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  1. @MikeBeaver Pics or it never happened - you know the rules!
  2. I can't believe you actually got that. TBH I couldn't get past looking at her arse cheek
  3. I can't see as there are two inconsiderate people in the way.
  4. Depends on who's asking. The correct answer is of course "Yes".
  5. It's all about licensing isn't it? They don't stream it because the target audience is too limited to spend the money acquiring the license to do so. Besides, with streaming subscription services you'll never own them anyways. Buy 'em whilst they're cheap. Personally I gave up on physical media years ago, it's just clutter. Bar certain retro video games I like to have or vinyl, I just grab other games, movies and music from a bbs and store on a media PC.
  6. I'm currently up to Cibola Burn and struggling to get into it so far (I'm at chapter 6). Out of curiosity why are the book titles referencing things not mentioned in the story? I don't recall any Caliban character. Is it just a cryptic reference?
  7. I heard about those and was looking for some 128 releases but certainly struggled. ROM's and the like have become increasingly difficult to locate...
  8. On this recommendation I fired up True Lies on the Everdrive. What a surprisingly nice game it is. Just a bit slow paced as commented and from the first few levels very much a go here, get this, bring there sort of affair.
  9. Ignore me - I've been a complete 'tard. In the interests of being honest I'll confess I hadn't realised the red/ green light was also a button. Like a noob I kept hitting the reset button and only discovered when my finger slipped onto the other by mistake. #HowDumbAmI?
  10. Hi all, So I got a DIVMMC from The Future Was 8 Bit and have tried it on my +2. It boots to the exsDOS on the first powerup and then seems to crash to a white screen with "Copyright 1982 Amstrad" A reset just goes to the same but without the initial boot to exsDOS and in both cases the indicator is lit up RED. The card and device both came from TFW8B so I assume the card is configured correctly. I can use the card on PC just fine. I opened the Spectrum and cleaned the edge connectors (both sides) with IPA. Any suggestions on what might be wrong and how to fix gratefully received.
  11. Aren't there laws about taking pictures of people without them knowing. Still, I assume she's hot so post away! (just for the sake of clarity, I'm being tongue in cheek)
  12. Hi Interested in one of the Ticket to Ride games - what are you looking for cash wise please? thanks Paul
  13. Slightly off topic but still retro. 10 years ago, walking past a charity shop I see a plastic tub full of books outside. They all had a familiar green spine... Picked up the lot, walked in and offered them a tenner for the tub full of Fighting Fantasy books. Read / played them and eventually sold on for about £80 iirc. Currently looking for my third set of FF books...
  14. Happened to wake at 0615 on Sunday. Got up, had a wee, looked out the curtains and climbed back into bed. House alarm went off at 0730 then I slept through till almost 1000 so no boots for me this weekend.
  15. Not actually an old shop but there is a place in Birmingham called Entertainment World that would put many shops back in the day to shame. I went in there recently and it's a genuine experience - everything from He-man figures to MASK to a whole range of retro consoles. Prices seemed there or there abouts but they didn't have any Spectrum hardware which is what I was after on the day.
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