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  1. I still don't know if I'll be able to play my Steam levels on Epic, or if I need to just wait a year for exclusivity to expire. I've concluded that I'm just going to wait until release and then see what the Internet has discovered.
  2. Hopefully every boss character will be completely invulnerable, forcing you to rely on environmental kills.
  3. Very sorry @Welrain, not had this in my head this weekend. Yes, you are innif you would still like to play. Will post up about dates tomorrow! edit - I'm going to create a PM group, rather than keep jumping this to the top.
  4. I was very hyped for this until I saw the price tag. I'll wait.
  5. A bit more about Dustin? Dustin is very much the amateur occultist, and it all started a couple of years back when when you were feeling a little thirsty on shift, and grabbed a carbonated beverage off the shelves. You didn't recognise the brand but the taste was simply incredible. Every bubble was like a galaxy exploding on your tongue. The drink of dreams. But you only got to drink half of it. Midway through it was snatched from your hand by the tentacle of... Something, which poured the rest of the drink into one of it's many mouths, burped in your face contemptuousl
  6. God dammit. Should have done a poll. This is how it's looking from what I can tell. ... because we've got a specific preference for Monday from Hiero and we can field a full group for it, I suggest we shoot for that - and I think we should schedule for Monday 18th, just so I've got time to work on the details and get character information over to you, y'know - the usual stuff. This does mean that Aluco can't play sadly - but if this is actually successful, I'll probably run more "mundane but something's up" scenarios in future, as I like them.
  7. Oh man. I proceeded through this exact series of emotional hallways too.
  8. What sorcery is this? You ask the impossible. It's more that I have 1&2 on Steam and because I'm impatient, I'll be buying 3 on Epic!
  9. I'm still very confused about how importing Hitman 1 and 2 to take advantage of the new engine is going to work. I have 1&2 on Steam, and they're showing up on my IOI account, but other than that I can't seem to find any information at all as to how this works.
  10. Monday is looking hopeful then. For those of you who don't mind Trello, I have started assembling the cast of NPCs (store regulars, other departments etc) here. Only the people with pictures have anything up about them at the moment.
  11. Also, just to explain how Unknown Armies works a bit as I realise most people won't have played it, it's actually a pretty lightweight system which doesn't bog itself down too heavily when it comes to specific knowledge. At it's core it's a D100 game so you've got a skill level and you're looking to roll a number under than on a D100, taking into account any modifiers the GM might apply. There are 3 core elements that basically make up your character: - Relationships Meters and skills Identity ... I'll just talk about them quickly here. Relations
  12. Well that's five people interested, whoop! Now we've just got to work out a day of the week when everyone can play. I'm fairly flexible but can't do Tuesdays, and since Dr. Shark has said he can't do that, Saturdays or Thursdays - that leaves: - Mondays Wednesday Friday Sunday ... anyone else got any definite no's? If we can get a day sorted out, I'll go away for a week or so to get everyone briefed on characters and to just ensure I know where all the trolleys are around the place.
  13. They could just release them now. It didn't matter last time that they had nothing to sell - why not just take the next logical step and release without the designs being finalised.
  14. Man, EVE is the best video game that I just couldn't get to grips with. If CCP refund people, it's really going to undermine this titanic battle and the impact it has on the universe.
  15. Well, yeah - the whole timing aspect is a whole other demon to slay. And yep, Greg Stolze and John Tynes were both involved in at least one edition of Delta Green. In some ways, I've had the feeling that Unknown Armies is sort of the dumping ground for ideas too weird to go into a Cthulhu-based game. I especially loved Third Edition of this game, bringing in stuff like a monster that's ability to hurt you is tied to how abstract and pretentious your character concept is. If you're just a plumber or something the worst it can do kick your wallet away from you if you drop it, or knoc
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