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  1. Aha! Sorted! Thanks, that wasn't quite what was happening, but your suggestion enabled me to figure it out, it said the emulator was installed, I updated from source and that fixed the issue. Thanks! Anyone else having specific emulator issues this video helped me figure out how to install them https://youtu.be/bLHh5b2IWxQ
  2. Hey, New RetroPie owner here, bought off a forum user, yay! In classic n00b style I accessed what I think was a retro arch menu and in trying to figure out how to exit the menu I think I changed a setting somehow and no SNES games will launch anymore. When I open the rom launch menu it is showing 0 emulators available.(screenshot attached) Anyone know how I can fix this or am I going to have to put a new RetroPie image on the SD card. All other systems work great.
  3. Cheeko


    Had to Remote Desktop via my work PC and do some random clicking on broken images but there you are! Looks like by December you’d upped your score but more scores had been added above. The snapshot of my score is just under 19mil which is lower than what’s on your site so not sure it was my best, I think i scraped through about 21-22million, was always a bit behind yourself. Amazing to see it up there though haha. Its weird looking king at this board, a time in my life just after I’d graduated, back home in Cornwall. I was pouring hours into it because I had absolutely no idea how I was going to get a job, sleeping in till midday and then sticking this on all afternoon. My parents did well to not bust my balls at the time in retrospect.
  4. Cheeko


    When the game first came out there was the official international competition with the top 20 world players getting trophies or something, I think my highest rank was just outside the top 20 but I have no idea what my best score was for that, don’t suppose you know what that website was or if there’s still a record of those rankings anywhere do you? I might have another google actually cause I just realised you could use an online time machine to see the old site.
  5. Cheeko


    The site’s still up! Pretty happy to see my score sitting at 50th ‘not played in a while’ Not sure if I want to go down this road again.
  6. Style over substance film for me, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I disliked it but what I did like was the visuals and the performances you’d expect from a strong cast. In terms of the story the central relationship was the weakest part of the film. Amelie/Delicatessen and Arrival/ET did this a lot better.
  7. Cheeko

    Nintendo Switch

    You don’t need to setup any extra accounts or emails for buying stuff in other regions, you just use your usual account on the website, switch your country in settings, buy the game and then switch it back.
  8. Yeah, fairplay, pretty satisfying to see there's room for improvement too.
  9. Feel your pain, haha, collapse. Looking good on the whole though, congrats!
  10. This is pretty fascinating, keep thinking about it and maybe trying it myself to get an appreciation for how hard it is. slightly concerned about getting utterly drawn in by it though. The timing stuff, is that done in OpenEmu?
  11. Ah cool, yeah I almost turned back there too but I had that niggling 'I think there's a solution here' thing that happens in this game a lot, that boss battle was great. I never went back to the girl in the cell at the start, I presume she just gets freed automatically after you complete that mission?
  12. There is a boss battle though that's triggered when you go through that exit, have you done that?
  13. I did! Yeah, I was trying to get to that tower and it started raining so I figured I'd just stay there for a while, so much to find!
  14. Loving this so much, we've just moved house and are rennovating so there's no internet or TV and whatnot, it's the dream Switch scenario. Little sessions with a cup of tea here and there. My constant exploring and travelling has gradually whittled away to where I now spend hours just noodling around on a single beach or on a cliff shelf which then turns out to be a massive Durian fruit orchard. Currently made it to Eventide which is so awesome.
  15. As much as I like MK8 I do find there is what we call the 'bullshit zone' where you take a hit in 2nd/3rd and you fall into this nightmare of AI battling and it's really hard to make a comeback from there to win when there's a human opponent in 1st. Also, compared to the wii version you can't get back up from the back of the pack very easily, you can often be in 10th and get a bullet and it just drops you off in 9th. In the wii version you can definitely storm up through the field with a couple of good power ups. Lastly, the non lap races seem much harder to claw back places than the lap circuits.
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