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  1. Too slow old man. Try again when you can push more frames during the Refresh.
  2. "It's launch day! We're going to be quids in guys!" "But none of the stock has arrived. Well, we got three of the Gigabye cards, but... *shakes box, no noise", I think these might be display boxes?" "Nah, just let people get ordering. They said the stock would be here today. I bet it's just caught in traffic. We'll be shipping out by 4pm at the latest".
  3. Mine's still up! That'll be because I'm getting one and not that I'm 350,000 people lower in the order queue than you are and the mail server is still chewing through. From this and a bunch of posts on Reddit, it really does seem that there were about 20 cards, globally - I'm going to assume that there'll be a lot of scalpers having to explain to people that their guaranteed pre-order that they sold for double to triple the cost of the card isn't actually coming through and there's no no ETA. In the end, I'd like stores to make better use of Captcha stuff, but it's probably going to be better to remove myself from the "day one" mentality - I mean, I was pretty disappointed yesterday and I wasn't even shopping for myself on this one. Still, I've got my order for the Oculus Quest 2 in for Day One. Facebook can harvest my thoughts and sell them to Nvidia so they know how sad I am.
  4. Hah. Looking at Scan (who probably have something similar) you've got cards with 1000+ people having paid and now waiting. Unless the big boat turns up full of the things, we'll be waiting a while.
  5. True story, I'm so amazing at parties that I guess people got bored competing with my brilliance and they stopped inviting me.
  6. It does seem like Apple are the only company who have mastered this technology.
  7. It says 3080 at the top, but all the details reckon 2080. I've gone with the German linked one. Feel better about Amazon, it's unlikely anything will go serious wrong there (as in, no card, no money).
  8. Anyone up for some more sinister GPU conspiracy action? Redditor ChillyCheese has posted: -
  9. But if we have to have Capitalism, we might as well have it with high frame rates.
  10. Oh, has he fucked off now? I might start using them again. For non-gouged stuff.
  11. Can't possibly be worse than what's going on on ebay right now. For clarity, I went to have a look, not because I'm that dumb.
  12. I've just noticed that despite signing up to Nvidia's "Notify Me" thing about stock with my email address, I didn't actually receive any sort of notification. I think I'm pretty much owed a card now, right?
  13. It's also that if something goes wrong and I need to cancel the order, I don't think that my German is up to talking to a human being. My comment about death is pretty hyperbolic, she needs it for Cyberpunk, so there's some time yet.
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