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  1. Kinda wish I’d cancelled when I had a feeling yesterday.
  2. They really screwed up the grind this season, and it's annoying they leave it to the last week to change the requirements when it was so clearly wrong months ago. This final week event to collect coins by doing even more expeditions lol no.
  3. Brave posting that in this thread.
  4. Ugh. I always get drawn into watching Marvel/Star Wars shows despite never liking them due to praise here. Last time was never again but all these 5/5 for Andor...
  5. It having a "season pass" seems strange for what is pitched primarily as a single player immersive experience isn't it? I didn't even realise it had multiplayer. When does the season run from and to?
  6. Amazon sent me a delivery update that it will be the 3rd rather than 2nd. Seems rather early to know of a delay. Is that a postal strike?
  7. Have their agents not got them signed up to other opportunities since it ended? :shocked: Maybe they'll start filming again after panto season.
  8. Yeah this seems a bit pre-planned.
  9. I came here to post the same thing. Someone had put a turret next to a spawn and got a ridiculous number of kills and it seemed to select that as the only spawn point for ages. I got a triple kill, including the same person twice, as I was just shooting straight with an LMG and they just appeared. He was raging.
  10. It is an Amazon production, and on Prime Video in the US - so maybe other countries have it on Prime outside the UK.
  11. According to Wikipedia it is reopened as How Do You Live is in production.
  12. They managed to spread the action throughout the season rather than spending 90% of it on a single episode - but everything that wasn't someone getting stabbed, hit, or shot was still very boring and I found myself skipping it.
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