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  1. XVs master stroke is it's mix of over the top modern FF tech-fantasy with the completely mundane and banal. Pushing your car to the nearest gas station because you forgot to fill it up, and then night falls, and you fight some massive demon, and then you manage to push your car the rest of the way and the lads are sitting looking at their mobile phones on shitty plastic lawn furniture before turning in for the night in a static caravan. It reminded me a lot of Shenmue 1, especially the day and night cycle and turning in for the night - going back up the hill every evening in Shenmu
  2. That's the main thing this reminded me of, endlessly playing the PC Gamer Screamer coverdisk demo.
  3. Just ran out of time at a checkpoint when I was in first place thanks to a combination of how harsh the crashes can be and how generous the rubber banding is.
  4. I did wonder if that was it. But yeah, that was okay too I suppose.
  5. Could've been the translation or my own interpretation. If the FPS is Metroid Prime then yeah, it wasn't bad I guess...
  6. I always remember an interview where Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about Halo and his response was really tetchy, along the lines of "I could make a game like Halo if I wanted to, but I don't" At the time I remember thinking that no, Miyamoto couldn't make a game like Halo. Halo was a uniquely American game, tying together design ideas and philosophies from specifically American PC games from the previous decade and executed in a fashion that was unique to Bungie. In the same way that 90s American and European developers tried over and over and consistently failed to capture what was
  7. I played the Scott Pilgrim game a couple of years ago on my 360. It's bad. I'm mystified by all the articles everywhere talking about how well respected it is. Admittedly it starts off great but it takes a huge nosedive in quality after the second level and never recovers. Nice graphics though, although even those are sloppy on the last few levels. We've had Streets Of Rage 4 and a bunch of decent River City Ransom sequels and spin offs in recent years too to really show it up. It's all academic though because fuck Ubisoft.
  8. My right hand was ossifying in to a twisted claw shape from using my middle finger on the accelerator and my right index finger to shift up. I know testing has taken a hit thanks to Covid but this genuinely feels like nobody who worked on it actually tried playing with manual gears.
  9. Handles well, don't mind the aggressive AI as it complements my own cack handed, ramming opponents all the time, driving style. Graphics are perfect... But gears on the bumpers and no way to customise the controls? Why? Why would anyone do that?
  10. I'll stick up for Mega Turrican (Turrican 3 on Amiga). It's not up there with the best 16-bit console action games but it's decent enough with a good soundtrack.
  11. I probably would buy a decent Turrican collection for the price of one of those Konami classics collections. That’s probably generous considering the relative quality of the games.
  12. I massively prefer Coalition era Gears to Epic, at least in terms of the campaigns. Gears 2 is the most surreally bad AAA game I've ever played. The finale is the opening cutscene of a boss encounter and then the closing cutscene of a boss encounter, with no actual boss fight in the middle. Just a mind shreddingly odd experience from start to finish.
  13. I got this one last October: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07DFH1SVT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's been great, decent capacity, holds charge about as well as I remember the official ones did. And sleep mode works 100% now (the previous third party battery I had would shut down the system down in sleep mode sometimes even on full charge). It's probably as good as you can get. I wouldn't 100% trust amazon third party sellers to be selling that specific pictured battery if I needed to get hold of another one though...
  14. matt0

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    You’re... welcome?
  15. Did they use PC screenshots? I remember the PC version being fully texture mapped and the Amiga version just flat polygons.
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