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  1. Also , ones in front of the flippers on guns n roses (data east) that really seem to affect the direction of the balls and similar thing on Addams family.
  2. Got spiderman changed to 3 balls per game and had a few goes yesterday,,,,,,,got to battle royal but best score I got was 198m, well short. It plays really well though but you can easily have a game where you are all done for under 20m, the side drains off the slingshots are brutal at times. The modes are really good fun too.
  3. Wow, that’s a nice line up of pins,,,would love to try a real IJ table. Ok back to business, I’ve got spiderman downloaded and working (although the colour dmd has gone weird and is like garish purples, shame as it’s one of the best coloured dmd’s) Just to clarify, we are always doing a 3 ball game ? (This version has defaulted to 5, so will need to look up how to change it) They are some good spider scores you have got there though
  4. Thanks, when I get some time, I’ll give it a look
  5. Not had any time to play lately but this is my existing high score on the VPW Metallica monsters table. Something to have a crack at Not had a lot of luck with that version of spiderman, downloaded etc but get a rom error when trying to load
  6. Nah not DIY, I had a 24” job I bought from eBay, enjoyed it and wanted to go to the next level and found a guy on a pinball forum, who did pinball repairs & restorations and would do a vpin rather than scrap an original cab. He had one that was nearing completion, so traded my 24” against it, which he then sold on. Its a real cab, with real pinball legs, backbox & plunger and I’m pretty happy with it. It also has headphone and USB port on the front ,which comes in handy and an accelerometer for nudge functionality p. Doesn’t have no solenoids or feedback though, which is a bit of a shame. All in, I’m happy with it and really enjoyed it over the last couple of years.
  7. It seems ridiculous hard to get it up the right ramp, 9 times out of 10, when I hit it, it just rolls straight back down. On that game, I got about 3 multi balls and picked up a couple of extra balls, which really helped. I have to say that the VPW tables, look soooooo much better, than the previous versions and my cabinet tv is only 1080p Does anyone have a 4k cabinet build and if so does it make a big difference?
  8. Downloaded the VPW version of tftc today. Best score so far…
  9. Unfortunately, still not working for me Think I might have to accept defeat on this one, I’m afraid. Thanks for all your efforts though cheeks, much appreciated
  10. Hi cheeks , ok ,got it downloaded. Do I just now add the whole folder onto my usb card and once that’s plugged into my pc cabinet, do I have to run the executable(which one?) and then put the table and backglass ( I’m guessing ghostbusters LE 1.2 is the latest?)in my tables folder and then stick the Rom in the usual place?
  11. Nice, I’ve been trying most of the day to get it working, with no luck. Will give this a try (does it have all the files .ie rom?)
  12. Again, thanks for the info and I have done the 10.7 upgrade and all seems ok. However, I can’t get the ghostbusters table to load? I downloaded it and added the file to tables but is there no backglass or rom? Not sure if I’ve missed something or just being stupid but when I try to load it, it says loading and then returns back to the select a table menu?
  13. The pc inside my cabinet doesn’t have wifi and i can’t get Ethernet to it, so when adding tables, I’ve used a laptop to download them onto a usb drive and then plug that into my cabinet and move them across. I am a bit of a muppet where anything technical is concerned, so have kept away from messing with the software too much, in case I completely f*** it up Is there an idiots guide anywhere, to do the update? And it doesn’t adversely affect any of your 10.6 tables etc?
  14. That’s great, thank you . Will it work on 10.6 vpx ?( I don’t have the 10.7 beta installed )
  15. Shoot, shoot, shoot again!
  16. Well played,,,,,,, what omi wants, omi gets…..
  17. ok ok ok,,,,,,,bring it!!!!
  18. This is the best I can do atm, just snagged the GC score and got to one of the wizard modes and then drained the last ball when I had a tri-ball queued up,,,,bah. I find I lose most balls down the side outlanes, after they have been catapulted in there by the slingshots.
  19. I’ve got the VPW version of lethal weapon 3, so happy to give that a go,,,I’ll see if I can have a bash at it tomorrow and post up a score
  20. Yeah, Indy can be a bit weird in that you can have a good game and then the next game is all done in 2 minutes. I think if you can hit the mode start shot consistently(it’s also the ‘mystery’ scoop) you have a good chance of upping your scores. I have gone over a billion about 4 times I think and did hit one of the wizard modes once. Still one of my favourite tables, I think. Is there a table nomination for this week or just keep playing some of the older ones?
  21. Agree, playing RE7 is something you really need to experience.
  22. Not such a great score on TOTAN but ok
  23. Hers is my best Indy score. It’s a great table, the call outs and number of different modes really help keep it fresh to play.
  24. Loving an elfling hater
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