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  1. Seems like Apple have snapped this up https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/apple-launches-in-house-studio-sets-band-of-brothers-follow-up-series-1203367345/
  2. Being in a clan is useful for the free engrams though
  3. Well I can load into the Tower but have a constant contacting servers message.
  4. Cynical view is it pushes you to buy the season pass as that has the boosters in for it. I had a scan through the pass content and it seems slim pickings. I have everything in the exotic engram already.
  5. Agree completely. The good always outweighs the bad for me, but they make some peculiar decisions. I'm mostly disappointed that they talked a lot about getting the difficulty balance right but outside the Ordeal strike the PVE content for solo players is still way too easy.
  6. I completed all the steps of the quest until I found out it ended with raid requirements. So that's another filling up my quests tab that I'll keep thinking I'll manage one day.
  7. pledge


    Thanks these look like a good start. I'll take a look.
  8. If you did get it all the way already, then when you did you got an engram but it automatically opened and the item (weapon or armour) will already be in your inventory - or the postmaster in the tower if your inventory was full.
  9. I was reading another post on Reddit that was about this. On launch day the moon was packed but since then I’m often either on my own or there’s at most two or three people about. Apparently they leave space in the instance in case people want to join your fire team. Seems they really should change this to get total players in an instance up.
  10. You have to click the Engram at the vendor to receive it from them. Then you can give them more tokens and repeat. Some engrams open immediately, some such as Prime you have to take to the Cryptarch in the Tower to open.
  11. Fairly sure it is meant to be like that. It is like the actual offensive where gates keep opening. Finding the event is the difficult/frustrating part. Once you get locate one then it is simple (unless you are alone like Flub)
  12. The start of the Vex offensive was a bit confusing with them putting the way to launch it on director but you have to go back to the Moon first. Also Ikora is giving out quests where the reward is just the gun that I already got anyway, unless I'm missing something? Seems a fun activity so far though and the invasion effect in the sky on the moon looks fantastic.
  13. pledge


    Any recommendations of jigsaws? I'm looking for something that would last us a decent amount of time as a family (all adults) over a Christmas week together on and off.
  14. Dont be so hard on yourself. Unless I've also become a massively better player this week then all your points about it being easier are true. Mainly the rank floors, but also solo queue. Loss streaks due to quitters used to be the real killer if you were a solo player. I expect this means any rewards from this season and on from crucible will up the requirements to getting to Legend with multiple resets or other grind
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