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  1. His War Stories series might be worth a look. Single issue stories with a different artist each issue. There's a great one about the Spanish civil war drawn by Carlos Ezquerra.
  2. matt0

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    I'm a strictly casual player who just enjoyed watching the numbers slowly creep up and actually stopped playing at the old soft level cap because... the numbers stopped going up easily. But I really like the extra mile you have to go to infuse equipment now, before it was just a bit of semi-mindless admin - and when there was an extra bit of effort involved, it suddenly didn't seem worth bothering with. Now infusions do feel like a thing I'm actively planning and working for. It's all still busy work but Bungie have managed to pull off some kind of alchemy that makes that busy work seem like part of the core gameplay. Making the hoops slightly more difficult to jump through was enough to stop me playing, but making them massively more difficult to jump through? Feels like I'm actually doing something epic. I'm not. It's all still compulsion loops and creeping stats. It's just feels more meaningful.
  3. Agreed. I've also noticed frequently the people who grumble the most about the current state of gaming largely ignore the indie side of the things.
  4. Here's one: Bayonetta 2 is structurally superior to the original. Tighter pacing, no quick time events, fewer nonsense vehicle and trap sequences, more combat with human like enemies. The combat system is not as deep, but the vast majority of players will never reach the lower skill ceiling anyway.
  5. I've got an untouched copy of Etrian Odyssey 5 to go through first. I don't know... This holds a lot of appeal for me in terms of mechanics and scope but Etrian Odyssey is already borderline crossing my "anime bullshit" threshold. I'm not sure I could stomach this one.
  6. People aren't comparing like for like here. AvP and Battle Circuit are games where the sole focus is combat. Assassin's Creed and Spiderman are also about exploration and overarching missions and goals. A fairer comparison is AvP vs. Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising.
  7. In the 8/16 bit era cataloguing bad football games was almost a hobby unto itself for me. Virtua Striker 2 is bad, but at least your player never vanishes in to thin air when you're running on goal leaving the ball to trickle into the keeper's hands like in Champions Of Europe on the Master System.
  8. To quote a housemate at the time watching me play Ikaruga: "I don't get it. Is it just an arcade game?" And to quote another friend when I put Virtua Tennis on. "This is the tennis game from the pub? Why didn't I know about this?"
  9. matt0

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    It's definitely a harder sell. Will be curious to see how well this does, or how well a potential N64 mini does compared to the NES/SNES. I was never that fond of how the PS1 generation looked at the time with all the fogging, texture warping, low detail etc. but it's grown on me loads over the years. Any game where they don't have to render realistic looking people in large environments has started to look better and better to me as games have got closer to photo-realism. So driving games, shmups, the later one on one fighters where the focus is on rendering two characters etc. There's just something inherently videogamey about them. Like seeing an old Daytona or Time Crisis arcade cabinet and just watching the attract mode for a minute.
  10. matt0

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Sega are infuriatingly random with this kind of thing, treating some games with incredible amounts of care, attention and respect and then just farting others out of the door in a complete state. Also their habit of making terrible action games out of RPG franchises...
  11. Because it was coming off the back of the Amiga era where all soundtracks were a collection of Rave tracks. Good times!
  12. Yes! Loved that one. Even though the players had no hands or faces and their arms just ended in razor sharp spikes.
  13. I had something called ISS 2 on the original xbox and it was fucking terrible. If you took a free kick from one side of the pitch it would reverse the camera view behind the player, but not reverse the controls, so you'd always hoof the ball in the wrong direction.

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