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  1. pledge

    Apple TV +

    The morning show has got better since the start but it does still seem like a weak version of Sorkin’s Newsroom, with matching walk and talk from the West Wing.
  2. pledge

    The Touryst

    It’s a fun game but I’d temper your expectations.
  3. pledge

    The Touryst

    I got it on day of release, purely based on the trailer as I couldn’t see any reviews at the time. Visually it looked amazing, especially with the fake HDR mode on my TV. It wasn’t really what i was expecting though. I hardly played it but it was already showing I was at over 60% total completion and I’m sure I didn’t play much more than 2 hours.
  4. The solar wasn’t too bad as it included melee. Arc doesn’t was hundreds of ability kills so I gave up.
  5. Loved this week's episode. Liked the consistency of:
  6. I did it with two people on lfg and we were all at 960, and all not very good. Took about an hour. I assume you can complete the seal after the season ends as long as you’ve started the quests? It explicitly calls out that vex offensive ones can only be done during this season but I have the stupid vanguard strike ability one remaining and would rather avoid trying to do it this final week.
  7. There’s times when Scorsese seems to think “that’s good enough”. The transition to an obvious doll in the Casino car explosion. The blood splatter being from the wrong direction in Goodfellas. He’s clearly not lazy but maybe there gets a point he doesn’t want to deal with technical issues any more and moves on thinking people wont notice.
  8. Yeah, they just added it today worldwide. They produced it, the cinema release was just a short run.
  9. If I didn't need PS+ to play Destiny 2 I'd have not renewed recently.
  10. I used to like it when some of the quests were vague and you had to wait until Reddit worked it out but Randy's throwing knife is just annoying. I have no idea if it is bugged or not. I'm getting the medals described online and it seems pot luck if anything at all happens to the progress. I was stuck at 33% for days with no amount of clearing cache, secondary character, abandon quest making any difference. It has now ticked up but stuck at 35% again and I get medals that are meant to be 1% and nothing.
  11. pledge

    Nintendo Switch

    The Touryst is out tomorrow but I've not seen any hype since the trailer a few months ago.
  12. Was about to post the same thing after completing my first run of it. Not sure why I was expecting more but I laughed at it being so slight.
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