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  1. Kind of the same. I do most of the cooking and we make a menu of what we want the for the week ahead and then anything we need specifically for it goes on the lost along with replacement things (as in when you've used the last of something it goes on the list). We find this was there is very little food waste as we buy exactly what we plan to use. Of course the list is split between cold / fruit & veg / meat & fish and ambient. I hate ending up at one side of the store only to remember I need some veggies from the first aisle. I'm not crazy enough to alphabetise or sort by
  2. @dumpster jealous you found a 3dsxl for £50, I've got my eye out for one too but never seem to spot deals like that. What are the batteries like? I had a PSP and have had batteries swelling and popping and am kind of wary of getting yet another device that will become pretty useless (or reliant on questionable Chinese knock off batteries).
  3. Playing with fire now I know but was the fancy pants Amiga way any better than the ST and PC way?
  4. HeroQuest and Warhammer you say? I'm selling that sort of stuff atm but here's what I plan to wear for my next boot.
  5. 21 years old? I have t-shirts older than that so it can't be retro can it?
  6. Watched the first 3 so far and enjoying it. Some powerful moments where there is little to no dialogue and no music which really had some punch to them and felt like they conveyed genuine tension instead of that...pause for the count of five... crap on a lot of other shows. The saddest part was that this is all well within my lifetime (I was about 10 or 12 when the AIDS monolith advert came out) and looking back at the prevailing attitudes from the establishment and people in general is still painful to see.
  7. @Nathan Wind It's the Discovery pack if I remember correctly. Still have the box in the loft but the ST itself is currently under my desk so I can plug it in for quick blasts on Wizball. I've had it since new, probably 1988 or so and it's totally stock. It's the 520STFM model. I was actually pulling Anne Summers leg when I suggested it but to be honest I probably would part with it. I should also say I have a pile of boxed games and plenty of 'blank' discs for both.
  8. @Anne Summers sorry I wasn't clear but yes, I would sell the a1200. Let me know and I can take some pics for you.
  9. Fair enough. I hear you on the pricing. So much of my childhood was sold for pennies, given away or just thrown out in those dips when something just a little old becomes worthless. If I'd known then about the fall and then rise in retro/collectible/gaming stuff I'd be a wealthy man now! The a600 I've had since new, can't quite remember when, probably early 90's. I then wanted a hard drive so bought an a1200 model. It's not boxed but I decided to reacquaint myself with it and bought a CF card and ram upgrade to run WHDLoad. These seem to go for more like £300+ though. Again if you'
  10. I hadn't thought too much about it but looking at sold listings on eBay the Wet and Wild boxed A600s go for about £200. If you're interested I can get it out, check it works and get you some pics. We can go from there. Appreciate if it is not what you were looking to spend. Unboxed bare ones seem to be £125 or there abouts.
  11. @Anne Summers what are you looking for? Buy or sell? I recommend amibay but if you're looking to buy I might look at selling one of mine.
  12. 8 posts in 6 months and all pretty much the same. I hate putting newbies down on forums so hopefully this is just someone who doesn't get the etiquette of the forum and it's not representative of their normal style. I'm sure @Old Nerd will take a more contributory part in the conversation and not just shout his promo's.
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