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  1. matt0

    Nice games to potter around in

    Starting new world on Minecraft or just floating around in No Man's Sky are two favourites for me. Procedurally generated worlds are good for a bit of pottering.
  2. matt0

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    I got an Xbox One S a few weeks back so I'm now clawing my way in to the current generation just as the rumours of the next gen are starting up. Been playing a lot more than usual as a result, lots of accidental late nights on Battlefield 1 or chewing through shooter campaigns: Abzu (Xbox One): Posted about this one in the Playstation Classic thread a few weeks back! Walking swimming simulator that held my attention over Black Ops 4 in the first few days of getting my Xbox One. The type of game I normally make a mental note to play, and then never get round to, but thanks to a free Game Pass trial I gave it a go and finished it over a couple of evenings. At first glance it looks a bit plain, pretty enough but nothing special, but there's an ebb and flow repeated several times through the game where you move from location to location building up and up in terms of detail and life to a point of grand spectacle before sinking back down in to quiet, empty, dead environments. There's plenty of details and loose concepts to let your imagination chew on but no explanation about what you're doing and why you're doing it. It looks and sounds incredible, feels nice to be in a perfectly crafted little virtual world full of life. Halo 5 (Xbox One): Finished on Heroic. Went in to this one with lowered expectations because of things that I worried would feel "un-Halo" like the squad mechanics / revives, added movement abilities and ironsights. After a dull start though it's a solid Halo game with a lot of the old magic intact and if anything I wish they'd pushed much further. I realised I'm tired of the franchise living in the shadow of Halo:CE. There's more inconsequential tinkering with the formula in Halo 5 - the Promethean Knights have been beefed up and fight like a cross between Elites and Hunters but the Promethean Soldiers added to replace the Knights as a mid level enemy are incredibly dull. The crawlers feel a little bit more dynamic to fight, the Elites a bit less dynamic. Do something new. Amp up those Vanquish-like movement abilities and throw in some genuine boss fights with the Warden coming back in increasingly more massive and ridiculous robot bodies. There's a non linear bit where you move between objectives near the end. That kind of sequence should have been done two or three times over the course of the campaign. The story is total fan wank at this point, no idea who these chumps are. Locke and Master Chief's fist fight looked like Tim and Mike wrestling in Spaced. I know some people were complaining there wasn't enough Master Chief in this, but they should have had even less - they should have kept him as an adversary for the whole game, maybe a mid game boss fight. Then at the end have him switch sides so you can play as him in one epic final level. Do something genuinely new and surprising. A very good game in a series that still needs a drastic re-imagining or reboot. Gears of War 4 (Xbox One): Finished on Hardcore. I loved Gears 1, campaign and multiplayer, but every entry in the franchise then has been different degrees of disappointing. I went in to this like Halo 5, expecting to be disappointed. Robot enemies in a series renowned for splatter and gore, bad memories of the completely bollocksed squad mechanics from Gears 3... Turns out it's easily my favourite campaign in the franchise. The focus is almost entirely on ground combat, they've fixed the squad mechanics, bare minimum of vehicle sections and other irritating mini games and the few that are there are all lightweight fun. A big, dumb crowd pleaser of a game with chunky combat, loads of great set pieces built around the games core mechanics instead of spectacle for the sake of spectacle, superb visuals, those stunning Gears environments and loads of gratuitous gore. Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One): Finished on Hurt Me Plenty. Started this on PC a few years back but trailed off and never finished it. Decent, sometimes genuinely great writing, good characterisation, detailed world building and some surprisingly deep immersive sim flavoured level design in service of a huge, dumb, over the top game. The tone is all over the place and the core combat gets dull by the end of the game but it's a hell of a thing to witness in its quietest and loudest moments. And for all it's comic book excess and frequent lapses in taste there's not many games that actually confront the horrors of the Nazi regime and it's ideology head on and shove it in your face. Like Blazkowicz snarls under his breath "This is true of the Nazis." Also: 2018 so far: 2017 list:
  3. I keep coming back to this for the odd few races here and there, but I'm not sure why... Another baffling thing: When you enter a tournament in the campaign mode you can replay all the races as many times as you want, until you do the final race, which locks down the tournament score. But... why? Why not let you just replay all the races, or go full old-school PS1 era and make you play through all the races in one sitting and commit to your results. Why this fudged-in between. I can't tell if it's a deliberate decision or a mistake in the game logic. And then once you've finished there's no indication of where you came in the tournament, no medals or anything like that just a counter for how many times you've finished each tournament - which is information I don't think I've ever wanted or needed in a game like this. Why? Also where you need to finish in a tournament to unlock the next changes from tournament to tournament, sometimes you need to come in the top three, but sometimes you only need to come sixth, as if they realised the balance was all over the place and couldn't be bothered to fix it. Why!? Also you can't fire a missile going up hill in the battle arenas - it will just plough in to the floor, even though you can fire up hill on much steeper slopes in the races. Why!? ... Maybe this is frog fractions 3.
  4. The real question is why haven't they given Christoph Waltz a massive CGI forehead and chin?
  5. matt0

