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  1. We have been making quite a lot of ice cream over the last couple of weeks. We had two that were very successful. The first was this BBC honeycomb / hokey pokey, which was much easier than I expected and was delicious with a chocolate mousse cake we made the same day. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/honeycomb-ice-cream https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/honeycomb-0 The second was Hawksmoor's cornflake. We didn't have a thermometer to heat it at the temperatures they suggested but it seemed to work out ok with our approximations. The recipe was from their book, but there's probably an equivalent one online.
  2. I’d doubt it given its one a week on HBO
  3. pledge

    Fall Guys

    Yeah there's definitely teething problems on the match making, and the algorithm. Either I get in instantly or it starts at around 57/60 and then slowly drops down to around 10 and then creeps ever closer to 1. I've never seen it increase unless it was from 59 to 60.
  4. pledge

    Fall Guys

    Oh dear. I’m now on “3/60 populating” and don’t know whether to try cancelling or not.
  5. pledge

    Fall Guys

    Was a bit confused it seems to count down. It starting at 59/60 I thought great I’ll be in a game immediately.
  6. pledge

    Fall Guys

    I accepted the EULA but now I'm permanently stuck on a black screen with loading in the corner, even after a few restarts.
  7. The third "world" is much bigger than the previous two and a definite step up in quality. Hope the earlier ones were introductory and the rest are like this as it was excellent.
  8. A bit like what they do in Pikmin. A later water bit is one of the most realistic I've seen in a game.
  9. Could not get to sleep last night because of the battle music in my head.
  10. Yeah they let you make your own difficulty in a number of ways. I like that there's basic assistance in finding Toad's but it doesn't generally spoil anything as most of the enjoyment is seeing the ways they've been hidden unfold.
  11. Had a lot of fun playing this today. Sure it isn't as good as TTYD, but it is easily the best since. Looks great, the locations are varied, and the script is entertaining. Minor spoiler regarding the battle mechanic after 2nd world
  12. The motion controls are very infrequent and when they appear in the boss fights they are super satisfying.
  13. The first boss was pretty good and made better use of the new combat rings, still doesn't really justify it for all the regular battles.
  14. Seems to be 8 episodes according to wikipedia. I'm 4 in, so either 1/2 or 2/3 through, and its just fine. It has the big HBO miniseries budget and looks amazing but there's something lacking and not really holding my interest.
  15. Only played a couple of hours and so far that's right. The world is indeed wonderful, but this mechanic where you have 20 seconds to align enemies in a circle seems like something that could be fun but just isn't. Maybe that builds to something more but right now it is just a tedious extra step.
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