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  1. Someone should sign Mascherano to test these out.
  2. Still no Puzzle Fighter or Droplitz! Sone day my dreams will come
  3. Soooo, Tumblestone. I have been looking forward to this one for a while, after hearing about it over a year ago. My first few moments with it were underwhelming. The single player story mode is slow and dull. It really is. Which I will elaborate on in a bit. However, playing online in the battle modes is a whole different ball game. This feels like a game that has been designed from the ground up to be competitive and unlike games such as Puyo Puyo, Super Puzzle Fighter, etc it doesn't seem to rely on powerups to disadvantage your opponent, at least in its purest form. Matches (upto 4 players) are super tense and so satisfying when you win. They are fast and frantic and with everyone getting the same patterns to play with, it comes purely down to your skill levels, how quickly you can read a board and react to it. It is a complete joy here. Now my biggest issue and this goes to a lot of puzzle games. YOU DO NOT NEED A STORY MODE! Simple as that, if your game excels in one particular thing, then just roll with that. There is no need to add a shit story that can be completely ignored. If you want to keep a single player experience, for practice or whatever, then just throw levels at me one after the other, it doesn't need cut-scenes inbetween to break things up. Overall this is a cracking experience once you get past the dull and uninspired single player shite.
  4. Another positive shout for 256 here also. Love it for both quick blasts and longer sessions.
  5. Just spent a couple of hours wandering around with Lucas catching Pokemon. Was lovely to spend time with him doing this. For all the negative stories I am seeing about Pokemon Go, kids getting injured, phones stolen, idiots being run over, etc. I have never seen so many families walking around together sharing an experience. Parents taking an interest in what their kids like, partaking in a hobby they'd previously sneered at and chatting away about what they are doing. It really is doing something special that no other game has managed to achieve previously!
  6. Fuck it, that's Christmas sorted. Nee baby can start her education early
  7. Finally found some time to play again. Hopefully can get on some late evenings a couple of times a week as would love to do some of the competitive mode
  8. Picked up Dying Light and Ryse with built up credit. For £8 Ryse is ok so far. Not great but certainly enjoyable enough.
  9. Like the new format. Also means I can leave nasty comments and a thumbs down if you rip into my Game of the Year choice
  10. Ta. Will have to wait until next sale then. Probably for the best
  11. When does the sale end? Really want Darkest Dungeon but still just out of budget. Have a a few cards up for sale which I hope will help me get there.
  12. Some free games for you fine people Satellite Reign - JBQE7-3V25Y-3???G - It's Finger Lickin' Good Red Solstace - H0XWZ-XNN??-M938G - ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ? ? ← → B A Missing from here too (Also Fuck Them)
  13. This looks wonderful. Shame I cannot get on with KB&M. Otherwise I'd love to get some of the action.
  14. P4: DAN is tempting. I love Persona, but suck at Rhythm games
  15. PSPlus subscribers also get the Paragon Starter Pack
  16. Are you buying from the South African under a VPN? I was able to pre-order Inside without issue
  17. Was using VYPR direct from Russian XBL, trying using the Russian Store to buy credit now Edit: Which worked, so will use that method from here on I think. Will just mean I build up credit over time with the change I suppose. I assume buying direct credit from MS is cheapest?
  18. Nope didn't work
  19. Liverpool's new badge for the 2016/17 Season
  20. Is buying direct working again with the Revolut card?
  21. Tumblestone has been on my watch list on Steam for ages. looking forward to that
  22. I can see how shit it is again I suppose
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