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    It's not cheap and style wise it's very dated but I got a lot out of this: https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/9780857680976?gC=5a105e8b&gclid=Cj0KCQiAm5ycBhCXARIsAPldzoWYVpYY5CCqF5irlwcaEHdflMAUbBxLxxUc_yoL_DsqbbrG-jCrtFUaArTlEALw_wcB
  2. Battle Arena Toshinden? Or possibly Toshinden 2, but I don't know if that one got a PC port.
  3. matt0

    Illustration Club

    There's a definite improvement from drawing to drawing which is cool to see. If you aren't already doing them I think you'd get a lot from reading up about gesture drawings and then making them a regular practice exercise - maybe working 50/50 from photo references (sports photos are really useful for this) and from imagination.
  4. My main memory is that there's a handful of levels where the grid layout is so convoluted that it's impossible to see what's going on, and you either have to build up a huge pool of extra lives to get past them, or strategically plan where you trigger the warp mini game so you skip them. It'll be interesting to go back to it after Tempest 4000. ... Also that Combat remake looks decent.
  5. Cool, I've only ever played the DOS version so 100% accuracy would be lost on me, just as long as it plays fine.
  6. Does anyone have this? How's the Tempest 2000 emulation?
  7. matt0

    Put Here

    It's a single pixel movement!
  8. matt0

    Put Here

    Thanks! Regarding the lack of head / body bob - I was trying to channel Streets of Rage / Final Fight where I was sure they didn't have it for stylistic reasons. But on checking SOR2 and Final Fight - they both actually have it
  9. matt0

    Put Here

    Animation experiment:
  10. matt0


    I think it'll hold up!
  11. matt0


    A decent selection of stuff you've picked up. It just occurred to me though that if that's the first time you've seen Ghost in the Shell, by "not seen any anime" you really did mean "not seen ANY anime". As in you've never seen Akira? Once you've worked through what you've already got watch Akira. I can't guarantee you'll like it more than Ghost in the Shell but it's possibly the most ambitious animated film ever made. There's really nothing else on that scale, before or since. And also I'd put in another vote for Vinland Saga on Amazon.
  12. matt0

