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  1. Onto Frog Detective 3. Lovely little games. Give me a game that takes an hour rather than some epic that's 50 hours.
  2. Three cars again? Was double that at least wasn't it with GT Sport? Back then they were outsourcing work to increase output.
  3. The Euro is little different. The Fed have been raising interest rates sharply increasing the value of the dollar, and it's a flight to safety in a worldwide recession/depression which is coming
  4. Thanks to someone upthread who recommended Sign of the Sojourner before it left. A lovely game. 9/10 in Edge when it came out but had passed me by. It's leaving end of the month, and is pretty short.
  5. SF-02

    The Man Utd Thread

    The club is a graveyard for managers
  6. Councils should use this as a tool to get people cleaning local areas. They'd have ample volunteers
  7. Did Shenmue have the first movable eyes on a player character? I recall reading something about it in around 98.
  8. There were a couple of great 007 games in the early 2000s. Nightfire was one I think. Agent under fire the other? Wasn't Goldeneye so reviewed poorly.
  9. Cut and paste press releases are the name of the game more than ever. Journalists are sometimes set crazy targets for page views, and many hired are on dismal wages fresh out of uni. See titles from Reach group; The Mirror, Express, the live titles (SussexLive, KentLive etc) and MyLondon and Liverpool Echo. All owned by the same group. Top brass raking it in. Clickbait drivel the norm. Same at many games sites as well as across the net.
  10. I miss when they had a spare car and it was often set up for one or another driver.
  11. There were a few protesters sitting on Wellington Straight. No idea if they got there *before* the cars would have arrived. The race would have been red flagged regardless with that
  12. Looks like Russel's left rear was clipped then he veered into Zhou
  13. God this is dull. Never mentally clocked out of a Canadian GP this soon
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