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  1. They could have made a better effort to de-age Picard in the flashback scenes I think. I had to laugh out loud when the Romulan assassin guild women told him he had got old, because I thought he looked older in the flashback.
  2. Carrie (original De Palma film) has to be right up there for me. Still makes you jump everytime you see it, even though you know it’s coming. Another one is the Charlton Heston Planet of The Apes film, when he realises he is on Earth.
  3. Yeah that is a damn fine cast. When is it out do we know?
  4. To be fair that is the opening title sequence for most Bond films. Even more so now it’s considered too woke to have silhouetted near naked models honing their gymnastic skills on the barrel of a revolver.
  5. Better than Sam Smith and Madonna, but that is faint praise indeed.
  6. I remember really enjoying a film about a bunch of kids on a tour of NASA accidentally getting launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle. No idea what it was called though? Edit: A quick Google tells me it was Space Camp.
  7. Edge of Tomorrow? certainly ticks the dying over and over again box.
  8. Winters Bone. Which was the breakthrough movie for Jennifer Lawrence before she became a mega star. Fantastic acting performance, that deservedly earned her an oscar nomination at about 17.
  9. The very definition of a Guilty Pleasure.
  10. Anybody mentioned Black Hole yet? Also Ladyhawke with Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer.
  11. By Dawns Early Light is a film I have not thought about in a very long time, and yet I bet I watched it at least 20 times in my younger days. Great film back in the day.
  12. Weird Science Mannequin Piranha Alligator Teen Wolf Clash Of The Titans
  13. Yes they kinda are.
  14. Finding Nemo is far and away my favourite, but also love The Incredibles, Up and Wall-E. Was never overly fussed about the Toy Story films.
  15. Yeah I am currently rewatching Enterprise having given up on it half way through the first season on it’s original run, and it is bloody good. Last episode I saw was T’Pols grandma crashing on Earth.
  16. Yup after last weeks slight drop off this was the dog’s bollocks again. Ending was lovely.
  17. Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. I would give it 3.5/5 and say it’s a thousand times better than Suicide Squad. Also really enjoyed:
  18. Yep totally new Benoit Blanc story with no links to the previous case, but again the cast of suspects needs to be all star.
  19. Is this only limited release? Would not mind watching it but not on in any of the Cineworld cinemas at least around here.
  20. Not saying I am old or anything but I went to see Star Wars (Was not even called A New Hope back then) at the cinema back in 77.
  21. Bollocks to that. If it were not for Shirley Bassey and the Goldfinger theme, then Bond as a franchise would probably not have got past the 60’s.
  22. Just breaking that Kirk Douglas has died at the grand old age of 103. Spartacus and The Vikings are two of my very favourite golden oldies. His best film though was probably Ace In The Hole, a film you definitely need to dig out if you have never seen it.
  23. IGN give it 8/10 and I find myself usually tending to agree with their reviews, so I might actually go and see it this weekend.
  24. Exactly otherwise why would Picard be running a working vinyard, when you could just replicate wine?
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