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  1. There’s still 2 hidden triumphs that are time gated.
  2. I thought this was just the one you posted, but having seen the mag its every single one - and i don't think you picked the worst. Surely something went wrong with the printing here.
  3. You’re right. Somehow I’d mashed two together
  4. Fewer tasks than normal
  5. I had something that was like that. It fixed itself though after I played some other games. I put it down to a bug that left the resistance incorrectly set
  6. Was pleasantly surprised that the soundtrack was by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Graham Norton did a good job, and didn't just sound too much like himself but you recognise him. Not sure if was just my speakers, but he sounded like he'd recorded it at home for Covid reasons much more than anyone else.
  7. It seems to depend on the charger. One of my Apple USB-C won’t charge it but others will. There’s known problems with the front ports charging it but one of the OS upgrades fixed that (for most but not all).
  8. I installed the nexus mod and got at least an extra 15fps. There is some problem with memory leaks or something though as from cold I get 80 fps and even before an hour I'm down to 50-60. One mission made it drop to 30 and never recover until I restarted.
  9. It says [removed]. Is this same nexus mod as above here?
  10. Anyone else having problems getting the latest 1.04 patch to download? Seems to stay stuck at 3%
  11. With a price increase. Doesn't read like an optional extra on the site I saw it on.
  12. .26 is the last update. This is newer than that.
  13. The basic Netflix is £5.99 though. Ignoring the offers above NowTV is £9.99 for non-HD + £3 for Boost. Netflix 4k is £11.99
  14. Trying this on PS5 it still feels slower than PC (where I'm also limited to 60hz on the same screen and using the same PS5 controller). I've set the controller sensitivity to max but turning still seems slower - although with only one account I can't try them side by side.
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