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  1. There's always plenty of buys in the quests, and recently there seems to be pretty poor QA on the UI as I seem to get a new issue every update, but always found the graphics/gameplay impressively stable.


    I've been playing a lot of Gambit to get the final challenge I need for the season. The recent changes they did have resulted in the best gambit has been but they really didn't go far enough. I know they have limited resources and will concentrate on seasonal content but both Gambit and Crucible need refreshing. It would never happen but I'd take a season that's just some new maps for both and maybe a strike or something. Failing that maybe they could fix the motes falling through the floor and being unobtainable...

  2. On 05/08/2022 at 12:18, bradigor said:

    Playing the opening tutorial level now and it feels much more welcoming than TPH did. But still feels nicely familiar.


    When are you allowed to post a review/more impressions?  My partner has only ever really played two game series. All the Yakuza and Two Point Hospital. So she's super excited for this, so I hope it can live up to her expectations.

  3. On 05/06/2022 at 17:34, Peter St John said:

    So I've watched this twice now…and I can't help but think that it would have been much better as a straight 90m documentary.

    Going to agree and disagree. When it started I was thinking why is this only 6 episodes, I hope this never ends. However when I got to episode 4 or so it just felt like repeated bad cop does bad thing. I still really enjoyed it but it seemed like it needed editing down to 3 or 4 tight episodes and could have made the same point.

  4. Cover: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope


    Reviews: Quite high scoring for summer month. I'd not heard of the highest scoring game so that was quite a shock (but searching the forum there's a few people excited for it, but I don't see a thread on it)


    Stray: 7

    Immortality: 10

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: 8

    Live A Live: 9

    We Are OFK: 8

    As Dusk Falls: 6

    Escape Academy:6

    Witch Strandings: 5

    Tombstar: 5

    Last Call BBS: 8



    Time Extend: BioShock Infinite

     The Making Of: The Persistence

  5. 13 minutes ago, mr_woo said:

    Big one for me is that the first Mission Impossible 1 is shit and Mission Impossible 2 is a lot of fun and one of my favourites of the series because of how utterly nonsensical it is.  I very specifically dislike the first film because of what they did to Jim Phelps though and my love of the original TV series, I still hate him being the bad guy to this day and it remains one of most disappointing things in a film, I just don't like it damnit. :quote:

    Who directed #2 @mr_woo:sherlock:

  6. 4 minutes ago, Hexx said:

    Do it all again and you get the title in orange not purple, with a little number 2 next to it.


    Far from all of it. There's usually around 4 triumphs that you need to do each season to gild it. It resets along with each season. 


    You keep the title, its just an extra if you want a counter next to it. I'm stuck in the cycle of gilding the Gambit one, even though I dont particularly like Gambit. But you pretty much gild it from the requirements of the season pass to reset the rank twice anyway (as long as you vary weapon type etc).

  7. 12 minutes ago, mikeyl said:

    Did they patch this? I didn’t get a glow up on my 2nd character and ain’t about to start!

    Not sure if they just did, but I was doing it during week 2 of solstice np problem. You do not get the glow, you only get the enhanced stats from the spark you pick. You still need plenty of ash to do the upgrades but its not that bad. I got the gilded title too from it, as it counts towards the 12 upgraded equipment pieces.

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