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  1. The Digital Foundry guys have said that the PC version is fundamentally broken, unfinished and unplayable due to massive shader compilations issues and should not be purchased by anyone as it completely undermines any attempt the game makes to draw you in. There's no PC capable of escaping these issues at the moment. John Linneman spoke a bit about the things he liked - specifically he liked the combat because there was no real timing to it, just knowing "when to attack" while holding down the directional dodges. The problem is that according to others, the enemies just have a set number of attacks which they'll just rattle through and then they go passive so you can have your turn to mash melee for a bit. There's no skill to it aside from being able to count up to 4. Sounds terrible to me, but I guess if you just really dig the visual of ducking, diving and counterpunching you might like it?
  2. Even in Dead Space, if you can cling on by your finger nails for the first two hours and pump everything in the Cutter, it just snowballs into an absolute wrecking machine, even at the highest difficulty.
  3. The Skill Up review hammers it home. The one mini-boss in the game (that's copy/pasted 4 times) can't be melee'd, only shot. You can just hold down left or right to dodge everything while reloading, just standing in front of the thing and it can't hit you.
  4. Ignoring the performance issues (which will probably get sorted sooner rather than later looking at the backlash), by all accounts the actual combat is pretty miserable as well. The game presses your 'dodge' button for you so all that's required of you is to be strafing in the correct direction to trigger the reaction, but even when the dodge animation plays you'll often still be hit? Even though there's no actual player agency when it comes to the actual timing? Bullet sponge enemies, etc etc.
  5. This is going to be perfect for the Street Fighter 6 dynamic control scheme.
  6. Review Embargo lifts on the day of release. Power move.
  7. But @Down by Law, you're a dedicated gamer, and somebody who wants to get the most out of the products you buy. Why wouldn't you want to get the achievement for seeing every possible death? From what I understand, many people who play video games place a great deal of importance on getting all the trophies. Surely you see how important it is now to make sure you have access to all possible modes of being rendered inert. Well, we don't know really. We know there's DLC and we know there are new death animations. If there are new environmental hazards and enemies then perhaps talk about that rather than the thing that any normal person would assume is included in both those things anyway.
  8. You'll be ashamed of your words and deed when you uncover the deep lore of exactly what's going on by playing Metal Max 1 though 3.
  9. Massively. If there's new ways to die and new things to kill you, talk about those. It's like producing a new DLC snow world for your platform game but advertising it as "new footstep sound effects" or some shit without actually mentioning why. Obviously if these are actually just more generic animations that can be triggered by standard enemies in the main game, then it's very clear it's just intensely embarrassing padding to justify the cost of the Season Pass. The problem with Single Player games is that future, poorly defined content for sale now just makes me want to wait a month or two and get everything for half the price they're asking now. At least with Multiplayer games there's that inherent pressure to be there day one while there are still people as shit as me playing.
  10. Paid death animations! We're really scraping the barrel on padding out this Season Pass.
  11. I played a bit of this last night on my out-of-date and barely-worthwhile 3080 and... I'm not that impressed honestly. The action just didn't feel particularly amazing, the characters chatter was bland and I just wasn't having a particularly fantastic time with it. So, refunded. I know it's not quite the same genre, but I honestly feel as though I've been spoiled a bit by GTFO in the "group of people go into a shit situation to do a job for something that is apparently authorised to give them orders" genre. Obviously GTFO is much, much slower moving, but the tension when the shit hits the fan is much, much higher than it is here. I dunno. I really enjoyed Vermintide 2, so I suspect it's a me issue rather than the game as from what I can tell it's very, very similar.
  12. I don’t think something being an opinion puts it beyond debate though, does it? And your position hasn’t been “I don’t like this”, it’s been “there’s no reason to make these any more”. One is a preference for the media you consume, which is fine - the other is far more interesting and wide reaching which is what people are trying to engage you on.
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