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  1. There seems to be some pretty big spoilers that I got shown on TikTok, but I'm not sure if they are true or not. I've not seen the most recent episode but this potentially relates to something later than that.
  2. Apart from money for the creators and distributors I don't see why some people are always so keen for a movie version of a TV show. How often are they better than an episode, or even just a group of episodes that have some continuation. Alpha Papa is a rare exception I can think of.
  3. Cancelled. No fourth season.
  4. It seems like they have adjusted the existing modes and added ‘Balanced’, rather than the VRR modes etc being extras. Favour Resolution - still juddery for me and unusable. Didn’t try it long enough to see if any improvement over last patch. Favour Performance - TV shows that this is VRR, and must be the HFR mode. TV shows it as mostly 70-80 fps, sometimes over 100. Balanced - TV also shows this as VRR, but always 120fps/119hz. So this must be the 40hz mode. Bit confused as the wording of the tweet made me think VRR and HFR would be separate options. I ended up playing with Favour Performance. Balanced is ok but Performance now looks quite sharp and so, so smooth. I cant notice much visual difference between the two.
  5. Yep, it is much better than when I tried it at launch. It just feels like I'm still slightly missing out. Played a couple of days one performance though and really getting into it. Perfect timing!
  6. Is there any tentative date for the 40 fps mode? My partner did the first play though and I'd been holding off for new game+ to play it myself. Even with the recent patches something just looks really off to me about resolution mode. I overuse the camera controls in 3rd person games, and in this the panning just looks really juddery. I've had no luck with various settings that are meant to improve it. I rarely notice bad frame rates so this is unusual. Performance mode seems ok but looks a bit soft after you've seen resolution mode. After the hopefully goldilocks mode.
  7. Anyone tried The Offer (assuming it is on the UK version). Just saw it on imdb with a fairly decent score. Miles Teller in a mini series about the making of The Godfather.
  8. Second episode was ok too, but it continues my issue with season 3. When the show started the technology was mysterious and fairly 'physical'. Now its all "just yeah we can do that when I close my eyes" or "for some reason its not working now" whenever it fits the plot.
  9. I thought that has to be incorrect, given that the US service has lots of very good quality 4K - Yellowstone, 1883, Star Trek etc. But no, lol Pretty absurd. Yet again piracy gives you better options than what you can pay for.
  10. From imdb: That is a hell of a reduction on the US one
  11. Anyone still using the XsX for UHD discs? I got a new sound bar so went back and tried a few discs. They play for a while but then the screen goes black - but you can still see the menus. Had a look online and there's a few threads where people are saying its an LG + XsX issue. I never had this with my B7 but people are saying it happens with CX and C1 (which I now have). Tried changing cables but still getting it. Anyone with this combo also having this problem? Same disc and cable with PS5 is fine, but no Atmos.
  12. They managed to get McCartney (clips) on the BBC YouTube channel 2 hours before iPlayer. It is 165min so seem like full thing.
  13. This is fair, but there's been plenty of reviews of her own shows saying she's been pretty bad (as well as it being very short).
  14. From Freeview BBC1 on my TV that just gives me the option to open the iPlayer app Either way just seems really backwards you'd have it behind the red button and not on iPlayer
  15. Is there some licensing issues as well? There seems to be very little available on demand, way less than I remember last time. Where's McCartney's set nearly 12 hours later? Why can I seemingly only watch a single HAIM song.
  16. Just got this copy, and initial reaction is that the original looks better. The EE looks like someone ran a blur filter over it. Its a relatively minor thing but the pause menu in the EE is horrible compared to the original's Bladerunner themed one. They've just changed it into generic rectangles.
  17. Does this have Frasier on it? (Not the upcoming one, the one after Cheers) Edit: Found JustWatch now includes Paramount+. Answer is yes.
  18. It is a 12A. With an adult an under 12 can see it.
  19. Take it to the The Pistols thread (@gospvgplease rename it)
  20. I think that would be a massive shock if it was anywhere close.
  21. Those kids also aged a lot with the big gap between seasons
  22. So this is 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II', the second installment of the reboot, rather than a remaster of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' - which was the sequel to 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'?
  23. Same for me. I had three dead currency items that could go. Still constantly close to full though.
  24. It (currently) isn't challenging in the slightest though. ShillUps review of Witch Queen made a general point that the default difficulty is just too low. The only way to make most of the game challenging is to LFG, but most activities don't require any communication whatsoever so it just makes the process of finding people unnecessarily harder. There's plenty of space for just the mindless shooting without thinking (which I really enjoy in an evening to unwind) but there seems very little reason not to offer slightly more difficult options via matchmaking. The legendary campaign showed how much better the game can be when it's raised a notch. I always like the first couple of weeks of a season where there's some jeopardy that you might die. Edit: Those that have played with me know I'm not great, so I'm not advocating they make it rock hard or anything
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