    Sleaziest film ever made

    A friend in school told me about that one but I'd just assumed he'd made it all up!
  6. matt0

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

    That's not really the full story. High level play on Quake 3 / Live and I'm guessing Champions (never played it) is dependant on physics exploits. Some people love it and think it's the highest form of skill based shooter gameplay, I can't deny it has a "seeing the Matrix" quality to it, but it's a very acquired taste.
  7. I've got the EX2 and some form of ancient 360 HRAP. The HRAP was indeed a bit crap for the money and I only bought it in the first place because the first run of Madcatz TE sticks were sold out everywhere. But the EX2 was a superb budget stick, especially for shmups and Virtua Tennis!
  8. The action of creating the video, coming up with the title and posting it to youtube doesn't happen in the game. Arthur doesn't sit down in a steam powered internet cafe and post it on ye' olde' youtube. We're talking about something someone did in the real world.
  9. The way I see it this is creating specifically racist and sexist content in an attempt profit from it. I think you'd have to be incredibly naive to think that isn't what is happening here. There are dimensions to this. For example, capturing footage of yourself beating up the suffragette character and putting it on youtube without explanation looks dodgy, but the intent behind it wouldn't necessarily be clear. But then framing it with inflammatory language tells you all you need to know. As for the idea that someone can do this cynically and that doesn't make them racist / sexist, that doesn't hold any weight for me, it's an inherently racist / sexist thing to do.
  10. Just had a quick go on the Xbox One version of this. There's a fair bit of late 90s / early 00s magic to it. Only 30fps on Xbox One, which is a bit disappointing. Good sense of speed, nice sense of scale (which really sells the arcing missile trails) but dull scenery. It's a bit shonky presentation wise and a bit buggy (getting jammed in between scenery and falling out of the level etc.). Maybe having some menus use the A button to select and some menus use the Y button (Y!!) is a call back to a time when nobody did proper UI. Also the tournament tiers are arranged vertically but you switch between them using RB and LB - which just feels a bit shit. Definitely worth a look if you've got game pass but nothing earth shattering.
  11. I wonder how many of the "fans" losing their shit over this were also involved in the collective tantrum about Diablo 3 being slightly less brown than Diablo 2. Stuff like this mystifies me. I can understand feeling a connection or an affinity to a company like Blizzard, but how do you get to adulthood without being able to recognise or rationalise the possibility that company might change direction and/or do something you don't like. Surely you get this stuff out of your system as a teenager when your favourite band changes direction, or TV show jumps the shark, etc.?
  12. I used your guide back in the day! The EX2 auto-detects in Windows 10 now. My Madcats SF4 fight pad does too, which was actually a terrible pad for playing Street Fighter but a good one for old 8/16 bit action games. Not tried my old original HRAP 360 stick yet but I'm guessing that will auto-detect too.
  13. There was a contingent of Diablo fans (probably a very close overlap) who lost their shit when Blizzard announced they were bringing Diablo 3 to consoles for similar bullshit reasons. Just people who want everything to be made specifically for them all the time basically.
  14. matt0

    Recommended Family Games

    I tried Codenames at Christmas, we had my mum and dad on one team and me and my girlfriend on the other. My dad refused to bet more than 1 point per round. Even when I said "Dad, you need more than one point this round or you're going to lose, there's nothing to gain by playing it safe." He furrowed his brow for a moment and then announced "one".
  15. Fortnite Battlepass is a bit off. You're essentially buying an obligation to play the game.

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