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  1. You can fix a bricked one by placing another cat (of the opposite sex) in the room and leaving them alone. There is some sort of interface which takes place after which you need to wait for the system to reboot and it will spawn new cat unit(s). These are aimed at wifes / girlfriends so she'll be thrilled.
  2. Yes, that's pretty much what I was inelegantly trying to say. I have the 1200, the CF card loaded with WB and a good selection of games so I just need to splurge on an 8mb expansion. Might be a winter project to get it all up and running again. thanks Paul
  3. new666uk

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    What delightfully violent offspring
  4. Yeah, I eventually got it working but it was such a ballache as I recall. Compared to preparing an SD card for a SNSES or MD it seemed unnecessarily faffy. Some games work but the main ones I wanted just don't so it was either back to floppies or just put it back in the loft.
  5. new666uk

    Play Expo alternatives

    Awesome - yes pins are a good part of it for me as I don't have one and clearly you can't emulate the experience. PM me a link or details if you don't mind. What's the charity you're raising for? Probably seen you at the shows before, we should all wear name tags!
  6. But if like me you thought they would run all amiga games you're in for a surprise. No-one seems to mention that you need an accelerator card as the overhead running the CF means a decent chunk of games won't run. Frontier, DotC and many more of my favourites. To be honest the 1200 and CF is back in the loft as I found it disappointing and unnecessarily complicated (getting the roms' etc, no drag and drop functionality like most other retro solutions).
  7. Hi all, Since taking over the Blackpool and Manchester events (amongst others) things seem to have become a bit patchy in terms of regular events. The tempo of Blackpool early (May-ish) and Manchester late (Oct-ish) was just nice. Avoided the busy Christmas and summer seasons well. It's a long slog till May 19 for the Manchester show which I believe is the next in the calendar so is there anywhere else that's sprung up to fill the gap?
  8. Perhaps I do. Missed the fact there was only the one on PS2.
  9. Nice find. I got it on PS2 recently. Never played it before and it's actually kinda fun.
  10. new666uk

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    Currently playing Fantasy Dizzy, Desert Strike and Cannon Fodder on MD. Farcry 5 on PC Crazy Taxi and Simpsons Hit & Run on PS2
  11. Don't get me wrong, there are some bargains to be found but it's mainly crap no-one wants at our booties - kids clothes and market stall traders selling cleaning stuff and food. I try to go on bank holiday ones (especially when sunny) when the public are there having a clear out. That's what boots are all about for me, everyday folks selling their unwanteds, not traders who're too cheap to get a proper market stall.
  12. Show of hands time. Is it just me that comes on this topic every Monday to learn what amazing stuff you all snagged over the weekend? Jealous of course but CBA to get to booties at silly o'clock. Having said that, there's one about 45mins away that 'only' starts at 0730 and that's for everyone - none of this traders first bollocks.
  13. Any your surprise here is what exactly? How many shows / markets do you go to where the sellers know bugger all about the items they're selling other than "It's £35 mate". I weep for humanity in general but ruining perfectly good, irreplaceable stuff is criminal.
  14. new666uk


    Licencing like Marketing is one of the great evils of the modern era. So much effort spent controlling their little product and simultaneously trying to sell the licence as much as possible. If you cannot (or will not) continue to use the IP licence a fair usage non commercial policy should apply after a period of time. Related, as more games are now media-less or require downloaded elements does anyone wonder about the future of our hobby? Spin on 20 years and how will you get games for your old Ps4 or XB1?
  15. You absolute b'stard lucky person you!

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