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  1. From Freeview BBC1 on my TV that just gives me the option to open the iPlayer app Either way just seems really backwards you'd have it behind the red button and not on iPlayer
  2. Is there some licensing issues as well? There seems to be very little available on demand, way less than I remember last time. Where's McCartney's set nearly 12 hours later? Why can I seemingly only watch a single HAIM song.
  3. Just got this copy, and initial reaction is that the original looks better. The EE looks like someone ran a blur filter over it. Its a relatively minor thing but the pause menu in the EE is horrible compared to the original's Bladerunner themed one. They've just changed it into generic rectangles.
  4. Does this have Frasier on it? (Not the upcoming one, the one after Cheers) Edit: Found JustWatch now includes Paramount+. Answer is yes.
  5. It is a 12A. With an adult an under 12 can see it.
  6. Take it to the The Pistols thread (@gospvgplease rename it)
  7. I think that would be a massive shock if it was anywhere close.
  8. Those kids also aged a lot with the big gap between seasons
  9. So this is 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II', the second installment of the reboot, rather than a remaster of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' - which was the sequel to 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'?
  10. Same for me. I had three dead currency items that could go. Still constantly close to full though.
  11. It (currently) isn't challenging in the slightest though. ShillUps review of Witch Queen made a general point that the default difficulty is just too low. The only way to make most of the game challenging is to LFG, but most activities don't require any communication whatsoever so it just makes the process of finding people unnecessarily harder. There's plenty of space for just the mindless shooting without thinking (which I really enjoy in an evening to unwind) but there seems very little reason not to offer slightly more difficult options via matchmaking. The legendary campaign showed how much better the game can be when it's raised a notch. I always like the first couple of weeks of a season where there's some jeopardy that you might die. Edit: Those that have played with me know I'm not great, so I'm not advocating they make it rock hard or anything
  12. Everything I've seen from the RSC has been great with very high quality sets, and Ghibli don't put their name on too much crap. It seems like theatre is just not your thing.
  13. Its the same or less than most London shows.
  14. Buy them from the Barbican, don't use Ticketmaster https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2022/event/royal-shakespeare-company-my-neighbour-totoro
  15. I doubt it will sell out, but those Ticketmaster prices are higher than direct from Barbican. I'm a resident if anyone is desperate to order before they got on general sale. Got my tickets for opening night.
  16. I'd forgotten this was a miniseries, so was sad to see there's only 6 episodes and already half way though. It is as good as you'd expect from this team.
  17. Based on IMDb Gareth Evans didn’t direct any episodes in season 2. Episode 1 and 5 were by far the best parts of season 1 (which he did direct) so I’ll wait for comments before watching more.
  18. I think they overdid it on the casting. It felt like I was watching a shot set in a parallel Wire universe, with almost every scene featuring someone reused. Maybe that was intentional but it felt a little lazy rather than a some deliberate homage. It just took me out of what was otherwise an amazing first episode.
  19. pledge

    Apple TV +

    It just being six episodes was a bit of a surprise (That's fairly standard for a British broadcast show but not for streaming). Did they film them back to back or there was a delay in airing the first season?
  20. pledge

    Apple TV +

    Pachinko is quite slow going, but suitably epic. I absolutely love the intro sequence with everyone from the time periods together. Like in Mad Men everyone in a suit just looks really cool. Especially this guy:
  21. Is it 4k on Prime? It seemed to be listed as just HD for me like the rest of Bond.
  22. He's tediously taking D+ to mean discovery+, rather than Disney+, in the Disney+ thread.
  23. I get you, I was just already at the why bother stage when there's no actual reward except dust. The gambit reset one isn't "that bad" as long as you don't miss the double xp weeks, and do streaks. Without that I'd not bother.
  24. The rank resets are there every season, but raid ones are new. You only get bright dust for "full" and its not tied to a title or anything. I used to do it but there doesn't seem that much reward. Is it known how many skips there are? You need 66 but it doesn't list the total available. As you said you don't need 100%, I'm kinda expecting the raid ones to be except as well as the grandmaster one.
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