    Ghost Song

    Started this last night but don't think I'll be going back to it. It feels terrible to play. Traversal, combat - feels like they just got all the player actions working in the game and then didn't do any fine tuning. Jumping is somehow stiff and floaty at the same time. There's a sprint, which is only marginally faster than the run, but there's also a sort of semi-sprint effect you get after dashing which is a slightly different speed again...? Just feels wooly. They constantly place platforms directly above each other so even simple series of ascending jumps become a pain in the arse and then the bits that are supposed to be actual platforming challenges are like in old Amiga games where you'd have to make a series of jumps between loads of 1 block wide platforms, or make jumps that are all the exact distance of your full jump length. Exacting and difficult, but incredibly boring - so you get no sense of challenge or satisfaction. The melee attack is bizarre - like old NES games where the attacks are all really short range because they didn't have enough sprites for an extra 16 horizontal pixels in the swing effect. So you have a game which wants you to be constantly switching between shooting and melee, where the shooting feels bad, and the the melee feels bad, and the dash you have to close the distance feels bad. It's a real shame because the graphics are nice, it's got it's own unique atmosphere, somewhere between Hollow Knight, Exile and Tsutomu Nihei's comics. Some of the enemy design is interesting. But there's just no refinement or attention to game feel.
  13. I don't think this is true at all [insert massive, unhelpful, context-free list of indie games here] but ultimately what do you want out of games? As long as it's not "to feel young again" I guarantee someone, somewhere is making that exact thing.
  14. People don't appreciate the depth of Gears of War though. Like, I know at a glance it looks like a shallow celebration of absurd, 90s comic style ultraviolence. But when you scratch the surface there's also the recurring theme of forcibly euthanising traumatised women.
  15. I don't think auto aim in an FPS is any more of a "flaw" than a footy game interpreting who you want to pass to instead of just sending the ball in the exact direction you're pushing the stick, or input buffering in a fighting game. It's just a different way of translating input. A tool that developers can use to get a specific feel. Having the precision of m+k and a good few years before consoles could really handle the genre took FPSs in a very specific direction built around precise twitch aiming, which was cool. But 90s PC gaming being 90s PC gaming, that became the "correct" way to do it, instead of just one way to do it. This isn't a pad vs. M+k things either. As I love to bring up endlessly, Quake always had incredibly generous auto aim as default. Something that works hand in hand with the fast movement speed and the loose Ash-shotgunning-Deadites feel of its gunplay to make Quake feel like Quake.
  16. I used to use WAD and X for back with my thumb hooked under my hand to press X. I think because it mirrored using the number pad arrows that a lot of older DOS games used. One time I was called out on it by a friend who showed me WASD and I said, no, WADX is better because what if you need to press forward and backward at the same time? And I actually said this to him in a haha, you fucking idiot, you haven't thought this through way. After another second or two of thought I realised, no, it was clearly me who hadn't thought this through.
  17. There was a mad analogue keyboard a while back that was pressure sensitive and you could manually adjust travel time for super quick keypresses for digital controls l too. Not many games supported it natively but it had a driver that would map key presses to controller inputs. Pretty cool but expensive iirc.
  18. I've not actually played them but thanks to my fascination with RPG systems in general and specifically early D&D I've got a few OSR and "OSR adjacent" systems that I've been reading through. First is Black Hack which is an ultra stripped back version of D&D. It's basically aiming to recreate the spirit of D&D and keep enough of the crunchy combat tactics and mechanics, but removing a lot of the book keeping. To level up players have to earn enough experience and then roleplay drunkenly recounting their adventures in taverns - which probably gives you a good idea of the general tone. Then I've got Into The Odd which is sort of like Black Hack but stripped down even further. No to-hit rolls, you just roll for damage. No magic system - magic is entirely equipment based concerning artefacts the players find in dungeons. No experience points - players just automatically level up after each "expedition". The big thing it adds, after all the stuff is taken away is that hit points are a buffer before you start taking damage off your actual ability stats, and hit points recover completely after a short rest. So this cleverly strips out the need to micromanage healing, but also the players start to get worn down as an adventure goes on. And finally I'm waiting on my kickstarter copies of Old School Essentials and Advanced Old School Essentials. OSE is the entire late 70s era D&D ruleset, rewritten but not mechanically changed in any way. Then Advanced OSE is a possibly misguided attempt to convert selected 1st edition Advanced D&D content into the original D&D system. Dungeon Crawl Classics is one I do want to take a look at because the idea of the funnel appeals to me, as well as all those reams of random tables and their potential for catastrophic misfortune.
  19. *glances at PC system requirements and prepares public statement* Good evening. I will be playing this game as God and nature intended. Over the cloud on an Xbox One S. Thank you.
  20. I remember it being billed as an unofficial sequel to Utopia but I don't know if that was just magazine speculation. But yeah, a great twilight years Amiga game that I spent many happy hours with, mining asteroids out then fitting the hollowed out husks with engines and ramming them in to enemy colonies.
  21. No problem. One last thing about Xcom, if you don't get yourself in to a hopeless, campaign ending situation on your first go then it isn't really Xcom!
  22. Don't try Phoenix Point before any of the Xcom games. It's very good but it's also adding a lot of the complexity of the 90s games back in to the formula of the newer games. I think the 2012 Xcom reboot is a much better fit for something to move on to after Gears Tactics. Gears is actually a bit more involved in the moment to moment tactics and you can always ask on here for help with the strategy / management bits. Also, if you're after games that are more focused on mechanics than story then I'd recommend Final Fantasy Tactics A2. That specific game, not the other FF Tactics because it's very close in design to the PSP Tactics Ogre but it's a pure tactics sandbox with very little narrative. It's a DS game, so I don't know if it'll be difficult to make the visuals out on the original format but there's always emulation.
  23. Ah, okay, that's a bit disappointing, like if Doom was just one episode long. I'll probably wind up playing it through again though, it's still an amazing game.
  24. Is this much different from the early access release? I played that on PC and last night I went through the first few levels of the new version on Xbox but. Feels like I'm replaying the same thing so far and for some reason it still says "game preview" on the game icon on the Xbox.
  25. One man's quixotic quest to play every CRPG ever made (and the occasional console RPGs too). He's gone through the 70s (loads of old mainframe games), 80s and he's in the mid 90s now. http://crpgaddict.blogspot.com/
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