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  1. new666uk

    Early-90s Games Night

    Well for those of us in the North, there is Arcade Club. Mostly arcade machines (as the name implies) but might be worth asking if they would host a provide party with folks bringing in some consoles, Amiga's and Speccy's etc.
  2. new666uk

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    I'm obviously doing something wrong as I can't seem to get the IGR hooks to work, even something simple like reset to menu let alone save states. What am I missing?
  3. In case anyone else didn't have a clue what Hamster Ports were (some new fangled peripheral I thought) here's a linky http://www.hamster.co.jp
  4. new666uk

    This guy, right here

    That's why I've little qualm about downloading a 20 odd year old rom. The original source material (say a tape or 3.5" disc) just isn't viable to purchase. Quite often distro companies don't even realise they've acquired the right to some piddly little game from 1980 something so make no effort to commercialise it. It's worse for games with movie tie-ins as the property and image rights are often reverted to the film studio. Licencing is one of the worst modern age examples of humans fcuking things up in an effort to make short term profit. Look at modern music or DLC games - you have a right to listen to / install it but how are they passed on to the second hand and vintage markets of the future? The worse ones are those who do own the rights, know it and actively seek to prevent 'piracy' but do nothing to use the back catalogue of content.
  5. new666uk

    C64 ownership at last - psu question

    Didn't know that - I was hoping to use a RetroDC Powered PSU for when I finally get a Speccy.
  6. I have much love for Ghostbusters. Not so much for the sequel or anything that followed. I've love to see the old team back together but that's the issue isn't it - the actors are all too old (or actual ghosts already) to realistically revive their characters. Best we can hope for is a sympathetic handover movie with some cameo's from the old days and a new breed taking over the mantle. Indifferent to the genders, but I there needed to be some level of realism to ground the story. Ramis and Ackroyd provided that well - I could see their characters as academics who got lucky and managed to commercialise their product, facing challenges most growing companies do. ATC was awful on so many levels but principally the unbelievability that a bunch of female characters would form such a company.
  7. As I recall he didn't know he was playing Garfield the cat in a film by that director. I believe there is another better director with a very similar name and he got confused.
  8. new666uk

    Anchor posts?

  9. new666uk

    C64 ownership at last - psu question

    Never thought about the PSU issues. I've been mooching about looking to get my first c64 too. I have a retropoweredDC multi PSU for my NES, SNES, MD and N64 which is great plus cuts down on the number of wall warts needed. Can't believe there isn't something similar on the Commodore front, especially with such an active fan base. Still have a couple of Amiga's in the loft with their original PSU's too - guess I shouldn't run them anytime soon either!
  10. Ah, I was thinking there was a reason like prices being cheaper in the quarter after Christmas (when most folks have less disposable income for things like this).
  11. Almost literally bumped into Kim as I was walking out of Play Blackpool last month and she was walking in with a real head of steam. Don't know if she was heading off to b0llock someone or not but looked like it!
  12. new666uk

    SD2SNES - using saves and in game hooks

    ok, didn't know that but I am lazy and sit a long way from the console so resetting involves getting up off my arse - talk about first world problems.
  13. Hi all, Feel like a noob but I have an sd2snes card in my snes and seem to be struggling to get the in game hooks to work (like reset to menu). Recently updated to 1.8 to support saves but same issue there, none of the ingame hooks seem to do anything. Options in the config panel are on. I'm clearly missing something stupidly obvious. thanks Paul
  14. new666uk

    Play Expo - Blackpool 27 Oct

    +1 on the community aspect. Nice to be in an environment of like minded folks and see everyone enjoy themselves.

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