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  1. Ah nice! Yeah I’ll be on some Spiderman action, this’ll probably need to run for a couple of weeks as i have a lot of chaos approaching.
  2. Okay cool yeah so I’m on the right path with it. Yeah that right ramp takes no prisoners. The setup I have is 4K, its one of those things that when you load up a table it looks that extra bit solid and crisp, especially with the art these tables have, but when you’re actually playing you don’t notice it at all. My setup is unusual being a vertical screen but its closer to my face than a tv would be.
  3. Nice! I can’t really find any specific ways to get bigger points, seems like you just have to keep stacking completed modes and multiballs? On a good run I can maybe get two multiballs with an extra ball and get a few modes along with that but the gains are incremental.
  4. Sorry to hear that dude! Hope you feel better soon, waiting for that breakthrough game on TOTC, stuck at 200m and one thing in particular I cannot manage is getting multiball on the first ball, maybe I just need to let it go and focus on modes.
  5. One thing I will say about it, it's quite a consistent table in terms of scoring, there are so many where you don't know if you'll get 1mill, or 500mill, but this seems fairly regular. I've found that backhanding the ball off the right flipper to either try and hit the spinner / extra ball lock, or the three bank of targets will often get the ball onto the upper flipper so you can then hit the crypt or the scoop to start a mode which is super helpful.
  6. Pinball’s worst kept secret but looks like a lot of fun.
  7. So much flailing about on this table, seems like you just have to keep hitting the scoop and the crypt for modes and multiball but the ball goes up into the pops a lot of the time and then quite likely a drain down the middle. Gotten 150-160m a few times but no further as yet. I find I'm missing shots or whacking it about a lot and the shot to get the ball into the top flipper is crazy tight.
  8. Ah sweet, I just improved my score this week, I do love that table, there’s a real one on eBay and I keep going back to the listing….
  9. @Omizzay presume we’re playing the VPW Premium version of Tales From the Crypt? https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/6933-tales-from-the-crypt-vpw-premium-data-east-1993/
  10. Well I guess that’s me done with this table Must’ve had 4 extra balls, bonus on ball 2 was almost a billion in itself. I got to the Final a second time and actually lost the last two balls trying to hit the damn draw scoop. It’s crazy when you hit that flow and you feel invincible, I usually avoid the right ramp and in this game was regularly going for it and hitting it all the time. Glorious. What a great table.
  11. Nice! Can do Tales From the Crypt for the next table for sure.
  12. Yup, still playing fired up Fish Tales and had a great game.
  13. The goalie is such a simple mechanic but oh man, there are games when you cannot get a shot in the goal. Got 3.4bn despite failing to beat Germany in the finals, ah man. Still loving this table, I’d actually consider buying a real one if only it wasn’t a bloody football theme maybe another Popadiuk table will scratch that itch.
  14. Looks like vpx Total Nuclear Annihilation will be available
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