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  1. Having to buy the expansions on each platform isn't surprising, but means I'm only likely to use cross-save to permanently move platforms.
  2. Anybody looking to do a nightfall this weekend on ps4 and needs an extra let me know
  3. I'm confused by this. It was added to Bandcamp on the 11th saying they didn't want to pay the ransom, but this thread was talking about a copy before that. Was it leaked anyway?
  4. Just saw the Dylan documentary by Scorsese at the cinema, and it’s on Netflix tomorrow. Rolling Thunder Revue. If you liked No Direction Home or Living In a Material world this is another good one.
  5. So Mac just based his character on this guy.
  6. Why is everything +
  7. She's smiling but she sounds so bored.
  8. Ordered this as loved the movie. What's the deal with Zoom? Their website seems pretty dated, but they seem to be run by Universal.
  9. I'm a casual at Destiny, so can someone answer some basic questions. 1. Why does the matchmaking so often put me with randoms up against a clan of three? I'm guessing to make the matching faster but it makes for some terribly unfair games. 2. On PS4, why not make one half of the touchpad go to the pursuits screen? Parity with xbox? 3. For the daily and weeklies would it be better to make it so you have to be on the winning side for it to count. On each reset I seem to get stuck in a team where someone will just sit at the spawn waiting for it to be over.
  10. It aired on Sky Atlantic and HBO in HD..
  11. Don't fly close, don't fly over, they're too close, crash. It shows it hit, but they really stress radiation would cause it.
  12. Harris is also great in The Terror, if people are looking for more of him.
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