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  1. This series is 7 episodes, and we've had 3. I saw a Q&A at BFI when series 5 started, and I'm sure he said that both 6 and 7 had already been commissioned. He likes to take things outside the show in the marketing so my theory is his refusal now to say 7 is coming in interviews is part of making people think it is ending and wrapping up, along with Ted being pushed out, and then there's a twist that its not over.
  2. Yeah it's a bit unfair to lump them together. Her spoiling something with her acting and spoiling something with her writing should be treated separately (except in the cases where she does both like in Run, possibly the worst HBO show of recent times)
  3. According to IMDB she's only a writer, not acting in it (he did say 'involved with').
  4. Best episode in a long time.
  5. I've played at least 10 hours now, and not sure where this change people referred to earlier is. I've been enjoying it but the gameplay has remained the same and classic open world go here, shoot this, collect this.
  6. How responsible is Mitchell Hurwitz for the success of the writing and these elaborate and long running jokes? He's the creator and listed as the writer on the majority of episodes, but everything else of his I've really disliked. Wondering if this was just his passion project or he had some collaborators on this in particular.
  7. pledge

    Disco Elysium

    I've not heard the full soundtrack, but from the few hours I played from the game some of it is instrumental versions of their older rock albums (and they'd already released a brass collection of them before this). They are a 'rock band' so its not usually like the game music, but you would probably like From the Sea to the Land Beyond and Sea of Brass if you like the soundtrack.
  8. He didn't have enough content to make this 90 minutes long.
  9. The Hunt / Jagten (2012). Mads Mikkelsen is amazing in this. Really, really bleak though. 4/5
  10. Can't comment on Clone Wars, but early Family Guy has some weird interlacing during some motion which I don't see present on my "copies".
  11. Maybe this is show specific but I'm constantly pressing continue watching to end up resuming the credits of the last episode I was on. If there's less than 1 minute of a show left that's probably not what I want. There's also no next episode button on my app until the credits are basically over as well.
  12. Again this week they mentioned Cliff Richard and the BBC incident, but without saying his name.
  13. Always with at least two people.
  14. I'm surprised that Sackboy Adventure keeps getting mentioned. Completed it last night, and it's fine and everything but it's far from unmissable. Outside the music based levels I found it very generic launch title fare (I know its on PS4 too). I regret paying full price for it.
  15. These latest nvidia drivers seem to have made my system unstable, even to the point of hard restarts. No pattern so far, ran for 8 hours then only 2 between the last crashes.
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