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  1. I played this on a One S and it was very ropey. Twitchy shadows (couldn't work out if this was a stylistic choice or a glitch), uneven frame rate, didn't save progress between sessions and the second session glitched out in the intro animation and left me floating in the sky. It can look beautiful one moment and completely bland the next. Also, the demo is either keeping it's cards very close to the table, or there isn't much to actually do in the game beyond fetch quests. If it's a gameplay light, living gallery sort of a game like Abzu or Journery where you just make your way thr
  2. Imagine the visuals updated in a SoR4 / new Wonderboy style.
  3. I'm pretty happy with how it all looked. Not amazing visually but solid, like a HD upgrade of Samus Returns but with a much colder palette and I like the idea of being chased from room to room by the big robots. A survival horror-ish vibe?
  4. I'd settle for seeing just one out of any of this: Fire Emblem (remake or something new) Bayonetta 3 Metroid (2D or Prime) BOTW2 New Mario (2D or 3D) F-zero Or finally some kind of genuinely exciting curveball. Either a new IP or something I wasn't expecting. Just one. Gameplay footage, not a CGI trailer or teaser. Just one actual thing.
  5. Immediately made me think of Othercide.
  6. Looks woeful. Imagine a souls style game with the sparse, understated atmosphere and cosmic level boss showdowns of FF 1-3. It would be a thing of wonder. This isn't that.
  7. It all looks fine. Multiplayer, looks fine. Space Opera cutscene nonsense, fine. Gameplay from the the much mocked previous appearance, fine. I'm sure the campaign graphics will be way better than before when we see them. Still not really AAA current gen standard, but basically fine. It'll probably be better than Halo 2 and Halo 5, and also instantly decried as the worst Halo ever, because every Halo now has to be the worst one ever. But it'll be fine.
  8. I haven't bought anything on Steam for a good while now (4 or 5 years?) I just use the wishlist feature to just remember random things I hear about on podcasts or discover when browsing so and on the rare occasion I actually buy stuff I can usually find it somewhere else. Droid Assault is a neat Paradroid meets Robotron thing that must be 15 years old by now. I've meant to buy it all this time but apparently only added it on to my wishlist last week. It's an odd list of the type of games I probably should play more of but always end up playing random nonsense instead.
  9. It's a ball ache but for the racial justice bundle I went through a couple of pages at a time over a few weeks and only added the games I was interested in playing to my collection. It meant I got to take a closer look at lots of smaller games (including Silicon Zeroes which ended up being one of my favourite games of recent years), and also my collection listing didn't wind up being 100s of titles long. So that's going to be my approach with this bundle too.
  10. What I can never wrap my head around is how games do so little with the time they ask for. You can play a JRPG that takes 2-3 hours to get going but it'll only amount to the equivalent of the opening 20 minutes of an SF or fantasy movie and the characterisation probably hasn't got past the "this lad has amnesia, this girl gets very angry, here's a comic relief character (pick borderline offensive stereotype)" stage.
  11. I managed to tail bash a Mako clean out of the water on to a beach, then flop on land after it and eat it there while a bunch of people ran around screaming.
  12. It's all run and guns to all people, that's it's brilliance.
  13. oh shit! Well that clinches it then. It's a masterpiece.
  14. I think that's a triumph by UK 8-bit standards. Decently executed by someone with at least some understanding of artistic anatomy, riffing slightly on the old Atari VCS promo art style. A proper type set title instead of some wonky hand lettering. Yes, it's got Bugbytes creepy little mascot on there and the weird unnecessary framing, and everyone is left handed, but still... I always feel protective towards that era of UK development because it frequently gets unfairly compared to console stuff which was slicker, more organised and made on a much higher budget with the accompanyin
  15. For me: Reach ODST CE 4 3 5 2 Although CE still has the series' highest high points the second half just isn't as much fun as the first and the obviously cobbled together, unfinished feeling levels like the Library. I don't hate the flood but they work better in theory than they do to actually play against. ODST and Reach are the most consistently entertaining. ODST has the hub city which is fantastic. Reach has the Elites back, although they suffer from not having those exaggerated animations from CE. 3 has no Elite
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