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  1. I just watched Possessor and I enjoyed it a great deal. My gut reaction is to give it a 5, but I suspect on a rewatch it's going to be a 4. Beautifully shot with some absolutely brutal scenes, I sort of wish there had been more time to explore the concepts laid out in the second half of the film, but as the run time was a very civilised 1 hour 45 minutes, I think it's a great cut.
  2. I'm super late to respond to this, but I would absolutely love a GTA game that allowed my computer person to move and control like the computer person I have in The Division. It would completely change the feel of the game on foot, of course, but I'm not wholly convinced that's a bad thing.
  3. Sorry @Doctor Shark, I'm still not buying it but this might be of interest to PC players. This article states that anyone playing on Geforce Now will have that game at 1080p/60fps; Geforce Now is basically an RTX 2080 and while that doesn't fit easily into the Spec Sheet that went around the other day, but it does seem like RTX is going to be running at 60, albeit perhaps not with everything cranked all the way up. Because Nvidia are definitely going to want some RTX with DLSS running on their streaming service. So, that gives me a fair bit of confidence that they're ta
  4. I took one look at the NH-D15 and swapped it out for an NH-D15S, which actually left a comfortable amount of space between it and the PCI socket. I feel really dumb for having it, the thing is so incredibly overkill it's insane.
  5. Well I can confirm that it's definitely not the fault of the Committee. And if it is, then we didn't mean it. And if we did it doesn't matter. And if it does, then the responsibility lies with somebody other than me. #LyingCat4Prez21
  6. "I love to sit down in front of my telly on the sofa, boot up my [console] and run a couple of benchmarks with a beer. Sometimes I even get on Discord with the guys!" But in all seriousness, this is great for consoles, and I've not been as excited about a console generation in ages. Even if the options just come down to "look pretty" vs."60+ FPS" that's a huge step forward. So awesome.
  7. Hey guys, polite request to take the stupid Warz stuff to the thread that's for fighting in.
  8. Destiny 2 runs like shit off a shovel - it's so fast that it doesn't need DLSS!
  9. A spit take is when somebody says something very surprising and you spit what you were drinking out in response. It's a completely normal turn of phrase. I'm getting involved in the general enthusiasm for an exciting, long awaited game. I mean, we tolerate people who aren't going to buy it wandering through and shitting all over the place, can't I do the same, but more positive?
  10. This is a super-important point. I can hit up to 2050Mhz and hold it on this card, but it's not worth it for the thermals. Essentially, once you get into all this stuff, you'll be tweaking it pretty much forever; the reason I advise starting from the maximum boost your card can naturally achieve and then undervolting from there is because it relieves a lot of the worry behind "pushing it too far". You're very unlikely to permanently damage something by not giving it enough power.
  11. I did Minecraft as well for a bit yesterday, with RTX on. Even in it's very beta state, it's extremely impressive. I'd take my experience with it with a pinch of salt because I literally only say down and started messing with this sort of stuff yesterday because it's Saturday and we're still in Lockdown. Basically, the process as far as I can see is this: - 1. Work out exactly how far your GPU boosts normally. Obviously you'll need to put it under some strain with this. 2. In Afterburner, press CTRL+F to bring up the voltage curve (and to pay
  12. SpitTake.gif In other news, please be warned that there are copies out in the wild now and people have been streaming on YouTube. If you want to avoid spoilers, now would be a good time to, well... I don't want to say "lockdown", but perhaps ensure your DataBorders are HackSecure when you're jacking the matrix. Obviously it would be good if denizens of the forum could refrain from posting anything openly. Perhaps we should have a good, old fashioned 30fps Vs 60fps argument instead.
  13. I've had a fun evening undervolting this card. I don't think I could guarantee it's 100% stable yet - but so far we've got to 1935Mhz on the Boost Clock and +350Mhz on the Memory. All at around 100Mv less than nomal and the card is topping out at 52 degrees. The FE cooler is really, really good.
  14. If so you might accidentally be playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution on a generation appropriate console.
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