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  1. I am sold by the trailer looks great.
  2. Yeah so this is not great. How do you fuck up a hugely interesting and decisive naval battle? 1 - Make it look like a video game. The CGI gives no weight to the ships, planes whatsoever & there is literally too much going on at any one time in the battle scenes. 2 - Try to cover too much in one film, so that the final battle feels short changed. I wanted to see a film about the Battle of Midway and not the 6 months between Pearl Harbour and Midway. The desperate Japanese counter attack which very nearly succeeded in at least mitigating the scale of the Japanese defeat is shamefully brushed over. 3 - Totally ignore the Torpedo bombers which played a massive role in the battle, because I guess they thought dive bombing was more interesting. 4 - Barely touch on the tactics deployed by the opposing sides throughout the course of the battle. As above the final battle feels desperately short changed to me. On the plus side Woody Harrelson is great. Being generous I would give 4/10 as this battle has always fascinated me, but the old Charlton Heston film does a far better job on all fronts of covering it.
  3. Yeah but it also has Gene Hackman as probably the greatest super hero villain of all time.
  4. Yep it is total bobbins. A real toss up as to which is worse this one or the Christian Bale one. The new one Dark Fate though is miles better. Shame it is not doing so great at the box office, which I blame squarely on these two turds knifing the franchise straight through the heart.
  5. Yes this worked for me. A coherent plot, decent action, a terminator that actually brings a sense of relentless menace, Mackenzie Davies playing the best Kyle Reece role since the original film, using Arnie relatively sparingly and the return of Linda Hamilton. Enjoyed it a lot.
  6. The right decision as far as I am concerned. Season 8 destroyed any interest I had in learning more about the Night King. The show clearly did not give a fuck about the character, so why should we be expected to going forward? Fire and Blood is a good enough book to convert into a decent spin off. The Dance of Dragons if done right should make excellent viewing.
  7. Guess people in charge of multi billion dollar movie franchises take notice of stuff like that. If you screw up by rushing for a deadline, then it’s a gamble that you are really going to deliver a quality product to time and budget for them? That last season of GOT might well end up being a massive millstone on the rest of their careers. To which I say good, serves em bloody right.
  8. Yep I work most weekends so often go on my own to midweek screenings. Managed a couple of times (Last being Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) to be the only person in the room and it is a great way to watch a film. Nobody dicking about, talking, rustling popcorn, standing up for toilet, or phones going off to ruin the experience.
  9. Zombieland Double Tap - 4/5 with multiple genuine LOL moments. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  10. Been to see this and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Quite a few genuine LOL moments mostly (Though not all to be fair) involving Woody Harrelson.
  11. Scooby Doo is all the cartoon I need these days other than the odd episode of the Simpsons. I have got my 5 year old niece into Scooby though, which gives me the perfect excuse to keep buying up DVD’s on either Ebay or at B&M who seem to get quite a lot in at pretty much give away prices.
  12. Going to be a cracking weekend of Rugby next week. Not a duff match in there.
  13. Rock is meant to be basing his performance on Indiana Jones, so for that reason along with the fact I like Emily Blunt as well I am in.
  14. Yup they are getting battered and it ain’t down to typhoon Hagibis. Karma can be a real bitch.
  15. Got to be honest but I hope Japan do Scotland good and proper today. I think the Scottish RFU’s response to the possible typhoon cancellation has been unsportsmanlike to say the very least. We are not talking about a bit of bad weather here, but a major catastrophe that so far has killed at least 18 people and could have even been much worse than that!!!! On top of that they knew the regulations regarding cancelled games when they signed up to the tournament, so threatening to sue if the game had been cancelled leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Further to this the Scottish coach was questioning the decision leading to the Japan bonus try in the last round of games. So on balance I would be quite happy to see Japan stuff em and bounce them straight onto the next flight home (Weather permitting of course).
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