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  1. Fury - 3.5/5 Would have scored higher but for the ending which is the weakest and most uninteresting part of the film. The section where they capture the German town and the fight with the Tiger tank straight afterwards is as good as any war film out there.
  2. I love Top Gun but it qualifies for this thread on many counts!!!!! The one that stands out though is Maverick following Charlie into the ladies toilets, to warn her off another guy.
  3. The Regurgitator!!!! Feels no pity or remorse and absolutely will not stop until it has shat all over the remnants of a once mighty franchise. This being said I did actually think this latest one was a marked improvement on the last few.
  4. Yeah that is a fair point. Edit: As is Delargey’s above.
  5. I have seen Reservoir Dogs and prefer OUATIH. Favourite QT film though is Kill Bill part 1.
  6. PL title has just been won.
  7. Why you doing this? ‘My mom never came to any of my birthdays’ has to take the biscuit for me. Yep that is the worst episode of Who I have seen in over 30 years.
  8. Yeah I think they ought to tweak for the inevitable second series and have reserve celebs. So after each performance the panel jointly agree on a name, and if they get it right they unmask there and then and drop in a replacement. Will introduce a bit of new blood to the format as well, rather than just the same characters each week.
  9. Yep this is entertaining shite. Exactly what Saturday night telly should be.
  10. Totally agree with the above. I went to see it yesterday and it is a stupendously moving WW1 War film , which really does need to be seen on the biggest possible screen.
  11. My favourite episode of modern era Dr Who is ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’. Simply fantastic story telling, and the main reason why Tennant remains my favourite of the recent Doctors. Got to say though this new season is off to a flyer, and Whitaker is definitely growing into the role. Bradley Walsh is a great companion too.
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