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  1. A patch was released yesterday with a number of fixes, mainly to the online. The 20min match time has been extended, as has the shot clock and you can now play friends at your leisure ( I.e without any time limits). Highest break for me is 111, which I was quite pleased with and I have found it an enjoyable little game which has complimented watching some of the world championships on the telly.
  2. Thanks for the offer hitch. My brother created a clan which I joined , but as we were the only 2 members ( I think you need a minimum of 4) we are kind of stuck and I can’t find any way to leave? I’m only level 7, but am not working this week, so looking to sink in some time. So if anyone is playing on Xbox and wants to get some main/side missions done and have a bit of a laugh, let me know or add me on live ( live = shakyburn).
  3. Is there a rllm Xbox clan on the go?
  4. I’ve updated the main psvr thread, but for those that have enjoyed Borderlands VR, an update that has gone live today has added Aim controller support ( as well as some other fixes).
  5. Just another quick heads up. Boderlands 2 VR had now been updated with aim support. Update is live now.......enjoy!
  6. Nice....can’t really go wrong at that price. I known it’s seen as an entry level stick but i’ve really enjoyed using it and it’s really added to the experience of playing AC7. Enjoy!
  7. Picked one of these up at Smyths (the toy store) via click and collect, £59.99. Works great with AC7 and then playing in VR , well.........amazing.
  8. As someone who watches any old shite and having watched the first three episodes, IMO it’s HORRIBLE and not remotely funny or entertaining in a retro way. I don’t know anything about this biffo character but he comes across as a bit smug and full of himself with a presenting style that is not suited for any sort of video media. One guest spot a week and they thank him by getting his name wrong (ep 3), what a clusterf... Send TheGaffer round to help with their scripts , cos his ‘axe to grind(mouse) gag was better crafted than anything i’ve seen in 3 episodes.
  9. I’ve got a LG B7 65” (since Oct 2017) and very pleased with it. I played a fair amount of destiny 2 on my ps pro, but once I tried the demo of it on the Xbox One x, bought it immediately, it looks so crisp on the x (true 4K I believe)and now only really use the pro for exclusives and psvr. I guess it’s subjective as to the leap between 1080 to 4K and I guess the bigger the screen the more noticeable the improvement, but seeing as gaming is my main hobby, closely followed by watching sport on tv ( yes, I am a lazy so and so but I’m getting on a bit now) and with the availability of 4K ( X
  10. Thanks tnman, Look forward to contributing and playing some D2 with the rest of the clan!
  11. Hi would like to join clan please. Been a member of the PS4 clan for a long time , but double dibbing on xbone to enjoy the 4K goodness of X. live tag is = SHAKY burn can you also add my brother, please. live tag = Trok REAPER. Cheers
  12. As a day one adopter, it’s really interesting and encouraging to see the uptake and all the positive reactions to PSVR. It really is the game changer I hoped it would be. Sure, the tech needs refining and it will only get better in future iterations, but as someone who started gaming on an Atari 2600 in the late 70’s it’s such a pleasure to still be excited by gaming and follow it’s evolution. I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer from any vr sickness and have just emerged from a 4 hour Skyrim session. I feel for those that do have issues but like many people on here have said, just e
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