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  1. I watchd the gameplay trailer at the top of the thread (with the sound off) and it looked decent. First I heard of this was the news it was delayed. I generally don't have a problem with Ubisoft games although that might be down to only having played about 5 of them in the past 10 years... Ubisoft the company on the other hand is an entirely different kettle of gross fish. I'm sure I'll enjoy this when it's given away on the Epic store in 2025...
  2. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'll save you some time: Install Slay The Spire, play it to the exclusion of everything else rendering game pass a completely pointless expense and then find yourself buying the Switch version making it even more pointless. Then when you finally get round to trying another game install Monster Train and repeat the whole sorry saga again. (your mileage may vary)
  3. matt0


    I'm morbidly curious to see where it goes and I could honestly believe a range of different intentions behind it all. I suspect it will end with no clear message and without justifying the themes it plays with. It's details like (season 3 and 4 spoilers): That jump out at me as being overtly antisemitic. I'm hoping this gets turned on its head or deconstructed in some way before the end.
  4. matt0


    I'm 5 episodes in to the final season of AOT. I was going to wait until I'd seen it all before offering an opinion but as an advance warning I don't think it's possible to justify where it goes regardless of intent. Or if there is any intent beyond using antisemitic tropes and conspiracy theories as edgelord fantasy world building. If you nope-d the fuck out at the end of season 3 then I wouldn't recommend going back.
  5. I don't buy that the Soulsborne games are unique in this regard than having more or less enemies in, say, Quake 1 or Ikaruga or any other game with meticulous enemy placement. If someone is worse at the game, they'll still experience the same tension on easy as a better player playing on hard, but at a more manageable level. Like how games have always been made. This is all theoretical to be honest, I'm not especially fussed if From put an easy mode in Elden Ring. I just think people are overly precious about the Soulsborne games. EDIT: now I think about it
  6. I keep thinking about how if the original Demon's Souls had an easy mode that required some tuning or designing around, or maybe was just a straight split in the player base, then there would be no controversy at all after the first game had come out. Or no controversy full stop since it was a surprise hit and nobody knew what to expect going in. Like how there was outrage before Bayonetta came out about it having the auto mode where you can just walk your way through the entire game and how this was a disgrace and ruined the game, and then it actually meant fuck all and Bayonetta
  7. Could you not just wait for the next cartoon monster game?
  8. I meant to post in the other thread but it got deleted. The reason games traditionally used axonometric projection is because a 2 by 1 pixel gradient gives you nice clean lines at low resolution that also fit nicely in to an 8x8 character display. A true isometric perspective gives unevenly stepped lines that look messy and don't fit nicely in an 8x8 or 16x16 grid. Into The Breach is a game with a true isometric grid done in pixel art and it sets my teeth on edge every time I look at those jagged lines.
  9. Not everyone can can do the B-sides on Celeste without the accessibility options. That's still true whether the options are there or not.
  10. If you have to start your own separate thread about how much you hate a game, or you try and frame yourself as a lone voice of reason because some people liked a game you didn't, or you want to dress up your criticism of a game as influencing the zeitgeist... All that is every bit as laughable as speculating on whether people who didn't like Outer Wilds have low IQs. Or being so disbelieving that someone might enjoy Cyberpunk warts and all that they must be a corporate shill. Or thinking that people who don't engage with Soulsborne games the way you do are lazy and your enjoyment is directly t
  11. "this cartoon monster game is not as good as the old cartoon monster game. I would go so far as to say... ...I loathe it."
  12. I think movies are better at this stuff institutionally partly because of the longer history of the medium and partly because games can get away with having bad stories. Gears 5 is a fun game regardless of the shit story (hilariously shit story - including just lifting its grand revelation from FEAR 2 which still blows my mind). But I don't think that means movies are better at telling stories intrinsically. I think with all the tools you have in games to tell stories there's huge untapped potential. I played Dishonored recently (spoilers): That's as good a pie
  13. I'm generally of the opinion that any given game in any given genre can be instantly improved by stripping out a 50% of the dialogue and cutscenes but at the same time there's been a bunch of games in recent years that tell stories that only make sense as videogames. Disco Elysium, Outer Wilds, Hades, Heaven's Vault. Games like that where the story and the gameplay can't be separated are fascinating.
  14. matt0

    Gears 5

    I think the single player side of Gears is the best it's ever been to be honest. Judgement brought the franchise back to focusing on its core gameplay over the empty spectacle of 2 and 3 but suffered from a bitesized, disjointed structure. 4 took that renewed focus and ran with it through a proper campaign. Then 5 started to expand out from there again - the first act of 5 is jaw dropping, the beats of an entire Gears campaign condensed in to a 2 hour gauntlet, it's a masterclass in action game pacing. Tactics was overly long and got repetitive, but the core gameplay was solid and
  15. Completely failed to post an update for the last half of the year, so here's everything I finished from July onwards: July: Wipeout Pulse (PSP) The Messenger (Xbox One) Children of Morta (Xbox One) Carrion (Xbox One) Huntdown (Xbox One) Observation (Xbox One) August: Silicon Zeroes (PC) Hotshot Racing (Xbox One) The Eternal Castle (Switch) September: Mutant Year Zero (Xbox One) Doom 2016 (PC - second time through - played this one back in 2016) October: Katama
  16. There's some nice Megadrive palette hacks floating about but there's a SF2 Champion Edition one that goes above and beyond, restoring missing animation frames, swapping out portraits for the arcade version, restoring missing background animations and of course tweaking the palette to be closer to the arcade original within the Megadrive's limits. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5273/
  17. Purely talking graphics for me it was going from the PS2 generation to the 360 / PS3. All the generations before that had their impact blunted for me by one thing or another. The arcades and ST/Amiga games in the 16 bit era, later DOS stuff like Doom and Magic Carpet (which I'd seen but didn't actually get to play until the PS1 had been out for a while), 3DFX era 3D acceleration before the PS2 hit etc. Got my 360 with Oblivion and Ridge Racer 6. While RR was impressive Oblivion, for all its jank and ridiculous character models was something else. I remember every time I set out to
  18. Ciderpunk 2077. An immersive sim where you try and sneak your own cans in to the pub before a gig without getting barred by the landlord. The pub is in the future.
  19. So basically everything you'd want from a Metal Gear movie?
  20. I replayed Doom 2016 this year in anticipation of Eternal but then never got round to Eternal. Now it's on PC game pass though I'll finally get round to it. One thing I'd say about Doom 2016 is that the Foundry (3rd level?) is the one that most accurately captures the feel of free form exploration and non-linearity that Doom 1+2's best levels had and as a result everything after that was strangely anti-climatic for me. The hell levels especially. They have plenty of secrets and little navigational tricks and hidden passages to move between areas, but you're ultimately going from Ar
  21. Fucking magnificent. I'm listening to the first album now on Spotify, I was in to 2000s era crust / d-beat at the time so hearing something that takes me back to then but has so many extra layers of complexity is incredible.
  22. I think the influence of Japanese games in the West is sometimes easier to spot but it's really always been a two way thing. The specific example I'd always point to is RPGs. The foundation of JRPGs is Ultima and Wizardry. Even something like Dark Souls owes a big debt to Wizardry and Rogue. There's plenty of Dungeon Master in Kingsfield too. There's more obscure examples like Ueda being one of a handful of Amiga enthusiasts in Japan and citing Another World as big influence. There's no way Resident Evil doesn't owe a huge debt to Alone in the Da
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