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  1. I had them up to the end of the original D2. Took them through Curse and Warmind whilst doing the Solstice, which more or less got me to level 50. The earlier armour was only around 300 light though so the strike part was a bit harder as had to pick lower level strikes and wait for people to play with. But then once the solstice armour is completed it dropped immediately at 750. I’d say each took me about 15 hours.
  2. I'd just finished getting Solstice armour on all three classes, having played only Hunter in D2 until a couple of weeks ago. That means I'm now completing the Forsaken content with 750 power and it is absurdly easy. This would seem like an odd experience for people coming in for New Light.
  3. DIRECTOR'S CUT - PART I Something to read while the patch installs.
  4. Great I've added you. I'll be on and off as well. PM me if you don't see me.
  5. Did you finish this alredy? I've completed one set of armour so onto this. I also need help on a couple of basic exotics like Rat King that I missed if anyone can help. The minibosses wasn't actually that bad, for me it was the 1500 orbs as they vanish so fast. I kept checking it as I was near the limit and I'm sure it wasn't counting everything I picked up.
  6. No it doesn't get any better, because season 1 is amongst the best television ever made.
  7. I agree. I recently started some secondary characters and doing this as part of just getting them to level 50 is more bearable. I think if it had just been doing one set rather uncommon and then rare it wouldn't have been that bad - but my reaction seeing that it is the exact same things repeated with higher values (maybe with element changed) was just ugh. I will, but I'm a couple of days away from it.
  8. Even if they are not there day one Activision are starting a trend of adding them in later.
  9. I've just realised this is 100 personally, not the fireteam. The EAZ is nice enough, but nothing about this quest is fun. I'm disliking the game more and more (and myself for continuing).
  10. Has anyone completed the Solstice yet? I've done the drained armour and just seen the next steps, and it just seems like such a boring grind. None of them are interesting at all, just do even more strikes wearing this armour etc.
  11. As long as it has a theatrical run does it matter if they put it on Netflix to stream at the same time? I thought that’s what they did with Roma
  12. Looking at the later requirements for the solstice armour I'm unlikely to be able to do it, as they all require having a proper fireteam. Not really a spoiler as they are listed on the collections tab, but just in case
  13. Most reviews seem to suggest the new RPG elements mean it is very badly balanced.
  14. I just replaced my launch day pro with the RDR2 pack one, and side by side the difference is pretty staggering. Playing destiny the fans don’t even seem to come on, compared to before when it sounded like someone was constantly drying their hair in the same room. Sadly this machine then broke a week later and just constantly flashed blue light. Amazon sent me a replacement the same day though.
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