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  1. Megadrive PSU replacement options

    Thanks. Was aware of the signal noise issue from 'dirty' supplies hence looking for a recommendation. I can't be the only person with multi consoles to power or a dead PSU.
  2. Megadrive PSU replacement options

    Additionally, I have a NES, SNES, N64, Wii, PS2 andI360 so a universal solution would be awesome. Anything to reduce the clutter but mainly to get the negative running again.
  3. Hi all. Been having some intermittent problems with my mk1 megadrives power supply but seems to have died now. Is there anywhere people recommend for replacements? Seen plenty online and the ampage seems to vary. I run an Everdrive which I understand prefers more power so am I better going from the standard 1.2amp to 1.5amp like this one Here Thanks all.
  4. Knightmare Teletext game

    Hahaha. I lasted about 10 screens! Forgot all about these. Anyone remember the FIST from Games Workshop? Premium phone number gaming..
  5. Awesome, thanks. Pretty much what I thought but could be an expensive mistake...
  6. Hi, Just as the title says - are games from UK SNES / Megadrive compatible with a machine from South Africa (and of course vice-versa)? On holiday there later this year and just in case I happen to stumble upon some retro kit is it worth getting? We lived there when I was a kid and I remember bringing things like VCR's back to the UK so assume it's all PAL format. thanks Paul
  7. Without any real sense of scale that just looked like a cock ring as I was scrolling through the messages. What a relieve that no colleague saw it and thought I was breaking the NSFW policy.
  8. It's £64.95 and she's taken the monitor out of the price it seems as it's in poor condition. https://www.gumtree.com/e/amstrad-cpc-464-computer-modulator-20-games-joystick/v1|142495793505|0
  9. Superb find - where were these? Bootie or facebook? Never seem to have any luck
  10. Only did the one boot over the long weekend and wished I hadn't. There early doors - traders still setting up in places. Nothing of any interest and even managed to get called a scavenger by one bloke rummaging through a traders boxes as he was unloading. I'd only started browsing because he was there and the trader hadn't shooed him away. Cheeky cnut. Would have laid into him but it's too early for that sh!t. Becoming more despondent with boots - it's all either traders at ebay prices or utter crap like laundry powder, kids clothes and car tools.
  11. Just picked up a set of Bose Acoustimass 3 speakers and subwoofer. If I'm lucky I'll get another set the same in a few weeks. Whoop!
  12. Sounds fair for these bundles. Some fun games there - Crazy Taxi and Simpsons.
  13. No complaints on mine but it's a PSP 3000. I run NES, Megadrive and SNES on it although since getting all those consoles again haven't played it much of late.

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