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  1. I've played it. It's not very good.
  2. I live in Australia, and most DVDs here are region 4 (and often 2 as well). Most 'proper' DVD players seem to be region-free, but the PS2 and Xbox definitely aren't. I bought a DVD in a regular music shop the other day that wasn't marked as unusual in any way, but when I got it home I found it was region 1 which, of course, means my arsing Xbox won't play it. So most stuff here is of some region - but they don't care too much which one as most players play everything. So I reckon I'll call what you said 'bullshit' too.
  3. Why do you always write like such a pretentious cunt in your posts? Jeesus. Are you like that in real life? If so, I would love to punch you in the face with a brick.
  4. I've got a Chu Chu Rocket frisbee that's signed by Yuji Naka.
  5. You mean the 'Brainstick'? Quality.
  6. There's one in the Official Australian PS2 mag.
  7. I liked the CVG one that would supposedly let you control the spaceship on the Sega Saturn's menus in a hidden game of 'Afterburner 3000AD', with Captain Gillius Thunderhead piloting the refuelling ship. And Admiral Altered Beast giving you mission directives.
  8. I was the official 3D commentator on the eight-player Virtua Racing arcade machines (ie. Virtua Formula). I used to move my head from side to side and my arms up and down when someone crashed, and make comments about which number player was winning. I wore a yellow cap and had big headphones. I'm still waiting for a new Virtua Racing game so I can get employed again, as it's hard for a 120-polygon man trained in nothing but moving his head from side to side and arms up and down to find work in today's games industry. My top-secret insider access does, however, point to Yu Suzuki planning a Ferrari-licensed 'Virtua' F1 game for at least five years.
  9. As I said a few weeks ago, I've played Burnout 3 a fair bit and it encourages you to smash into other racers... It's because you steal half their boost power when you ram them. They do the same to you.
  10. I've played Burnout 3, and crashed into stuff very fast. And yes, you can bash your front axle off and the bonnet and the windows and basically smash the whole thing into pieces. And it encourages you to smash into other racers.
  11. Paul Davies - was at Criterion for a bit, now freelancing at Dennis, mostly on CVG Paul Glancey - at Criterion, involved with the Burnout games Richard Leadbetter - launched Computec's games mags (PSW, etc), mostly been in charge of the DVD development, recently bought up by Future Ed Lomas - in Australia Tom Guise - as above Radion Automatic - worked at Big Issue a few years ago, now at Jack magazine Tony Horgan - was at Computec, which was recently bought by Future Les Ellis - left CVG a few years ago Stuart Campbell - disappeared up his own arse with a squeak and a pop Julian Rignall - went to Virgin in the US, set up IGN, left there years ago Steve Key - doing marketing related stuff for Konami and other clients Alex Huhtala - freelancing and writing a book
  12. NiGHTS is my favourite game of all time - by a mile. The most ingenious, beautiful and utterly kick-ass freakin' hardcore skill-based game ever made. A new version would be nice, but it's too important to be done half-arsed by a non Yuji Naka-headed team. A remake with good graphics, a few extra stages, a couple of extra features and live ONLINE RANKING (!) would be fine by me though. But if they didn't make it, I could happily carry on playing my Saturn version - I'm still playing it regularly and loving it 7 years after I first got it. It still wouldn't do well though. Hardly anybody - still - gets what the game's all about, with lazy magazine reviewers in particular not understanding it in the slightest (ie. Edge's "we don't understand this game but we think it's meant to be clever so we'll give it 7/10 and not even try to explain what you're meant to do in it" review). Even that news story says the game has "engaging platform-style gameplay". No it doesn't! It's nothing like a platform game, you gimps! But I'd buy a GC if they did a NiGHTS update on it.
  13. I played the Japanese version to death and plotted out every single route, drawing a map that showed exactly how to make your way through every part of the game. And I worked out where you could find every single multiplayer character. Took me ages to do the whole guide. It was printed in a certain video game magazine sometime around the UK release, too...
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