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  1. You could do worse than Ascension on Netflix if you have never watched it.
  2. Yep the book is great. A much better time period to explore than the Long Winter prequel.
  3. I enjoyed it as well while agreeing it could stand to lose about 30 minutes with a tighter edit. I would have trimmed the : I know they made a big deal of it in the book, but to my mind it did not really bring anything significant to the film.
  4. I can vividly remember while watching at the cinema the point the realisation set in with me that The Phantom Menace was going to really blow. They had found Jar Jar spouting bollocks as he did, and then went for a trip in a submersible which nearly got ate by a giant fish, which was subsequently eaten by a bigger fish. Ok fair enough but then like less than a minute later the exact same thing happened again, and it dawned on me they ain’t got nothing here.
  5. The Phantom Menace for me without a shadow of doubt. I had waited best part of twenty years for new Star Wars and was beyond excited when it came out. The trailers all looked mint and then we were dealt that turd , I could have cried coming out the cinema. Mates were trying to justify liking it but I never went down that route. I called it bollocks from day 1 and have never been suckered into media and review hype since.
  6. Did not known anything about this until I saw this thread, but that was just about the time I used to really be into Wrestling so I would love to see it. Does anyone know if it’s either out or coming to Sky, Netflix or Amazon?
  7. Well I think it still looks utter bobbins. Will undoubtedly end up going to see it though.
  8. I have been watching odd episodes of Enterprise lately on Netflix, as despite being an ardent Trek fan I largely gave up on it first time around. Just finished watching the augment trilogy, with the Khan wannabes and it was excellent. This is what Enterprise should have been doing from the very start making compelling stories from the already rich Trek lore built up over previous series, not all the shit we got about insect and time wars over the first couple of seasons.
  9. Troy - 3.5/5 Much better than most reviewers seemed to think.
  10. I watched Power of Greyskull this evening which is a definitive documentary of He-Man and the Masters of The universe. Well worth 90 minutes of your time if like me your childhood involved playing with the toys.
  11. That would be a cracking storyline though, if Palps ends up luring Rey into becoming the new Vader.
  12. All of this plus the five point exploding heart technique, make both Kill Bills my absolute favourite Tarantino films.
  13. A funny one this as to how much prior awareness you need to have in order to get the most out of the film. My level of knowledge going in was fairly basic. I knew that Charles Manson led a hippy cult, and they had carried out murders including Sharon Tate who was married to Roman Polanski. I had never read up or to my knowledge watched any documentaries on the subject, but being in my mid 40’s I guess I have subconsciously picked up bits and pieces over the years without ever having an active interest in the subject. With that level of prior awareness I though this was a superb film, and would put it right up there in my list of favourite Tarantino movies.
  14. Kill Bill 1+2 Pulp Fiction Once Upon A Time In Holywood Jackie Brown Inglorious Basterds Reservoir Dogs Django Hateful 8 Death Proof
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