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  1. Me too, probably saw you there. Talk about oaks from acorns. Great to see his hard work paying off. Need to visit a bit more often but life seems to get in the way sometimes.
  2. I think this was one of the adventures Bobby Paterson went on as the Computer Warrior in the Eagle comic strip. As comic book adverts for toys/games went it wasn't bad. Every few weeks he ended up 'inside' the computer playing a game from the then current charts for real.
  3. Hi. Got pulled in my the Amiga again. A1200 with a 4gb CF card running WHDLoad on WB3. I bought an 8mb upgrade so games would actually run but find some still did and wanted to replace them with fresh updated downloads. Can't seem to figure out how to get a game copied across. CF card in PC and I can open it in WinUAE If I add the zipped game in the emulated Df0 I get it on the virtual Amiga desktop but there are no contents, just the game. Tried reading forums and they boggled me mind. Is there a "tell me like I'm a 5yr old" guide somewher
  4. I took my Atari ST and a small TV with me when we went on a short break to Mount Zomba in Malawi. I remember thinking there would be nothing to do there so I'd better be prepared. Iirc it was over the President Day long weekend when everything shut. Does that count?
  5. The Fighting Fantasy one was Steve Jackson only and called FIST - Fantasy Interactive Scenario by Telephone or something. Careful which FIST premium number you dialled! I tried the fighting fantasy one secretly one day for a few minutes, can't say it was anything memorable and the fear as a 10 year old of getting busted by the parents put me off!
  6. Hah, I had mine go pop a few years back. I bought a couple of replacements (third party obviously) and they don't last long either. Inevitable I guess, at least with AA batteries on other systems you could easily (and frequently) swop them!
  7. Personally I'd be thinking this was closer to £65. More if boxed and with PSU. Alas I have a nice boxed complete one so not trying to knock you down, just give some advise.
  8. At first I was thinking "what a dick for being so sexist" then I got to the punchline.
  9. Isn't it just? I've been a Pc gamer for decades, still playing Unreal Tournament 99 online. Recently I've been playing x360 games and cant believe how compromised they are compared to PC when it comes to controls. There is something elegant about the flow and accuracy of a keyboard and mouse combo over the 'where am I aiming' randomness I experience on gamepads. For me, game pads are perfect in the 8 and 16bit era but as soon as 3d became prevalent they are a poor excuse needing assistance like auto aim. Makes me laugh that some PC gamers actually use joypads instead of
  10. Tell you what I noticed in that ad - the amount of women in prominent positions (nothing rude) - art, writing, publishing, marketing and so on. Glad to see there were areas of the gaming industry positively empowering women way back then.
  11. @SeanR I see what you did there Almost like crossing the streamers.
  12. Thats a fair stack of consoles but I'll see you and raise you my living room machines: NES SNES N64 Wii Megadrive PS2 xbox 360 HTPC with mame and a couple of other emu's. In the front room: Jamma arcade cabinet Fruit machine Spectrum 2+ Atari ST Amiga 1200 Gaming PC Other stuff in storage: Amiga 600 PSP Xbox Duplicates of several of the above lot (you know, for redundancy purposes). I think thats the lot but you just know in 5 minutes I'll remember another.
  13. Not a car boot but bought ThunderHawk for Amiga and got Dungeon Master for free. TH is boxed and complete, DM disc only but just what I needed to play this great game again.
  14. @mikejenkins like I said no offense intended. Good luck with the sales. Agreed with the many comments on condition of packaging massively influencing value perception. Dungeon Master was a awful pack design and someone should have been shot for that. It just seemed so flimsy even compared to similar packaged games like Elite. Personally I prefer to play the games more than just having a shelf full of pretty boxes so condition is not paramount.
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