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  1. Not actually an old shop but there is a place in Birmingham called Entertainment World that would put many shops back in the day to shame. I went in there recently and it's a genuine experience - everything from He-man figures to MASK to a whole range of retro consoles. Prices seemed there or there abouts but they didn't have any Spectrum hardware which is what I was after on the day.
  2. Ok, last night's update. I'd cleaned the tape head the night before and that now loads games (or at least the couple I tried). Fixed. Cleaned the membrane and keyboard all seems to work although playing Knightmare the controls were all over the shop. Do things like the Graphic or Extend mode keys affect in game controls? Should all games have keyboard controls? Work in progress... Opened the joystick and suspect the down pad on the PCB is dead and possibly a short on one fire button registering as constantly pressed hence the sound I was hearing. My error, it wasn't a buzz but the sound of a key/button being held down. Silly question but when there are multiple games on a cassette and no counter on the tape drive how do you find a program that's part way through the tape? Trial and error? More work to follow no doubt.
  3. Thanks, I cleaned the head with some IPA last night but didn't get to try it out as it was getting late. I'll see tonight if that helped. The joystick one is a puzzle. It's the official Sinclair one that came bundled in the box from new. I need to open it up tonight and check it's not faulty/shorting etc. There will come a day when I can actually get this running I'm sure, it's just a bit frustrating chasing issues one after the other.
  4. So, my Spectrum 128 +2A arrived. Original PSU was only outputting a single 12v so wouldn't boot. After a very kind offer from gone fishin' and my brothers help I now have a cisco router PSU that has a shiny new 6 pin DIN connector on it and works. It was a right sod to do and that's from an electrical engineer. In the end, he soldered some smaller wire 'tails' to the 6 pin DIN and then soldered those to the exposed cables in the lead from the PSU. They are pretty chunky wires to solder directly to the DIN. Speccy powers up and I learn it's a 2A not the B I originally thought. Try a tape (thanks again gone fishin'). Starts loading but fails to complete - the tape ran out despite being game 1 of 2 on that side. Tried another and eventually the screen stopped flashing and it failed to load. I noticed an issue with the cursors not working and stripped out the membrane, cleaned with electrical contact cleaner and it worked briefly. There is also an issue with a Sinclair joystick in port 1 or 2 producing a buzzing noise until a direction or the fire button is pressed. Not sure if related to the keyboard issue. So that's where I'm at so far. Any suggestions welcome and I'll keep playing with it till it works (the Speccy - get your mind out the gutter).
  5. Hit two boots on Sunday. Nothing worth taking home. Saw 5 or 6 classic xboxes which I thought was unusual (one stall had 4 stacked up) and a nice condition, boxed PS3 for £40. Better luck next time.
  6. Dug my ST out on Monday after a good 20 years in storage and it fired up and read disks straight away #impressed
  7. But as we all know all these mini systems end up with a hack and library of great games / roms installed. Also with so many comments I can see there is an interest too. Having started this topic off I had my mind in ST mode and dug mine out of the loft last night. Opened it up and cleaned the dust bunnies and outer case then powered it up. It's been sat idle for 25+ year and fired straight up. Played a handful of discs at random, all A-OK. Can't find my boxed copies of Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes back - might be in the parents loft. Got plenty of other games to play for now.
  8. Ok, interesting feedback. Thanks all. I could just setup my original hardware but faffing with a huge stack of discs is a pita. For me I prefer original hardware with the modern convenience of an SD card or similar. Emulation, especially the Amiga for some reason just isn't convenient. Getting it configured on the couple of times I've bothered was a real ball ache. Oh, well, let's just see what the future holds...
  9. With man + dog getting in on the act resurrecting old systems so we think there will ever be an Amiga or Atari ST mini? I know there is the Mister but that's pretty expensive. I've have one of each as getting Amiga's to run games off a WHDLoad is a poor experience unless you have the extra RAM to cover the overhead of WHD (which I don't). Thoughts?
  10. Yeah I only got the multi meter on mine as the 128 +2 has a non standard PSU. If I had one like yours my multi device PSU from retrodcpowered would work fine. Looks in good condition, keep us posted on getting it running!
  11. Sold! PM me your details and I'll PayPal you. Was slightly disappointed the PSU was dead as the rest of the kit is all in really nice condition. I guess that's what 30 years wear on a cheaply made PSU does. Thanks!
  12. Well I can just about get two wires to hold together but more useful is that my brother is an electrical engineer so can solder far better than me. Heard about the Cisco router PSU as an option and could probably cope with soldering the 6 wires in the DIN (probably won't do the inline switch). Bit annoyed as I have a multi device PSU from retrodcpowered which will do other Spectrums but not the +2 oddball. What do you want for the Cisco?
  13. So, an update now I've had chance to mess with it. All in good cosmetic order and appears to be a +2b issue 2.Tried the PSU on the multimeter and looks like only one of the 12v lines is working so it won't power up. Checked the plug and rewired it to be nearer. Swopped the 13amp fuse to 3a. Inspected both the fuses in the PSU and they are fine. Nothing else seems amiss. Starting to run out of electrical skill but did some continuity testing (PSU unplugged) to try and identify anything on the board that's dead and nothing obvious. Stuck for now. Worst case is fabricating a PSU from an old PC but that's another project. Any immediate ideas on what to try?
  14. Double fantastic! It's one of this weekends projects. There are a couple of cassettes with it so I should be able to get the tape working. I'll probably crack the case and look inside first for any nastiness and give it all a good clean. Whilst I'm inside I'll not exactly which model it is. This thread seems to have really sprung to life - lotta speccy love out there still I see.
  15. Fantastic - thanks for the detailed info gone fishin'. It's a black model 128 +2 in Action Pack form with gun etc. Ghostbusters is on the list definitely! I also remember Target Renegade and Trapdoor on my mates 128. I've not looked so it might be obvious but does the DivMMC also allow and form of save states? Things like Fantastic Dizzy I'll never finish in one sitting.
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