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  1. I like Monster Train as a come down from Slay the Spire, when you've had one too many runs on STS that ended with a couple of freak hands from your deck or where you were aiming for a build that never quite came together... Then you put on Monster Train and it invites you to break the game any way you want and you can do ridiculous synergies and combos on every run.
  2. Go full Outer Wilds and have hidden locations that you can only reach by solving complex spatial puzzles and observing the position of constellations in the night sky.
  3. On the theme of horror metal, found this old favourite trawling you tube:
  4. I remember standing in a games shop with the box for Ultima 5 in one hand and Pool of Radiance in the other trying to decide on one. I went with Pool of Radiance in the end because the D&D license swung it for me. It's a game that's coloured my view of every RPG since and almost all of them have been found wanting in comparison. It's a perfectly structured game that instead of vertically stacked dungeon levels has a grid of city districts with multiple exits and potentially their own dungeon levels beneath them. You take on missions from a safe docks area and slowly clean up t
  5. No Diablo is the biggest omission for me. It's the genesis of the loot shooter (despite, obviously, not being a shooter...) and a trojan horse for bringing rogue-like mechanics in to the mainstream. Crazy Taxi is a game I personally love but don't think has exerted much influence on gaming since.
  6. matt0


    If I framed it as "this aspect of the show is anti-Semitic" how does that sound? Like I said, having seen where the series has gone so far (I've not read the Manga, I'm just watching the weekly episodes as they come up on Crunchy Roll) I don't think it's done out of malicious intent. If the anime is following closely to the Manga it feels almost like Hajime Isayama googled "persecution of Jews" and then used what he found for world building fodder without fully understanding the context of some of it. Which is an easy trap to fall in to. Anime is full of this kind of thing. It's no
  7. matt0


    It's the trope of Jews manipulating world events from behind the scenes that's the problem. It doesn't matter where the story goes with it. "What if Jews ran the world, but actually they were the good guys?" is still anti-Semitic.
  8. matt0


    It does the big reveal then immediately does a lore dump about the Eldian royal family being able to control minds and manipulating populations through mass hypnosis. That's incredibly fucked up. Not to mention Marley being controlled from the shadows by an Eldian noble family. It's a deeply odd show, in that it is antisemitic in my opinion for the reasons above, but that the analogues for Jewish people in the story are the protaganists you're obviously meant to be emphasising with. Like you said, I also don't think the Eldians are intended to be an exact on
  9. matt0


    I'm holding off until I've seen the whole series before posting my full thoughts here but it read as a deliberate parallel to me. If you make up a fictional people in your fantasy series who are forced to live in ghettos and wear arm bands with stars on it's straining credibility to me that you wouldn't know what that imagery signifies. Especially in a series that is clearly about fascism to the extent that it's been widely interpreted as both an anti fascist parable or a crypto-fascist work depending on peoples personal interpretations.
  10. "Well now... You've made a spectacle of yourself. Why don't you go home and... practice your kung fu." "What...? You bastard!"
  11. Project A 2 was always my favourite with Police Story and Police Story 3 as runners up. I had Police Story 3 taped off Channel 4 and I spent years looking for a un cut subbed release but I guess licensening reasons put paid to that. The finale of Police Story 3 cutting between Chan and Michelle Yeoh in an ever escalating series of insane stunts ending with Yeoh's dirt bike jump on to a moving train has made every action movie I've seen since look tame in comparison. For the sheer inventiveness, choreography and physical comedy though Project A 2 is hard to beat.
  12. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I know it's pitched as Diablo-lite but it reminds me more of Gauntlet Legends on the Dreamcast, which probably isn't much of a recommendation for most people but that's a game I've always had a soft spot for.
  13. You're not the only one. The Rikers leader is, jarringly, the only character in the game who mentions race or racial injustice and does so in a gross right-wing distortion of the aims of BLM. Also the Rikers areas have all this politically loaded grafitti like "Fuck justice, we want revenge" which again reads like a MAGA Chud's blinkered take on the BLM movement. The grafitti is very obviously done with default Photoshop brushes and looks completely ridiculous, which seems oddly fitting.
  14. Lore reasons to justify unpopular design choices? Classic Halo.
  15. I hope they do a Peter Jackson image compositing thing to make the leader of the firemen faction 8 foot tall to be accurate to the (fucking stupid) source material.
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