thread.
  12. I get you, I was just already at the why bother stage when there's no actual reward except dust. The gambit reset one isn't "that bad" as long as you don't miss the double xp weeks, and do streaks. Without that I'd not bother.
  13. The rank resets are there every season, but raid ones are new. You only get bright dust for "full" and its not tied to a title or anything. I used to do it but there doesn't seem that much reward. Is it known how many skips there are? You need 66 but it doesn't list the total available. As you said you don't need 100%, I'm kinda expecting the raid ones to be except as well as the grandmaster one.
  14. This also isn’t answering your question but what OLED do you have that doesn’t have a D+ app? You’ll likely only get 1080p out of your laptop and no HDR/DV.
  15. This is on Prime. The ending was heartbreaking.
  16. I was also hoping that this would just be a mini series. The stuff revealed about Irving seemed a bit basic and something that I would come up with. Hopefully not a sign they are going to make it too contrived and start over explaining everything. Definitely going to be hard to top this year though. Has Ben Stiller been confirmed as being involved in directing the second season? That would give me some confidence its not just being passed on.
  17. I cant seem to get summon signs to appear anywhere at the moment on Xbox. I can get summoned (although that seems to take ages when it used to be instant). NAT is open etc. Was working fine until yesterday or so.
  18. The legit way in the UK will be Paramount+ when it launches (at least for 1883).
  19. More things I didn't realise about 1883 the guest stars include:
  20. Another for the disappointed list. It wasn't terrible but it seemed to lack anything that I remember liking about the first. It just seemed over complicated for little reason.
  21. I think I had the wrong impression about 1883. I thought it was a small scale spin off that would have a limited cast and setting to fill in some back story. Based on the first episode it seems they went all out on the locations. I'm quite looking forward to '6666' now. The parts of Yellowstone S4 related to it were pretty good. Hopefully they don't stretch the IP too far though, given that's 3 spinoffs already.
  22. Only half way through season 3 and struggling to keep any interest. I can see why they felt they need to expand it beyond Joe but I don't like any of the cast they've added beyond to ones they had more or less from the start. The tone of the show and heart seem missing, which made the earlier ones so good. Did anyone else watch season 3? Maybe I'm just not in the right mood.
  23. Not sure if this counts as a final spoiler, but my TikTok started showing:
  24. Ugh, I just did an entire character weeklies without realising I had max intel, so didn't progress the Operation Elbrus quest at all. Also found out why I couldn't work out the rune puzzle on my first playthrough and then had no trouble since (until today again) - if you have exploding payloads it keeps also hitting extra runes and resetting it...
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