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    The Bear

    It was but it deserves much more attention. It is one of those shows where everything has just come together and everyone brought their A game. The cast, the characters, the editing, the music, the direction, the aesthetic. It is also just so dense. Nothing much really happened in the first season, but so much happened. Hope the second season can be just as good, and it shouldn't have ended as a miniseries.
  2. pledge

    Women's EURO 2022

    Work’s on iPhone too at least
  3. For those not aware: if you want to upgrade armour on a different character without doing the event card again for kindling - move the armour piece to your primary character. You can then apply the spark immediately as it has been unlocked for everything in that slot. Only downside is you don’t get the glow effect (it appears until you move it back to the correct character) This also counts towards the triumph.
  4. “said Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor VP Non Scripted UK Originals Channel 5/Paramount+”. Wish I had such a long and specific job title.
  5. This has now hit “stop watching” territory for me. I’d not really care if there is a season 5 at this stage.
  6. Not following why you are saying it is “odd how they aired the pilot episode”?
  7. pledge

    Papers, Please

    Perfect to play in the queue at Dover
  8. The upgraded card seems incredibly poor value for money, given that it is basically a cosmetic bundle set. Solstice has always felt the most grindy of the events to me, and now there's no accelerators for second and third characters. Don't think I'll be doing it fully this time then, as things like play 25 crucible or gambit matches (when I've already prestiged them twice). Would be nice if the card had some flexibility rather than you having to complete all of them when you don't like pvp. At least the seal is only 24 out of 28 required. Seems a bit strange though as would you not already have got the seal by the time you'd be a position to complete these two? In Candescent (While wearing a set of fully rekindled Candescent armor, complete dungeons, raids, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win rounds in Trials of Osiris.) From the Ashes (Upgrade multiple pieces of Candescent armor.) You'd need the kindling which would give you the other triumphs. So this must just be there as extras? (Now I have the seal I can see that the extra 4 are for gilding it)
  9. No, that's the point I was (poorly) making.
  10. Sooty is quite easy for a ventriloquist, given they are mute, so should come last in a competition.
  11. If you didn’t see above, it’s been renewed for season 4 as well as 3.
  12. It seems to have got far more "soapy" this season.
  13. I was coming to post about the lack of Jimmy Pesto (Senior) recently and specifically the movie. Then saw this on imdb.
  14. Are they not h265? (Genuine question as you seem to know about this stuff)
  15. This is Amazon being just sleazy. Its not like Hulu, (future) Netflix, where you are getting a choice to pay to remove the ads. This is splitting up an existing service and tenuously branding it so it seems different. Doing it with Bosch is a classic bait and switch. Its not a 'spin-off' when you have the same main actor as the same character in the same location. From what I saw in the one episode I watched there's barely a time jump. The catalog on Freevee is actually pretty good, and there's a number of shows (West Wing, Person of Interest). It feels like the start of them keeping just enough on Prime so that people feel they are getting a bonus from their delivery subscription and then progressively putting more on Freevee to also get the ad revenue. Did anyone stick with Bosch Legacy? I was pretty forgiving of the earlier seasons as I like Titus Welliver and how cheesy it was. I only managed one episode of Legacy. Being pissed off about the ads probably biased me, but it seemed like such a huge drop in quality (if that was possible). Some of the acting of the new secondary characters was atrocious and the writing around his daughter getting hazed as a new recruiter just painful. It was the worst hour of 'premium' American television I've seen in a long time.
  16. I enjoyed it too, but I think chopping ten minutes would have helped. I'm hoping that this was a simpler one to introduce the concept - and it will get increasingly layered. Seems like a Nathan for You version of Synecdoche, New York (its been a long time since I saw that so might be misremembering it)
  17. I'd still be a little bit cautious depending on how you use it. I got really bad burn in my 2017 model after news channels were left on too long. Every release cycle they get better and better but I don't think we are the point where you can blanket say "it's not a problem" in all cases. Under mixed usage you'll be completely fine and not even have to think about it. I've been using a C1 as a monitor since launch with no problems so far. If you intend to only play games with static borders like that all day every day and it has red in it then I'd make sure to cycle something else on it occasionally. If its just a random few hours mixed in with other things then again absolutely fine.
  18. It is called "Leviathan Chests". Bray.tech says I've done 15/75 chests. My problem has been I'll do the 3 rounds of the event and then completely forget I was doing it to open the chests. It seems a weird thing to include in the weekly challenge. Even though the week is just when you can start doing it, they are usually something you can complete that week.
  19. Now that Sever is over i've kinda lost interest in this season. The Leviathan is nice but the seasonal event just has no variety and it just feels like a slog. As soon as I saw one of the 'weekly' challenges was to open 100 chests, which means doing the event about 50 times I gave up (Expect someone to point out I'm doing that wrong).
  20. Completely unnecessary as well.
  21. Yeah, I'd not search for the show online now until its ended (unless you want to know). Seems like they've just made it part of the final season publicity drive.
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