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  1. Hi All Was listening to the Maximum Power Up podcast with Martyn Carroll https://www.maximumpowerup.com/episode-102-martyn-carroll-interview/ He mentioned that his replacement at RG (Darren who I believe is on here as @strider ) used to do the Retro Section at GamesTM around the same time Martyn was editing RG. That made me remember I never ever saw the Reto Sections of GamesTM, or really read mag at all. Also recalled there was a DVD eMag of first 50 issues of GamesTM. So 1. Would that include Retro Sections? 2. Where would I grab it from -
  2. Oi! Non-modded PS2. Wouldn't know where to start tbh Also have an unmodded Wii and see that has options too. Or maybe I'll play some OLD OLD games now MAME's up and running LOL
  3. Hi @Treble thanks for taking the time to reply to my somewhat tongue-in-cheek PS2 emu query Stats of the aformentioned POS laptop are as per below: Model: ThinkPad L440 Processor: INTEL I5-4200M Graphics : INTEGRATED RAM Size: 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 500GB System: WINDOWS 10 HOME I'll be interested in what I can squeeze out of it. I do have a real PS2 so no worries there Thanks again
  4. Wow! Thanks @dumpster that's all really useful stuff Great news re. ' Most pads are plug and play on windows 10'. I looked out my trusty old Saitek P880 circa 2004 and found an old portable hard drive with my MAME on (0.128 (I got a full ROM set on DVD back in like 2008 or something)). As a test I booted up Robtron and.........YES! So that's Arcade pretty much sorted - though your ideas below are ones I need to try: 'Viva Nonno' - I had this years ago but was a bit crappy - Maybe my 'new' & 'mighty' i5 can improve it for me I will certainly d
  5. Also. This newer laptop is Win10, old old MAME Laptop is XP. How easy is it to get Plug & Play pads in PS configuration (I hate offset Analogue Sticks on an XBox controller). I had/have an old Saitek pad somewhere that was great-Hoping that may work....?
  6. Hi All I've just grabbed a 2nd hand laptop - no great shakes just a i5 4th Gen old corporate workhorse. I want to get it up and running for retro games . My first thought is MAME - I can move my existing set-up across but it's pretty old (0.139 ROMs) so is it worth upgrading? Heard about MESS and Groovy Mame and all sorts of other stuff. Never installed DAPHNE successfully - any tips on that would be appreciated. Are there any other recomendations on good stuff to give a go? Obsure vector emus, etc. I'm more of a comput
  7. I'll believe you - £15 certainly steeeeep!
  8. I'm going in on it. But the £15.00 P&P did make me wince a little...
  9. Snap to never having heard of it. Will seek it out
  10. Saw that in RG mag - VERY impressive port! PB Dreams, Fantasies, Illusions blwe me away on the Amiga back in the early 90s. But I also had a love for the real thing - As that was just when the classic early WMS DMD tabes were coming out too: T2, TAF, HSII, etc. Great times - I was more ito the pinballs that the fighting games - so everyone queuing for SFII suited me.....I just earned replays
  11. Defo going to grab a copy - I had no idea it'd been reprinted! (Thanks) I have 'Art Of Atari' - got it for £14 including an official Atari Logo tee (bargain). It's good - But a bit 2600/VCS heavy for me - Wish it was more Arcade focused. A book I do want - But again bit pricey (even as an ebook) is: 'The Sega Arcade Revolution: A History in 62 Games' https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DWB5KXY/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
  12. TBF I've always been looked after-Replacement issues for lost and damaged, etc
  13. They didn't make much of an effort with the 'EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBER COVERS!!!!' this month Spot the difference....
  14. Hi All Related to mags - tenuously. I have a load of PDFs of mags - RG off th old DVDs, and early Edge courtesy of deKay amongst others. My laptop is dying and iffy battery, and phone Android screen too small. But I have an old iPad - but it's a bugger getting things across. Anyone had any experience using one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4in1-Lightning-Micro-USB-Type-C-Micro-SD-TF-Card-Reader-for-iPhone-Android-PC-UK/143341579188?hash=item215fd2ebb4:m:mr3_tepnafxI4k4_y3g3eIw Hoping I can just dump across and read in a better siz
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