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  1. Can’t see your friend code....I’m using this forum for the very first time so getting to grips with it, my friend code is SW-1835-0810-5415, it’s actually my husbands profile so will come up as Muz
  2. I’ve just added you, I’m playing under my husbands profile name so I’ll come up as Muz, he’s also on the forum
  3. Ahhhh thank you I will add you when I go back on tonight, I hear there is a big call of duty sesh with the lads planned so I’ll need to keep myself busy
  4. Thanks, this is really helpful. I’m just getting used to all the functions and tasks, happy to say I’ve paid off my moving loan but still roughing it in my tent ️
  5. Thank you, I will hop on later today when the call of duty session is happening, maybe around 7pm?
  6. Hi everyone My husband just got me this game, one I’m day two, it’s addictive but not sure what I’m doing....how can I visit other towns? I’m just knocking about my little patch eating peaches catching fish for now
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