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  1. Wesley got to screw Ashley Judd in one episode I seem to recall. Surely he gets some Kudos for that.
  2. But then she shagged a ghost. I am amazed they have not got around to covering that on The Orville yet. Should be a great episode when they do.
  3. Black and White but still shite.
  4. I was going to say VAR is destroying the game, but thinking about it that is wrong. VAR is just technology, it is the pillocks using it who are destroying the game.
  5. That is my take as well. Then even in Empire he refuses to train Luke which was the ‘master plan’ he had sat on for 20 years!!!!
  6. Looking at Star Wars in it's entirety though who is the bigger fool Obi Wan or Yoda?
  7. I have FH4 through Gamepass & absolutely love it so I am wanting to trade in some MS points toward the Ultimate bundle. Can I do that though without actually owning the base game except via my Gamepass sub? Cheers in advance.
  8. Supose you need something to console yourself with as you wave goodbye to 70 big ones per game.
  9. Did not realise it was so soon. Do I watch it now or wait while Christmas?
  10. Waggo


    Sliders recycled characters on a pretty much weekly basis after the first series, with variable degrees of success.
  11. There is a Lego version of The Holiday Special coming to Disney this Christmas. That has got to be worth a watch in any Pre Christmas family viewing schedule.
  12. Did I imagine it or did anyone else pick up on the holographic doctor stating that Burnham was prone to emotional outbursts? Intentional ribbing of the character or are the script writers not smart enough for that?
  13. This is definitely the best season so far. I have consistently enjoyed each episode to date. Totally take on board the observation though that the shown would improve immeasurably, if it was not so constantly focused on Burnham all the time.
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