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  1. The Incredible Hulk & Thor 2 spring straight to mind as worse MCU films.
  2. Yep me too. We Had 7 seasons build up to a character who ended up going precisely nowhere storywise, so why anybody would be the slightest bit interested in a whole show devoted to delivering more is beyond me. The show runners clearly did not give a toss about the character by season 8, so don’t know how they expect the audience to care going forward?
  3. Yep but with the potential to be so shite as to be worth a watch.
  4. Yeah this was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Certainly miles better than Apocalypse.
  5. Is it wrong to have a crush on Admiral Cornwallis or whatever she is called? She must be pushing 60!!!!! Other than her though best thing about this season is Spock constantly ramming home how ridiculous it is that Burnham wants to be responsible for everything that ever happened. Klingon War, Death of parents, Spocks childhood, extinction of the dinosaurs, Wall Street crash, One Direction splitting up you name it.
  6. Yep totally agree B7 should be remade, but I worry would they ever get iconic characters such as Avon, Villa & Servalan right? RIP to Darrow sad news indeed.
  7. Couple of really cool monster shots but otherwise very silly. One of the main characters has a ludicrously incomprehensible plot line, which basically undermines the entire narrative.
  8. The scene with the birthday party and the gator in the pool, used to scare the shit outta me as a kid.
  9. Easy question for me. The first marvel Hulk movie. Only film I have ever walked out of a cinema on, right after the bit with Hulk Poodles.
  10. As already said they have pretty much shafted themselves with making the NK the focus of the prequel. I as somebody who avidly watched from the start along with reading all the books, have absolutely zero interest now in a origin story for a character that I know goes nowhere storywise. I doubt I will be on my own.
  11. Nope but her dad was there. The one who looked an awful lot like the Black Fish, that I had to check it was not supposed to be him, and they forgot they killed him off a few seasons back.
  12. Yep for all the grumbles GOT is as good as TV gets, and with the way the industry is fragmenting it may well turn out to be the last real Water Cooler moment (American phrase I know!!!!) show we ever have.
  13. Yeah which would have worked just as well as an ending and left it all a bit vague, with only Tyrion and Jon knowing what really went down.
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