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  1. Plenty of 4k DV/HDR copies of the digital releases around now. UHD disc will still be the best option eventually.
  2. Was there a title sequence that I missed or just the title card? I would have liked different music entirely to give the show its own identity, as nice as the mixing in of the GoT music was.
  3. No There's some sort of bug they never fixed for a set of people where we don't get it. I'm opted in to all emails. This time I also updated it to one from another provider, and still nothing.
  4. I got it to compare and it seems too bright now. Where's the goldilocks copy?
  5. You still have to pay an extra £5 to get 1080p (i.e. the lowest acceptable quality for most people here)
  6. If the Sky arrangement could end I'd rather they launch HBO Max and NowTV just goes away.
  7. Vincent on HDTVTest often uses GoT as examples of difficult content. Seems they are just continuing with that choice.
  8. I'd assumed this was eight episodes, so it felt a bit abrupt that it was over in six. It has been renewed so intrigued how it is going to continue.
  9. I'd really not bother with soloing a dungeon unless you really want the title. Especially the flawless. Some of the jumps would just have me raging.
  10. Can you not pre-load on PC Game Pass at all, or it is title dependant? I don't seem to be able to install Death Stranding until it is released tomorrow.
  11. Is this one of the first HBO shows that is in 4k? I saw a DV copy is out but my player will only do the standard HDR one. That seems to have some scenes very dark.
  12. Thanks! Would have missed this otherwise as like to take a break for at least a couple of weeks.
  13. There does seem to be an unusual number of people defending what would usually be vilified. This is an old post now, but why does "no-one" know? The audience wont be able to repeat verbatim what he said, but surely they can explain what context, or not, there was around it.
  14. There is a decent-ish quality one floating around but with hard code Korean subtitles. Holding strong to wait and buy the UHD Disc.
  15. For those in the industry, are some of these things added as kind of intern projects as well as devs just wanting a bit of fun? Things like games including fishing or other mini-games always strike me as something done as a learning task for someone.
  16. Why does something have to be taped or preserved to be worthwhile? Supposedly his show is enjoyable to some, based on people defending him here, is that not enough?
  17. I thought the same, that he'd dropped the character. But looking online he didn't and he's actually doing it at the fringe this year.
  18. I can see that some people will really love this, but after playing a couple of the chapters finding it's not really for me I really like the graphics, settings, music, stories, but the battles I'm just not enjoying.
  19. It also has "(characters)" next to his name, not script.
  20. I’ve started with the prehistoric story. Little surprised at the loading screens between every room. They are brief but very frequent.
  21. I wasn't feeling episode two and three after liking the first, but the fourth really was amazing. Even just his wig.
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