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  1. I love a bit of PS3 'Sega Rally' - Has the courses from the 'Sega Rally 3' arcade cab that I played ALOT
  2. Cheers, I'll hang on a bit and keep my eye out
  3. Had to buy a copy of eBay as my sub had run out. Looks a good one - Interested in next month's Top Lightgun Games feature too. Any tips on a good subscription deal - no ftreebies, just cheap? All the ones I've seen are like £50+ - I've never paid much over £40 I don't think Links/Pointers appreciated - PS. Want a physical copy rather than digital Thanks, Andy
  4. Yeah do tell. I'll take a look though. As feel PS2 woefully under represented
  5. Mine arrived late, well after Xmas. Not dug in yet, I seem to have got behind.....again
  6. Great thread this - I need to look into setting up an Emu to play some old faves This is a good story on a techy hack - Seems they knew the seed of the RNG in particular Aussie machines: https://yesnocasino.com/casino-cheats/slot-machines-cracked-russian-hackers-no-fix/
  7. +1 for the standard covers - Though occasionally the sub ones shine. Wish they'd let some digital artists loose to do some sub covers as it invariably hand drawn/painted stuff that gets a bit samey IMHO
  8. Apologies, bad form - I should know better Letting my Ridge Racer excitement get the better of me
  9. Hi there - I'm now sweet (albeit with US version) I found this 'For Dummies' guide to Duck Station that worked PERFECTLY for me...LOL https://fantasyanime.com/emuhelp/duckstation Plays OK - Even on my shitty ANCIENT Thinkpad - I'm both surprised and pleased
  10. Up for giving this a blast. Can anyone recommend (PM if neccessary) a good safe site/source of ROMs (especially interested in Ridge Racer Revolution (Europe). Many TIA
  11. Anyone else?
  12. tbh - though I could certainly do no better - I feel the KOF illustration on the subs' cover is a bit....well sub par. This seems to be the case with quite a few of them - the PoP one also springs to mind
  13. I've just started 'Missile Commander' at the weekend - Great read - Interesting illustrations/photos too
  14. Hi All I've just finished 'Jacked' by David Kushner on GTA (upto GTA IV) Was an OK read - could have been better but I enjoyed it. Anyone read his 'Masters of Doom'? Any good? I have got Tony Temple's 'Missile Commander' to go next. But wondered if anyone could throw some recommendations my way for some summer Retro Game/Tech Themed garden reading with a beer Many TIA
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