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  1. I thought Pikmin 2 was earlier than that
  2. Both RE4 and Killer 7 look fantastic in that video. Hard to tell about the final one from just that video.
  3. I love the flail. Nothing beats the dragon sword for bosses but the speed of the flail against certain enemies gives it the edge sometimes. Once you get the hang of it you are hitting multiple enemies at once and no one can attack you from behind.
  4. Just throw a grenade from the base of the ladder before gong up. It will hit the helicopter and down it in one hit.
  5. There is a save point under the water before you go up the lift the face her. When she throws things at you make sure after jumping to avoid the first item that you roll to avoid the second.
  6. Use your wall attacks (run up + Y) then run away. Make sure you block quickly after hitting him. Do not use projectiles.
  7. pledge

    Hot Hot Heat

    I really enjoyed the start of this CD. Kind of trailed of at the end, but I'm expecting their next to be great.
  8. What difficulty are you playing on? I am on playing on medium, and only playing in bursts whilst doing my final year project. I am over half way through and hardly ever died.
  9. From looking at the map listing that my cheating flatmate has I am about half way through. The outdoor maps have been in the minority unfortunatley. With some of the indoor levels it's as if you are playing Doom III, they look very similar. The way the mutants fight is a bit crap, but the atmosphere is very good. Well worth it for the island levels though.
  10. It might be hard to convince companies to advertise in games which contain violence, because of damage it may have on their company image. Especially if some sort of article appeared in a newspaper such as "game x caused children to kill and was funded by company y".
  11. At $39.99 its about £22. If HL2 was that price it might be ok. But I suspect they will put it up more then.
  12. I would only be interested if it was cheaper as well. Looking back at previous articles about the amount retailers and manufacturing took then it would be reasonable to expect a price drop. Unless it was around say £5-10 cheaper then I would still be looking for the boxed versions.
  13. I'm looking forward t the co-op mode for this. Seems an ideal game for it.
  14. Their "legend" Michael, as they call him, went mental on the set and started kicking the walls of the set down in the middle of the night. The other contestants just hid in fear. It was only the late night show when I flicked over from the boxing. Honest.
  15. Spoiler It is supposed to become the best weapon in the game once you upgrade it fully. Which takes a lot of essence. You get an armlet in exchange for scarabs.
  16. Has any one bothered fully upgrading the wooden sword yet?
  17. The animation of the mutants is very clunky and their movement too irratic. I too would give it a 7 so far. Enjoyable in parts but too many faults in some areas.
  18. It does run a lot better than the demo. They seem to have fixed the many bugs I suffered from. The first few sections have been very linear, so I'm hoping I get to explore a bit more. The ladders are still very annoying. With bad enemy placements you cant get up them without getting shot as they are behind you, and you cant turn around or shoot.
  19. I think he is much more on the ball with emails these days. Hes replied within hours the past few times I have contacted him.
  20. pledge

    Pikmin 2

    I suggest you submit it here http://www.ojohaven.com/collectives/
  21. pledge

    Pikmin 2

    I think he meant the collective noun. Such as school of fish and flock of sheep.
  22. I must agree. The prices are very reasonable and the service great. Ninja Gaiden arrived within a few days of release.
  23. Spoiler Ninpo to stun. Explosive arrows. Hit head when it comes down. Repeat for any easy win.
  24. pledge


    Do you think they were worth the £400?
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