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  1. I'd thought about going but none of my mates or family are all that bothered about retro so I'd be Billy-no-mates if I did. I think Andy is probably filling the gap created by there not being any Play events this year which is good both for the community and Arcade Club.
  2. Not that I'm aware of. I did an update last night and having only played a couple of games it seems fine. I just need to figure out setting up Spectrum controls which constantly baffles me.
  3. But isn't Fifa 23 just around the corner? I heard it's gonna look awesome!
  4. Kind of makes you wonder how the new gen consoles became successful. Often relying on wringing out franchises (no creativity), focus on graphics over gameplay, the move to medialess formats (essentially GaaS so no secondary market), micro transactions or DLC for what should just have been part of the base game, and interminable download / update cycle, etc. etc. Doesn't feel like progress really. I guess when you're a kid you're much more easily marketed to by the game companies and enough many families having more disposable income to support the industry than when I was a kid the proliferation of mediocrity persists. In my childhood, someone getting a new console or game was 'a thing', something special. Not everyone got the latest console for Christmas. I wasn't into gaming back in the 80's market crash but understand that was brought on by a flood of poor quality content into the market that undermined consumer confidence. Wonder if we're tracking in the same direction now?
  5. The arcade version, via emulator unless you're lucky to have the cab. I've been getting into this on my new Anbernic handheld and I was recently at Arcade Club playing it on a proper cab. Always thought it was a cutesy kids game but now see it's a challenging platformer.
  6. Frontier Elite II or Dungeon Master
  7. Good find! I've been looking for a cheap kindle for ages but no joy round my way. Just wanted something I can go to the beach with and not worry if some scrote nicks it.
  8. Hi. Has anyone tried the Bob351 all in one disk image for the rg351mp? From what I see its preset with working roms for multiple systems but I don't know if that extends to the controls being configured properly. I haven't grabbed it yet as my first looks appears to be a torrent and I don't bother grabbing things in such a slow way anymore.
  9. Exactly this. I dont mind a bit of tinkering but some of this is just unfinished. I'd love a bit of Chuckie Egg on this.
  10. Exactly my experience. Somethings are fine but more misses than hits from a control perspective. Similar issue on Amiga and Atari ST stuff which is equally frustrating. I did wonder if there was a pre configures image of 351elec with the controls setup already but never found one.
  11. Yeah, that is a bit frustrating. I still have a few systems to populate fully. BTW, can anyone steer me to a suitable source of Spectrum images that work on Anbernics? I have a 351MP. I've got some but many either don't work or get to a start screen and I can't set controls. I've amended them to Kempston (and all the others) but still have many none workers
  12. Went to my first boot this year on Sunday. Somewhat disappointing, I always feel bank holiday boots attract more private sellers but that wasn't the case. Came away empty handed but did see: Atari ST magazines complete with cover discs. I don't need the clutter so left those although a decent, rarish find. Trader with dozens of retro games, N64, mega drive etc. All heavily sun bleached. Couple of og Xbox and Wii. I have these already so moved on. C64 and Amiga power transformer / footwarmer. The Amiga one was heavily yellowed and I doubted it would work. The one thing I did consider was a home made Retropi setup in a 2 player pedestal unit (just needed plugging into a TV). £50 and I was tempted to get it to replace the full sized arcade cabinet I sold last year but reality (where do I have a spare screen, where will it live) prevailed. All I really wanted was a cheap older kindle for reading on the beach but nearest thing was a nook (remember those kids)? Not seen adverts for a BH Monday one locally so had a lie in instead.
  13. Bit unsure if I should start watching this. What do you think?
  14. Frontier Elite II. Added so much more to the original Elite whilst retaining the core game.
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