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  1. I have a 3700X. With a 3080 I have everything set to ultra and whether I'm running in 4k or 1440p I get the exact same 25-45 variable fps (mostly the higher end). 4 cores are at 98% the whole time. I'm glad some are getting enjoyment out of the game, but I think I'm done with it for now. I've lost too much progress from crashes that my interest has waned. I didn't necessarily want a 1:1 recreation of London, but whereas NYC in the Division really felt like that city to me (having lived there for a number of months) this really doesn't feel like London to me in the same way (living
  2. Just tried this on PC for the first time, and wow. I've always thought D2 was a great looking game, but the moon in 4k max settings just looks incredible. So sharp. Really excited to see what it looks like on XSX.
  3. I've done the start of the game three times now due to it either crashing or just not saving progress. I may be missing something but it really doesn't seem to be making it clear when it saves, and even on PC there's no manual save. Is that because I have permadeath on? I'm now anxious every time I quit not knowing how much I will lose. The new drivers have made it more stable for me but it still doesn't seem like its running that well. The janky running animation doesn't help.
  4. Some of the lighting looks pretty great at times but agree with others that there’s just something off about it in some way. Things are very detailed but very flat. Seems to have turned out a poor choice to give away with the 3080
  5. I know we’ve had others post their FE photos already, but I’m going to do it anyway
  6. It's also likely lower? The FE is about £80 less than I was paying for the card I was queued for at Scan.
  7. I'd completely forgotten that Beyond Light is on gamepass from day 1. That's me switching over from PS4.
  8. Even though I have the DPD tracking number I'm still nervous about cancelling my Amazon order
  9. Going to send the guy running PartAlert something on buymeacoffee. Seems only fair and doesn't seem like he's had enough people do it.
  10. @Uzi ESTIMATED DESPATCH DATE Wednesday, 28th October 2020 ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE Thursday, 29th October 2020 Mine is still showing as despatch today, but it is showing as awaiting picking. Wonder why yours is showing a later date.
  11. It shows now. Scan are not including the Scan branded face mask for free with the FE like they are with other cards, so I cancelled.
  12. I paid by PayPal and got the email, but the order is not yet showing on my account or via the order tracking page. Is it working for anyone else?
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