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  1. matt0

    Gaming for free?

    Another one that's been on my radar for a while but I've not looked at is Star Wars The Old Republi. Supposedly holds up as a single player game and is apparently KOTOR 3 in all but name.
  2. matt0

    I'm a terrible artist

    I have hundreds of Dpaint drawings on my old Amiga's hard disk that look exactly like Flubs. I've got a PCMIA compact flash adaptor but and I've been meaning to back them up for ages now but it all hinges on whether I can install the adaptor driver without needing any of the keys on the keyboard that no longer work*. In summary: I have been and frequently still am a terrible artist and I also failed to take proper care of my Amiga. ... *(possible capacitor leak or damaged motherboard connector I've changed the keyboard membrane without any luck)
  3. matt0

    Gaming for free?

    Warframe? Destiny 2 and Starcraft 2 have already been mentioned, both great games. Epic store give away a new game every two weeks, and it's a rough 50/50 split between good and mediocre. Loads of daft little free games and weird stuff on itch.io.
  4. There's going to be two new Neo Geo systems off the back of the success of the NG mini so fingers crossed they get it right time.
  5. I remember a random old episode of a podcast where one of the presenters talked about installing the original Quake 3 around 2010, entering a game and realising it was just two teams of bots and he was the only human player on the server. He then stated freaking out, wondering how long the server had been left running and how long the bots had been fighting endless team deathmatches...
  6. matt0


    Watch both so you can see what all the fuss was about. I originally watched NGE out of sequence depending on what VHS tapes I managed to find a couple of years after it's UK release. I was confused as fuck by those last two episodes when I hadn't seen the previous few. They do make sense in context though, at least thematically.
  7. I had the BBC Micro version but sadly could never convince my best mate at the time or my sisters to learn how to play it. I used to load it from time to time (about 20 minutes off tape...), stick it on the highest difficulty level and run through it against the computer, but it wasn't much of a challenge. it was an impressive game to cram in to 32k, with all the different trap death animations and the little floating angel spy when you died. Years later I played the 2nd and 3rd games on the Amiga but I didn't think much of them compared to the original.
  8. "anyone would be able to amplify and sequence the DNA in the sample and, in short, obtain her complete genotype". Presumably to clone her as part of an unethical weapons program in order to protect Tokyo from biblically themed monsters.
  9. Bury it somewhere for the delight of future generations?
  10. Chuck the coin in the bin then enjoy what's shaping up to be one of the best games in the series.
  11. On the subject of Hang-On: While it's not quite in the same league as the Arcade tunes, the Tom fills are amazing! I spend a lot of time playing Amiga Super Hang-On in the mid 90s when the world had moved on to Playstations and decent PCs were becoming more and more affordable. With analogue mouse controls it was really slick when you got used to it.
  12. The track is washed out too. Everything is too light. They've paid such microscopic attention to detail with this port, it's weird that the colours are off.
  13. My take is that if you're buying more games than you can play, or buying stuff to play in some hypothetical future where you have more free time you're basically collecting. I don't think collecting has to be an all or nothing thing. I had the exact opposite realisation to the OP when I started buying up old PS1 and PS2 favourites a few years back. My library is probably pretty modest compared to a lot of people on here (it's a fraction of what I've bought over the years), and isn't worth much outside of what the games mean to me, but I keep adding to it and don't plan on getting rid of anything. It's hard to look at 100+ games sitting on shelves and think of them as anything other than a collection.
  14. Agree 100% with this. (Except your thoughts on Uridium! There's a reason everyone is talking about that game as a bench mark for the platform). If (big if) the lag is minimised to the point where it's a viable sevice then I think Antstream will live or die by the quality of it's curation. What you see on the dashboard logging in should all be quality games. If someone wants to play (for example) Tusker, they should be able to find Tusker easily but it should be a level of interaction deeper to find, either a specific search or tweaking a few filters. They also need the functionality to support their best games. SWOS but no way to save the league? Disaster.
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