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  1. Cool. Think I'll give this another look then, I always meant to stick with it originally but got distracted by other stuff.
  2. What's the experience of this like now if you just want to play it how it was at launch, hopping from planet to planet, not building a base, not buying a friggate or any of that? Does it have the same odd balance of emptiness and busyness? I remember at one point after one of the big updates hit trying to google for impressions and finding a Kotaku article about where to find the ingredients for a chocolate cake, and as daft as it sounds, the idea that they'd added recipies for chocolate cake in the game made me nope out of reinstalling it.
  3. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    The progression is abstracted. You progress by learning the systems and how they interact, all the edge cases, equipment combinations etc. A good roguelike shouldn't be giving you the same experience in the same section over and over, the underlying systems should be deep enough to throw up new situations each time.
  4. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'd like to see this more. They patched it in to Below recently and I think Bad North added checkpoints in an update too. I like roguelikes a lot but I find the modern ones with the tighter play loops too compulsive. When I die I just want to start over immediately and then it's 2 in the morning... So I don't play them very often. At least with something like Angband back in the day I knew that I'd play a single run over a week, then when I'd die and lose everything I'd walk away dejected and not want to play it for a couple of months.
  5. All this footage but no sign of flying a Cessna through some holes in a series of giant floating walls, or a crop dusting scenario. Which is surely what the fans really want.
  6. Last Ubisoft game I played was Assassins Creed Origins. I have no idea what a AAA title is supposed to be if that isn't one. Not an amazing game to play, but mind boggling in terms of scale and production values.
  7. This looks magnificent. NES influenced modern action games have become one of my favourite genres in recent years, despite the fact I never had a NES. I've never played anything from Tribute but I've been seeing their pixel art floating around the internet for years now and it's top-tier stuff.
  8. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    If you wanted to convince some hypothetical game obsessed aliens not to destroy the human race, show them Halo CE, show them Halo Reach and then say "this (points to Halo:CE) but with the pacing and consistency of this (points to Reach)". And then when they ask where they can play such a thing you get all misty eyed and say "maybe one day". And then they reply "Ah yes, the great prophecy". ... Then Bungie announce that the next season of Destiny 2 contains an event that will be unlocked when 50% of the player base swab the insides of their noses with liquid ammonia.
  9. Spoilers for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Although lets be honest, everyone who is ever going to play that game already has so you might as well just read it. Then I guess the first hell level in Doom 2016. Breath Of The Wild, everyone's going to mention that though. Riding chocobos for the first time in FF15, haring through a forest in the middle of a torrential downfall, weaving between the trees.
  10. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've got my fingers crossed for a next gen TTT3 based on the Tekken 7 visuals and fighting system, keeping the overall design philosophy and match pacing of TTT2 and leveraging those custom SSD set ups in the new machines. That might be a bit of a moon-on-a-stick request, but it's one of a handful of dream games that would sell me on a new console.
  11. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was briefly addicted to Tekken Tag Tournment 2's ghost mode last year because if you play it on an Xbox One it's under 5 seconds wait time between matches. It might sound daft but it was a revelation, like going back to the days of SF2 on SNES. I wanted to move on to VF5 Final Showdown but the equivalent mode sadly requires you to buy two hefty chunks of undiscounted costume DLC. A combination of the loading and matchmaking time is what turned me off Tekken 7 as well when it showed up on Gamepass sadly.
  12. I use "puzzle game" interchangeably to describe on one hand stuff like Tetris, Puyo Puyo, Mr Driller etc. Then on the other hand games about experimenting and refining solutions to physical or abstract systems. Sokoban, Portal, Baba is You, Zachtronics games, Boulderdash etc. They're almost entirely unconnected genres with some slight crossover at the fringes of each one. For some reason though they're both "puzzle games" to me.
  13. Holding both mouse buttons down when you turn it on will take you in to the boot menu.
  14. I haven't even got round to EDF 5 or Iron Rain yet. Still playing 2025...
  15. I'm currently addicted to Silicon Zeroes. A Zachtronics style computer engineering puzzler. It's incredibly satisfying and relaxing to clip together components and tinker with the little machines you build. If you got the Racial Justice benefit bundle then you already have it!
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