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  1. Huntdown. It might be the best run and gun shooter ever made. Criminally overlooked.
  2. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's not someone choosing PlayStation over Xbox that I find weird. I get why the PS4 exclusives are held in such high regard, why they'd be more appealing to someone based on their tastes and why their host system would be more popular. I also don't care about how well any of the big players do beyond the very unlikely scenario of a console tanking so hard that the games dry up completely. What baffles me is I don't know how someone gets to the point where gaming is a big enough deal that they're writing articles about it but they wind up with such a narrow range of wha
  3. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm not sure if the type of prestige titles that Sony offered last gen do carry more weight than Fifa / Madden / COD / Fortnite etc. But then there's no pressing need to upgrade to play any of those. They're a big draw, but outside of the Demon's Souls remake Sony don't have any either until some nebulous point in the future. It's an odd start to the generation...
  4. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I find it genuinely confusing that someone who cares enough about games to write about giving up on them can't find games to play on game pass, let alone on Xbox in general. The only way it makes sense to me is if someone only played lavish first party, third person action games. No shooters, no RPGs, no sports or driving games, no mid tier or indie stuff, no third party AAA games. No PC gaming. No switch. It's a nonsense position to take. Unless you're stuck for a column to write. EDIT: So I sat and read it and it basically is that... Surreal.
  5. matt0

    Nintendo Switch

    I've been meaning to play the pre GBA Fire Emblem's for years since Fire Emblem is one of my favourite series' and I make an effort to buy stuff available commercially where possible even if I end up playing the game on emulator / flash cart. I like getting a sense of how franchises develop over time and I like NES games in general. How they look and sound, how the hardware is being used. Where the developers have focused their attention given the limited options they had. I played through Fire Emblem Echoes a few years back and it's one of my favourite games in the franchise, so a
  6. The bit in the trailer where Tony Jaa jumps through the wooden door reminds me of one specific shot in Ong Bak. There's a still, wide shot of a flat landscape with a bush in the middle of the shot and some bad guys just standing casually around. The shot gets held for a while and then without warning Tony Jaa leaps out of the bush, clobbers everyone and pegs it off the side of the screen. It's genuinely surreal and very funny. One of the finest bits of abstract action I've ever seen, like Seijun Suzuki crossed with Monty Python.
  7. It's pretty glaring that the original Spitting Image spent a lot of time poking fun at the three major UK political parties equally whereas here they've gone out of their way to find a left wing figure to needle now Corbyn's gone and they've ended up in New Zealand making fun of a world leader for competently responding to Covid! The great centrist hope of Keir Starmer is a Spitting Image running joke in human form. His catchphrases "I disagree with the government" followed by "I agree with the government" have already been written by the cursed fucking reality of British politics.
  8. I think it was Wizardry? But even then, it might have been something that was carried over from all the really early proto-roguelikes on mainframe systems.
  9. One of the less well known Chris Hulsbeck Amiga tracks. It's pretty cheesy but it's a nice showcase of his real time mixing routines where the drums and bass are all done on a single channel freeing up more channels to harmonise samples for those thick chords. The same technique used to reproduce 4 channel Amiga tracker music on the ST, but used here to coax more channels out of the Amiga hardware which was sounding a bit anaemic up against the megadrive and SNES by this point. And just compositionally it's got loads of variety and a decent length + sample quality jamme
  10. How did True Pinball play? I spent countless hours on Pinball Illusions, one of my favourite twilight era Amiga games and have a penchant for random minor PS1/2 era games.
  11. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's great for RPGs and tactics games. I played through the original Bards Tale and I'm almost done with Mutant: Year Zero, no hitches at all. Works well although feels a bit fragile and janky on the Windows side where you get loads of system windows popping up to tell you it's syncing etc.
  12. One of my favourite game soundtracks, I like electronic music though and my tastes aren't particularly niche or deep (basically 90s mainstream crossover stuff like Leftfield, Underworld etc.) which might help. Area 5 / Fear has the big crowd pleasing moment with the Marcella Detroit sample but equally good and something I've never heard mentioned is the moment in Area 1 towards the end where the melodic baseline kicks in while you're shooting the spinning star fish things that shoot up from the bottom of the screen. I thought Child Of Eden was okay but the music and vis
  13. Purely regarding crunch: I think the current AAA model is visibly dying and I'm surprised nobody is talking about it more. Delay after delay. The release dates for the next gen big hitters punted nebulously in to the future. Constant leaking of stories about crunch. Constant burn out, churn and turn over of development staff. Like the industry is literally chewing through the ambitions and hopes of the people who make the games and then discarding them. I suspect it's not possible to continue to make games with the volume of hand crafted content expected for a truly "ne
  14. matt0

    Illustration Club

    Slug 001. 8 and 4 colour variants. Amiga OCS colour palette.
  15. Yeah, I agree, I wasn't thinking about the handling specifically but more the way collisions could work.
  16. I thought what it really needed were the sort of "on-rails" collision results you get with Outrun 2 or Ridge Racer. You car is always going to react in one of three or four set way to a collision with another car or the side of the track. Usually there's a slight bump and a loss of speed. A heftier bump that slows you down a fair bit and you might need to shift gears. Then a big collision will flip your car (Outrun 2), or cause a locked 360 degree spin (various different entries in the Ridge Racer franchise), but you'll always be facing in the right direction afterwards. You litera
  17. I work from home, so I'm sat in front of the PC for a big chunk of the day throughout the week and on an evening if I play games I'm usually just on the sofa. Anything that I can install from Game Pass that's play anywhere goes on the PC with the intention of enjoying it in full 120fps Ultra level glory, and then I'll usually play the PC version once, gawp at the graphics and then play through it on my One S. I'll probably get a Series S or maybe an X, but I'm so far removed from current gaming trends that my first thought at the Series S unveiling was, "no optical drive... shit, I
  18. matt0

    Tokyo Game Show

    Is it possible to make an asynchronous multiplayer game where one person is playing Puyo Puyo in direct competition with four people playing Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow Six Siege?
  19. Looks like they've kept the emptiness of the environments which I like. It feels immediately familiar seeing these places again.
  20. Fuck that new card art. Gary Chalk for life.
  21. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've only been caught out once and game pass accounts for most of my gaming. The one time was with the Division and I managed to get a physical copy for a fiver anyway. I've installed stuff on PC that I never got round to starting before it was removed though... It would be handy if they let you know a couple of months in advance though.
  22. 1. UFO: Enemy Unknown / XCOM (PC) 2. Zelda: LTTP (SNES) 3. Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) 4. Defender (Arcade) 5. Joust (Arcade)
  23. XVs master stroke is it's mix of over the top modern FF tech-fantasy with the completely mundane and banal. Pushing your car to the nearest gas station because you forgot to fill it up, and then night falls, and you fight some massive demon, and then you manage to push your car the rest of the way and the lads are sitting looking at their mobile phones on shitty plastic lawn furniture before turning in for the night in a static caravan. It reminded me a lot of Shenmue 1, especially the day and night cycle and turning in for the night - going back up the hill every evening in Shenmu
  24. That's the main thing this reminded me of, endlessly playing the PC Gamer Screamer coverdisk demo.
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