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  1. Cheers the Sunderland connection has given me another one I think. P is gonna be Kevin Phillips yes?
  2. Theo Walcott? Edit: Scratch that it’s gonna be Ian Wright ain’t it?
  3. Yeah the fans wanted to be sure.
  4. Bruce has gone. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58775879 Inevitable really.
  5. Yep it is amazing how it can all go to absolute shit in seconds, with seemingly little or no warning. Think the Bar Blitz level though is the best thing I have played this year. Love it.
  6. Well I am continuing to thoroughly enjoy myself with this game and I am genuinely surprised with the amount of crap being spouted about it on the web, despite the largely positive reviews. Without wanting to go through the Console Warz looking glass, I can’t help wondering if at least some of it is down to PS players resentment at having to stump up to play for a game that is available on Game Pass.
  7. Also spending supply points in the hub on anything, drops an instant achievement.
  8. If you don't take up Morcs offer then look at the bundle deals when Game/Smyths/Argos or whoever stock alerts come up. Before I got mine I queued in the Game queue on several occasions when the alerts came up, only to get to the front of the queue add the standalone PS5 to my basket only then to be told there was no stock. On the 3rd or 4th time doing this I backed out and tried to add a PS5 with Miles Morales and got one straight away. So I suspect very little if any stock is made available for stand alone supply, when the retailers know they have you over a barrel to purchase extra stuff from them as well.
  9. You earn supply points through challenges & then in the central hub there is a woman sat at a table called Supply Lines where you spend them. That is the closest to an ability tree, as they unlock weapons improvements & better cards etc.
  10. Looks absolutely stunning. As someone who still plays 4 virtually every other day, I literally cannot wait to play this game on my Series X. It is the most I have looked forward to a game in a very very long time.
  11. Totally disagree with this. I had a great couple of runs last night playing with full teams of random strangers. Really enjoyable fun.
  12. Had a couple of cracking runs on it this evening to be fair with a decent team of total strangers. Really enjoyed myself.
  13. I have enjoyed the hour and a half I have played so far. It is a getting annoying pretty fast though, that your teammates keep shouting out every sodding thing they find. Machete here, bandages in the chest, SMG!!!!!
  14. You must have been watching early DS9. The producers were nervous having a black lead, and told him to shave his beard and grow his hair, so he would not be as intimidating. Once they got that shit outta their system and allowed him to grow the goatee, he was a totally different and much more awesome character. You really should give DS9 a proper watch as from late season 2 onwards it is brilliant. They just need to get around to remastering the bloody thing now. Hopefully with Paramount Plus now a thing it will be a no brainer for them.
  15. Your welcome. I am dying to watch it again as well, but keep putting it off for the continually rumoured remaster they are meant to be working on.
  16. Who voted for Wesley Crusher as best helmsman?????? Fess up was it a joke or for real?
  17. A streaming service for Horror & Thriller movies. You can find it on Amazon or even MS store I believe.
  18. Yep looks utter bollocks and I genuinely cannot understand why, but I will be along for the ride.
  19. Voyagers - 3.5/5 A generation ship heading a group of young adults on a 86 year voyage to find a new home for humanity, encounters problems when the passengers realise they are being drugged to supress their shall we say baser emotions. Basically Lord of the Flies in space, and entirely watchable because of it, as Lord of the Flies is such a great idea in the first place.
  20. Totally this especially if you spend 5 minutes traipsing over to the action, and then some cu*t snipes you before you even get a shot off.
  21. It’s not on Newcastle as a club or their fans in particular to decide if Saudi Arabia are a country we do business with. Rightly or (wrongly in my opinion) the UK government is happy to deal with the country, and even considers them to be an ally. Either that changes or Newcastle are perfectly entitled to work with them.
  22. Guess Newcastle will have to rename the Sports Direct Arena now. All that history gone in an instance just like that. So tragic!!!!
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