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  1. Apologies my sarcasm was pitched just a little too subtly. It was true I've only just found RA, listened to one about the Atari ST and after 70 mins they finally got round to talking about it. The audio quality was a bit off too, someone didn't have the levels set consistently so sections of dialogue were pretty quiet. Remember, us retro folk are old toom
  2. Bloody typical. Just as I discover RA to keep me company in the car, they announce "The End"
  3. That's the same machine I got when I started in arcade collecting. Bought a joblot off ebay for £500. Garlando fusboll table A fruit machine The cab above (in full working condition bar needing a bulb in the header. about 50 JAMMA pcb's Sold the fusbol table off the back of the van to next door and have sold on some of the games I don't want making back the £500. Still have some original, good value games: 1943 Kai, Galaxian, Mr Do! etc. To be honest it does take up room and I don't play it as much as my consoles and sooner or later I'll part with it. UKVac is good, jammaplus was too before sort of disappearing. Lot of clone / boot pcb's out there and do bear in mind most of this kit is 30 years old so relatively brittle. That said, I can't solder for sh!t and haven't had much of an issue over the years.
  4. Alcohol 120, pretty sure I still have that installed on my machine at home it's just become less and less relevant over the years. Didn't have a PC until early 2000's so missed most of these pirate CD's first time round but did hear about it from mates who had PC's of their own.
  5. Ironically as this was the 2005 show and damn near 15 years ago, it's almost become vintage in and of itself.
  6. Some impressive setups (and collections) but how many of you have managed to get your collection into the living room? Currently connected to the LR telly I have: x360, PS2, NES, SNES, Wii, Megadrive and a PC (mostly for home theatre than emu). The N64 is sat in a box feeling slightly underused. Front room (how posh are we having two receptions!) has an arcade cab with about 40 pcb's, a fruit machine, a gaming PC, Atari ST, Spectrum +2 and C64. The Amiga's are back in the loft where they belong (I'm going to get letters about that...!) SHMBO isn't necessarily a gamer but is 'relaxed' about my habit. Don't think I've missed anything other than a PSP but as the battery has popped again I don't use it.
  7. I've added myself as 4th as I'm sure there will be plenty who beat my score.
  8. I thought the same but he assures me it's a genuine one and that if he uses it in the PC it's perfectly fine.
  9. Damn you MagicalDrop! You've only gone and doubled my piddly little score! More practice needed!
  10. Someone at work asked me it I knew why he is getting corrupt data on a 64gb card. Is there a card size limit or has he just formatted it wrong? I dug mine out last night to check but only run an 8gb card and it's fine so I couldn't be much help. BTW - the ebay cheapo replacement battery I got 3 years ago to replace the original has also swelled up. Good that you can plug in the mains lead and play without a battery although that just makes it a PSP. Does anyone know why the batteries fail like that? The rechargeable battery in a 15year old Sony camera is just fine, it seems to be a particular PSP issue.
  11. Nice score! I fired up the cab last night and had a half hours play. Highest score I got was ~55000 and scene 5 I think. More practice needed but got frustrated and moved onto BombJack instead.
  12. Personally I just use a PS2 to HDMI that is powered of the spare (convenient) USB port on the PS2. Can't say I've noticed lag tbh.
  13. Got Wild Ride too as a jamma board but to be honest it's nowhere near as much fun as Mr Do! When I'm talking jamma boards I'm being inclusive to all the pre-jamma variants needing some really ugly DIY adaptors to make them fit. I imagine it was a real PITA back in the day as an operator with no standardisation in the connections to the cab and controls.
  14. Kind of looks like it's the only game they played. The label looks sun bleached too, not nicotine stained. Not sure if I should be impressed or not by the state of the cart.
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