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  1. Saturn games are semi regular at the boots I go to. Not unusual to see something every 4th or 5th boot. Having never had one or even played on one I've no particular interest unless things are dirt cheap.
  2. I read it last week and to be honest was a bit underwhelmed. It was a little too one dimensional for me and perhaps I missed the point somewhere but it didn't seem to deliver any enjoyment. The characters were too flat, I didn't feel anything for them at all. Short stories can be tricky - you need brevity but also enough to convey emotion to the reader. Sexual politics aside (I've no agenda one way or the other, take each person as I find them) it wasn't one I'd personally recommend.
  3. What? wait! You played Tifa? OMG. I'm such a fan and your hair in that was like, totally amaze-balls!
  4. Fully agree. Peter F. Hamilton is both great at big thinking / world building but also loves a meander into quint and pointless sidings. He clearly references things he's comfortable and happy with like Rutland but sometimes all this quaint-ness takes away from the story. Perhaps he really needs a good supporting editor / publisher who can constructively help him trim these behemoths down to mammoth size. When he's good he's up there with the best, but sometimes there is too much filler in between the good stuff to endure.
  5. Nice find getting FF7. I spent hours on that game back in the day. One of the better ones imo.
  6. Sorry. I only posted it to show it took all of 10 seconds to Google what you wanted. Good luck.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pack-of-50-Mylites-2-Mil-Mylar-Sheet-Music-Large-Magazine-Bags-sleeves-/311441813166
  8. Exactly that. At least I'm not the only one seeing it.
  9. Controversially, are all the main characters still male?
  10. Anyone know why the character in the F-Zero box is a rip off of a Judge?
  11. There is nothing on Andy's map south of Birmingham other than the words "here be dragons"
  12. Briefly considers changing username to Magoo666uk...
  13. Yeah, the plethora of systems creates an issue. Wonder if there is a possibility of a modular solution where the console side connectors can be changed and use a common HDMI side...I did get a DCPowered solution for power. One brick that can run all three of the above. It would even run a MD Tower of Power if I had one. Really cuts down on the clutter. I'm always a bit suspicious when folks tell me their new wonder cable makes 1985 console output so impressive your eyes will bleed and still thank you for it. Just feels a bit Emperors New Clothes to me but each to their own. I respect that people are putting the time and effort into making these and keeping the retro scene moving.
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