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  1. pledge

    Succession - Sky Atlantic/HBO

    I started this at the same time as Trust which felt like a similar type of show and much preferred this. As you said the Thick of It dialogue is only occasional - It isn't trying to be Veep. Brian Cox is absent early on but then in it just enough. Looking forward to more next season.
  2. pledge

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    'only' because they think theirs is the best coverage?
  3. pledge

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    MasterCard should have picked some England players
  4. The finale is 90 minutes. It has quite a few twists and surprises as you'd expect. Will be interesting what people make of it. Very minor non-plot spoiler, but just in case people don't want to know The showing I went to had a 'host' you could talk to, but the illusion was shattered when they hadn't closed the door where the guy with the microphone was.
  5. pledge

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Surely they played the anthem too slow then
  6. If anyone is in central London tomorrow evening 6.15, I have a spare ticket to the early finale screening at BFI Southbank. Includes Q&A with Jonathan Nolan. It is front row on the side though.
  7. pledge

    Incredibles 2

    I enjoyed it, not being a particularly big fan of the original. The plot main plot seemed a bit predictable and tired though. I saw it at a preview and in the Q&A they did say they cut a year off the production so that maybe would have given them more time on main story. The family part was much better and there were plenty of laughs.
  8. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    No they list them all separately.
  9. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    Is Goliath S2 in UHD? It's baffling how hard they make it to find their original shows. I watched the first season and the second is nowhere on my home listing. I can see season 1 in the UHD listing, but not 2. I can find 2 in the search, but seemingly nowhere else under TV, and that result is HD.
  10. pledge

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Is the BBC UHD feed out of sync on this? The sound is ahead of the video by a noticeable amount. Was fine yesterday.
  11. pledge

    Amazon Prime Video

    They do keep A/B testing new layouts. I intermittently get a version that basically copies Netflix entirely. Currently its more like the old layout (LG TV app) and 4k TV you have to go TV on left menu. Then pick Prime 4K Ultra HD TV from the top horizontal menu. If I search for "The Grand Tour" it only shows the two seasons in HD, and I see no way to play those in 4K
  12. pledge

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Is the song original or sampled?
  13. pledge

    Xbox One X

    Mines fine for watching movies, and I'm usually quite sensitive to that kind of noise.
  14. pledge

    Best New Music of 2018

    I was excited about the Jon Hopkins and although I like it, it's not something I'd listen to for summer. It feels like something I'd listen to walking home in the dark. It also feels a bit familiar. It has the sound of Immunity that I love but not different enough that I got the same wow as the first time I head that. I'd never heard DJ Koze before and been listening to this on loop all day.
  15. My guide says this is south bank not imax. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t sell out to members. The events with guests have been selling out before it even opens to members recently.

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