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  1. I must be lucky as most of the games I have with randoms are perfectly fine. Maybe I'm happy following where they go. Had a game today where we had 21 kills, 11/5/5 and we didn't speak at all. (Obviously carried by someone who was amazing, but still randoms).
  2. pledge

    The Chase

    It is massively stacked against them. The time it takes to buzz in, have your name said, and then answer takes so much longer than how the Chaser answers - who frequently also interrupt Bradley before he finishes asking it. They don't need to fix it when there's so much unfair about it in the basic structure of the game. Highly entertaining though.
  3. This is the best advice. I kept wondering why I wasn't get many kills until I did this.
  4. Can I ping that I need better armour?
  5. The announcer sound effect intentionally sounds like a door opening right?
  6. Go to your inventory and ping bottom right of the weapon you want ammo for. In that corner it shows what ammo that gun takes and you can ping on that.
  7. Just after I posted I immediately had someone playing music down their mic constantly, so it does work (and so does mute)
  8. Is the voice chat in this broken? I can see people have mics but I can't hear anything they say. I can't tell if they are not speaking or everyone is ignoring me.
  9. pledge

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    The opening is really odd. I get that it is a tutorial, but it is so different once you get to after the train. I nearly gave up due to the points above and it being barely interactive. Graphically there's times when it is absolutely stunning and then times when it looks poor. The texture quality and design is incredible for almost everything except seemingly the enemies. I was in awe at the rain effect until I went inside and could still hear it but then looked back through the door and there's no rain at all - and the illusion is shattered you can clearly see its just a veneer on your camera and nothing is actually wet. So far it seems a good game rather than a great one. The world and mood they've created is top notch, but the combat just doesn't feel right somehow.
  10. I'm getting many more kills in this than I ever have in a BR before. I'm still pretty bad but at least managing to get one or two kills a round rather than nothing. I had one where I got 8 and killed the champion. Doing that made me realise the XP system is strongly weighted towards just play time. I barely got anything more than I usually get. 6k total and 4k just from time survived.
  11. pledge

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I can too, available in evenings for next two weeks - but then away for two.
  12. The datacenter list (click RS) has them all with ping of -1 and packet loss of 100%
  13. Have the servers gone down?
  14. pledge

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I'm interested too, but away from 27th for 2 weeks. On most days on ps4 so add me as well.
  15. pledge

    Paul Thomas Anderson - Phantom Thread

    I was fortunate enough to see it at IMAX and it was astonishing. Being able to see everything that DD Lewis was doing in his performance.

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