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  1. I recently received a code for a digital copy of Hellboy Short Stories: Volume 1 as part of a Kickstarter, but I already have it. Would anyone like the code? It has to be used on the Dark Horse digital store (so no good for Comixology).
  2. Jedi Fallen Order (Series X) I really want to love this, and it really nails the Star Wars feel in places, but the game just isn't clicking. Some seem to love it but the controls, especially combat, just feel unresponsive and slow, not the feeling I'm looking for when playing a Jedi.
  3. As others have said Forza Horizon 4 looks stunning, but the I've found the reduced load times to be a game changer. I used to just stick to one or two cars as I couldn't be bothered waiting through the load screens whenever I switched cars. Now it's just a few seconds, really makes a difference.
  4. Hi all, my wife has fallen in love with this game but doesn't have any switch friends, if anyone wants to visit her island she would love some visitors, though she's still early in the game as our daughter absorbs most of our time. I've added her details to the Google sheets file but fyi her friend code is SW-8343-9911-0515, feel free to add her. Currently trying to farm iron nuggets to open the first shop but it's taking a while!
  5. Oxenfree I had no idea what to expect from this, but was pleasantly surprised. The game is essentially a walking sim, but you're in almost constant conversation and the choices you make will affect the ending. Unlike a lot of dialogue trees this flowed really naturally, and the game took a few interesting turns, though I'm not entirely sure how some of my actions resulted in the ending I achieved. There was some collectables guff but I ignored that and found the game ended at just the right time. Titanfall 2 Finally got round to playing this after hearing nothing but praise for the campaign and absolutely loved it. Nothing quite beats the feeling of wall running across a chasm, jumping on to a new platform and introducing an unwitting enemy to your shotgun mid leap. Every level felt fresh and the short campaign length was perfect. Previously:
  6. Hi all, thought I would start posting in this thread as it seems a good way to track the year's gaming. Still quite a short list given its July though... What remains of Edith Finch I haven't played many walking simulators but quite enjoyed this. The way the narrative style changed for different family members was quite cool, and by the end I was quite fond of this strange family. Forza Horizon 4 + Fortune Island DLC So I haven't actually cleared every single challenge, but have invested quite a bit of time and am including this in the completed pile. One of the things I really liked was how you're free to play the game as best suits you, for example I tended to focus more on off-road races but avoided super cars like the plague. One side effect does seem to be a lack of structure in the single player campaign, but it's a minor price to pay and I'll definitely be checking out the new Lego DLC. Abzu Fun little scuba diving game in the same vein as Journey, not something I would generally buy but saw this on Game Pass and thought I would give it a whirl. While it's not quite on par with Journey there are some lovely moments and I enjoyed the few hours I spent with it.
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