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  1. Shaky burn

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  2. Thanks tnman, Look forward to contributing and playing some D2 with the rest of the clan!
  3. Hi would like to join clan please. Been a member of the PS4 clan for a long time , but double dibbing on xbone to enjoy the 4K goodness of X. live tag is = SHAKY burn can you also add my brother, please. live tag = Trok REAPER. Cheers
  4. Shaky burn

    PlayStation VR

    As a day one adopter, it’s really interesting and encouraging to see the uptake and all the positive reactions to PSVR. It really is the game changer I hoped it would be. Sure, the tech needs refining and it will only get better in future iterations, but as someone who started gaming on an Atari 2600 in the late 70’s it’s such a pleasure to still be excited by gaming and follow it’s evolution. I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer from any vr sickness and have just emerged from a 4 hour Skyrim session. I feel for those that do have issues but like many people on here have said, just ease yourself in. Also, just for info, Doom VR(releasing Friday) has been confirmed as having both, full ds4 control ( i.e no teleporting) and aim support. Can’t wait!!
  5. Shaky burn

    Destiny 2 - July update inc prestige lairs now live

    Got home from work, was looking forward to a bit of D2, read the last few pages of thread regarding the endgame concerns ( I'm currently stuck in the mid 270's grind) and now find myself thinking,,,'mmm dunno if I can be bothered'. Better check when Dragons dogma hits PS4 as it might be time to move on already. Shame....
  6. Shaky burn

    Destiny 2 - July update inc prestige lairs now live

    Trying to get the rat king done but need some help on the nightfall strike. Me and my brother at the same point where we need to get the strike done but could use some help from a friendly fellow clan member who can help. Was gonna dive online now ( the F1 has been a bit of a bore, after the start)and we both have Comms and happy to chat. If anyone can help, just drop an invite etc, psn same as sig( no space). Ta!
  7. Shaky burn

    Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    Can I get an invite to PS4 clan please. Psn tag = shakyburn
  8. Shaky burn

    Dirt Rally

    Hi Sharky Just finished with a time of 31.53.771. , can you please include (ps4),,. Ta! PSN = Shakyburn
  9. Shaky burn

    Dirt Rally

    Could you add me please Sharky. Invite sent for ps4 league. Ta very much.

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