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  1. 22 minutes for me. I am enjoying the anticipation just as much as I will the game.
  2. I am thinking Batman Returns this year. Not seen it in a while so good as time as any. I always watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' and at least one version of 'A Christmas Carol' as well, so will be sticking with those.
  3. Been a while since I played it but aint Bill the guy who sets the explosive traps all over the place?
  4. IGN campaign review is up. 9/10 https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-single-player-campaign-review-xbox-series-x-xbox-one-pc Getting excited now. Edit: Eurogamer are impressed as well. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-12-06-halo-infinite-campaign-review-master-chief-makes-a-leap-of-faith-and-nails-the-landing
  5. Yeah it is definitely memorable even if not for the right reasons, where as I absolutely have no recollection of ‘The Passenger’ despite being a DS9 fan. A quick scan through IMDB episode guide gives ‘Move Along Home’ with a score of 5.9 the lowest score of any episode over the first 2 seasons which was all I checked. ‘The Passenger’ meanwhile gets a 6.4, but yeah I take your point on board, as I still don’t remember anything about it despite reading the plot synopsis!!!!
  6. Talking of sex pests I was watching the documentary ‘What We Left Behind’ over the weekend, and you don’t have to read between the lines too much regarding Nana Visitors (Kira’s) opinion of Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat). You can tell it came out pre #Me Too as well, as he basically is proud of it, while many of the rest of the cast openly admit to being aware it was going on.
  7. You can sell them on at the auction house. Or gift em if you are feeling generous.
  8. You have bottomed out. Even though there is still plenty of dross to come in season 1 there is nothing quite so bad. Then as you get towards the end of the season you will hit an absolute classic episode, that appears on any top 10 or even top 5 essential episodes list you care to look up. That sets the tone for where the show goes from there, with season 2 being a marked improvement and from there it only gets better.
  9. Awful defending from Leicester again. Still justice I suppose as the goal should have stood.
  10. Yeah we could really do with beating teams like Brentford at home. So in the end while it was a relief to get the late draw, it has to go down as a poor result. We have 16 points from 15 games so far, so averaging a little over a point a game. Another 24 points from the remaining 23 games would get us to the magic 40 point mark. In other words as long as we are no worse in the remainder of the season we should just about be ok. With Bamford back and hopefuly some activity in the January window, we might reasonably expect to be a bit better than we have been, if we keep hold of everybody as well as keep them fit!!!!
  11. That sorted it to be fair. Cheers.
  12. Where has all the NPC traffic gone? I needed Daredevil skills for the challenge I was attempting & drove one end of the highway to the other plus a fair few other roads without seeing a single vehicle. This latest patch has totally borked the game.
  13. On his salary he can go home anytime he has a couple of days off, or even commute from Spain if he fancied it (Guess current Covid restrictions make this a bit awkward right now). From a professional point of view there is nowhere to match the PL at the moment.
  14. Pep ain’t leaving City anytime soon whatever he says. Where would he go? 4 of the top 6 managers in the World are currently at PL clubs, and that is highly likely to be 5 come the summer. The PL is where it is at for the foreseeable future.
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