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  1. pledge


    For $2.5M each I'm sure HBO Max are going to want them in character, not just doing a Q&A.
  2. Was waiting for some more opinions as the metacritic is all over the place. Some reviews are 20% and some 80-100%. Is it good Pacino or lazy Pacino?
  3. A lot of Ghibli music recently added to music streaming services. https://soranews24.com/2020/02/21/studio-ghibli-suddenly-makes-38-albums-of-anime-music-available-on-spotify-apple-music-and-more/ Edit: Spoke to soon, very region dependent - mostly Japan only
  4. This got renewed after episode 4 aired. I'm almost at the end of episode 5 and about to pack it in. Naff is an accurate description. I'd have guessed Iannucci and his Thick of It crew had just put their names to it as producers for the money, but looking at Wikipedia they are listed as the screenwriters for these early episodes.
  5. By what measure? It has more seasons, but much fewer episodes. It had already been "on the air" for almost double the amount of years before this season started.
  6. I've enjoyed the first half of the season so far. It is always going to be compared to Silicon Valley, but so far they've avoided overlap. I like the cast and characters, so hoping this is the average first season that leads onto greater things. I was a bit wary when I saw that it is a Ubisoft co-production. I'm sure the Sunny guys insisted on creative control, and there's been plenty of digs at mircotransactions etc - but then balanced out by "this is how the game is funded" themes.
  7. Nobody else watching? Just finished the third episode and Malkovich is so good.
  8. I thought they showed things on Sky almost concurrently with the US? This ended months ago. McFly's summary above of every season applies again.
  9. The Pianist - 5/5. Noticed it on Netflix and still as impactful as the first time I saw it.
  10. Started last week UK, tonight in US. First two episodes are excellent.
  11. pledge


    I think they were trying to get the rights back, but this new show has probably killed that.
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