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  1. Oh I love games court! It's a nice to chance to hear about games that wouldn't come up otherwise, and has some genuine laughs (Michael Caine and the water tanks still raises a smile). As with any podcast there's the occasional episode that doesn't do it for me, but I've found it's not the ones I was expecting. When the Lucasarts adventure game episode dropped I was a bit meh, but it turned into one of my favourite episodes.
  2. Managed to complete a few games over the last few months, but haven't managed to post anything due to reasons (laziness). 5. Sonic Mania Loved the Sonic games as a kid, so was looking forward to this one. It was good, but it didn't click with me the way it has for some people. It's a great Sonic game, I think my own tastes have just changed is all. 6. Streets of Rage 4 After being let down by Sonic nostalgia I wasn't expecting much from another Mega-Drive era series, and sure enough bounced off this when I first played. However I gave it another shot and ended up loving it! It's a great update that still feels like Streets of Rage, while making some fun additions to the gameplay. Donovan is still a knob. 7. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Pretty good, I preferred Streets of Rage but still glad I played this. It probably shines in local multiplayer, but I'm a lonely boy so haven't been able give that a go. 8. Kirby and the Forgotten Land This was great, loads of fun ideas and utterly joyful. My wife did ask why Kirby would sometimes eat a dog, only to then use the corpse as ammo, but we'll gloss over that. Joyful.
  3. 3. Inside (Switch) I went into this pretty blind, having not played Limbo or read much about either game. I saw Inside going cheap in a sale and it had decent review scores, so gave it a go. I guess it's a puzzle-platformer game, but a lot of the focus is on the unsettling world around you and trying to understand what's happening. On the whole I enjoyed it, nothing was too frustrating and I ended up googling different theories about the game's setting, which is a good sign. Doubt I will go back to get the extra collectables though. 4. Murder by Numbers (Switch) This was fun. It's a picross game that also works as a visual novel (I guess, I haven't actually played any). You play as a soap star who makes friends with a robot, and together you solve crimes by completing picross puzzles. It's not going to win any prizes for its narrative, but the characters were likeable and helped give a sense of progress that might otherwise be lacking in a picross game. One criticism I would have is that the game unlocks bonus puzzles based on your rank for solving each case, however, you only unlock all the available puzzles by getting an S rank. If you fail you need to play the case again. I finished with all A ranks, so to get the extra puzzles I'd need to repeat the whole campaign which must be at least 20 hours. Big nope on that one, but otherwise a lot of fun and one I would recommend.
  4. I definitely game less, as it's pretty much restricted to the evenings once my daughter is in bed, and has to compete for time with a myriad of other priorities. I also tend to focus on the Switch as I find it easier to pick up and play using the handheld mode, so much so that I sold my Series X as it just wasn't being used... I enjoy games a lot more now though. I'm not sure if my tastes have changed, but now I only play stuff I'm enjoying. If a game is boring or frustrating me I'll just let it go or look up a walkthrough.
  5. Caveat - I barely play multiplayer as my friends are losers aren't into gaming, so probably not the best placed to answer. Thought I'd add my 2 cents anyway. I have a Pro controller and use it whenever playing in docked mode, I find it a massive improvement on the joycons + grip combo so would recommend one. For multiplayer I think you have to be mindful of what games you want it for though, I think most should be fine but anything that relies on motion controls might be problematic (I think Super Mario Party is designed to work with a single joycon for example). Bit of a sidenote, but if you play in handheld mode a lot I'd recommend a Hori Split Pad Pro. It only works in handheld mode (so useless for multiplayer), has no rumble and looks a bit ridiculous, but I found it made playing in handheld way more comfortable.
  6. After struggling to get into games over the last year or so, I've been having a Switch driven renaissance. 1. OlliOlli World Absolutely loved this one. I played one of the earlier OlliOlli games and while I enjoyed it, I didn't progress far as I lacked the skill to nail all the mechanics. OlliOlli World gets around this by keeping the mechanics, but making some of them optional, for example you don't have to nail a perfect landing, but it can affect your score. I long ago accepted I'm unlikely to git gud at gaming, so I've been able to enjoy the world and get to the credits by completing the bare minimum. The world itself has been graphically overhauled and oozes charm, and after the credits roll there are still a load of challenges to complete that should be good to work through in short bursts. Recommended. 2. Metroid Dread This was my first Metroid game. I was a little intimidated going in as I'd read the game was quite difficult, and I did frequently get Samus killed, but the difficulty always felt fair. I think it also helped that being killed doesn't send you miles back to repeat large chunks of the game over and over, instead you just respawn at the end of the previous room and try again. The E.M.M.I.s seem a bit divisive online. They weren't my favourite part of the game (I enjoyed the boss battles far more), but they added some suspense and helped break the game up, especially towards the end when Samus had turned into a bad-ass and I could sprint past most enemies without any fear. They really nailed the feel of controlling Samus, and the game was just the right length clocking in at 9 hours. Really enjoyed this one as well.
  7. I recently received a code for a digital copy of Hellboy Short Stories: Volume 1 as part of a Kickstarter, but I already have it. Would anyone like the code? It has to be used on the Dark Horse digital store (so no good for Comixology).
  8. Jedi Fallen Order (Series X) I really want to love this, and it really nails the Star Wars feel in places, but the game just isn't clicking. Some seem to love it but the controls, especially combat, just feel unresponsive and slow, not the feeling I'm looking for when playing a Jedi.
  9. As others have said Forza Horizon 4 looks stunning, but the I've found the reduced load times to be a game changer. I used to just stick to one or two cars as I couldn't be bothered waiting through the load screens whenever I switched cars. Now it's just a few seconds, really makes a difference.
  10. Hi all, my wife has fallen in love with this game but doesn't have any switch friends, if anyone wants to visit her island she would love some visitors, though she's still early in the game as our daughter absorbs most of our time. I've added her details to the Google sheets file but fyi her friend code is SW-8343-9911-0515, feel free to add her. Currently trying to farm iron nuggets to open the first shop but it's taking a while!
  11. Oxenfree I had no idea what to expect from this, but was pleasantly surprised. The game is essentially a walking sim, but you're in almost constant conversation and the choices you make will affect the ending. Unlike a lot of dialogue trees this flowed really naturally, and the game took a few interesting turns, though I'm not entirely sure how some of my actions resulted in the ending I achieved. There was some collectables guff but I ignored that and found the game ended at just the right time. Titanfall 2 Finally got round to playing this after hearing nothing but praise for the campaign and absolutely loved it. Nothing quite beats the feeling of wall running across a chasm, jumping on to a new platform and introducing an unwitting enemy to your shotgun mid leap. Every level felt fresh and the short campaign length was perfect. Previously:
  12. Hi all, thought I would start posting in this thread as it seems a good way to track the year's gaming. Still quite a short list given its July though... What remains of Edith Finch I haven't played many walking simulators but quite enjoyed this. The way the narrative style changed for different family members was quite cool, and by the end I was quite fond of this strange family. Forza Horizon 4 + Fortune Island DLC So I haven't actually cleared every single challenge, but have invested quite a bit of time and am including this in the completed pile. One of the things I really liked was how you're free to play the game as best suits you, for example I tended to focus more on off-road races but avoided super cars like the plague. One side effect does seem to be a lack of structure in the single player campaign, but it's a minor price to pay and I'll definitely be checking out the new Lego DLC. Abzu Fun little scuba diving game in the same vein as Journey, not something I would generally buy but saw this on Game Pass and thought I would give it a whirl. While it's not quite on par with Journey there are some lovely moments and I enjoyed the few hours I spent with it.
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