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  1. matt0

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I ended up going to see this in the end and... It wasn't terrible? I was surprised by how pumped I was to see some key moments from the comic reproduced in film. It's got some serious problems though, mainly that Iron City looks like quite a nice place to live. In the comics it looks like a living hell, in then film, just looks like the hub area from Destiny or something. And everyone lives in the city because there's nowhere else to go... except when they go out to the wilderness it looks lovely and there's trees everywhere. So when people are banging on about how the city corrupts everyone I just kept thinking, "maybe it's you. Maybe you're all just a bunch of twats" It's still pretty violent but there's none of the gratuitous gore, which is understandable, but still contributes to the sanitised feel. And I couldn't get over how Alita looks in the film. Apart from the ridiculous eyes they've CGI'd her to have the same proportions as she does in the comic and it looks weird as photorealistic CGI alongside real actors. But then it does a great job of condensing a few different plot arcs in to one tight story and it's full of brilliantly realised depictions of great moments from the comics. Not amazing but way better than I thought it would be.
  2. matt0

    Xbox one recommendations.

    It's worth pointing out, especially if you're in to retro stuff that some (all?) of the original xbox games now play at 1080p. I've only tried Panzer Dragoon Orta and it looks like a whole new game. Ninja Gaiden Black is on game pass, so that's a quick way to try the OG xbox games out and see how they look.
  3. I'm taking the worries about the sound with a pinch of salt. If you're happy with how emulators sound now, it's still probably going to be a step up from that. Back in the day different models of the megadrive sounded different, everyone had different TVs and audio set ups etc. Reproducing the sound on old machines is always interpretive and it'll never sound perfect to everyone.
  4. It's in the manual. Could easily have been some copywriter adding some random bumf for flavour though.
  5. I did not know this... Will have to have a look. Does it have split screen in custom games though?
  6. ODST and Reach, and they were both different enough that I can happily switch between the two. I was gutted when Halo 4 swapped it out for that half baked Spartan Ops mode as it would have been perfect with the Halo 4 weapon set. Imagine mowing down a drop-ship's worth of grunts with the SAW... As for why it's not in MCC, I don't think they've ever given a reason.
  7. Give me Firefight mode in MCCC you fucks. Firefight IS Halo for me now.
  8. matt0


    Looks good. I used to really enjoy Rocket Raid on the BBC Micro which was another one of those weirdly accurate knock off arcade ports that the system had loads of, but this is a step up from that.
  9. I have this image of the Valve office building which is basically just the tech industry equivalent of J G Ballard's High Rise. A sort of contained libertarian hell-scape, shit and rubbish piled up everywhere, nobody can leave because they've all forgotten where they parked their cars. Everyone is in a constant state of conflict where the slightest show of weakness means someone will steal your designs for new DOTA 2 skins and pass them off as their own. Those stupid fucking desks on wheels all sliding around like pretend galleons engaged in naval battle while the Campo Santo dev team sit huddled in a makeshift bivouac behind the photocopier, mostly silent but occasionally breaking in to a heated argument about whose idea it was to join Valve.
  10. matt0

    Can you complete your pile of shame?

    I've tried to stop buying games unless it's something I plan on playing right away. Instead I just add the names of games I want to play to a list in a Google document. Psychologically I find I get the same effect as buying digitally and not playing stuff, but it's cheaper.
  11. matt0

    Can you complete your pile of shame?

    Nobody can.
  12. matt0

    How long have you spent gaming this week?

    Somewhere between 10 and 15 hours, mostly playing Bad North on Xbox One with a bit of R-Type Tactics on PSP. Most of this time has been at the expense of sleep. I really need to sleep more...
  13. Inflammatory hot take: There's nothing in those two trailers as naff as the Del Toro version of Johann.
  14. I almost did that with the Division but I ended up getting a second hand copy for a fiver because even with the discount it was still £30.

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