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  1. Being as though somebody already said Scrappy Doo the worst character in the history of TV ever, I am going to have to fall back on this little twat!!!!
  2. Waggo

    First film seen at the cinema

    Apparently Superman was first film I saw, but I was too young to remember it. The first I can remember was ROTJ.
  3. Waggo

    Doctor Who

    This was surprisingly excellent for the most part. The female Dr v essentially female Dalek gave it a refreshingly different dynamic which really worked for me. Typical that we don’t get any more now though until 2020.
  4. Waggo

    The best NYE film of all time

    Excellent shout. Definitely not End of Days which was terrible!!!! Part of The Godfather 2 is set at New Year so does that count?
  5. Waggo

    Bumblebee - Transformers Spin-off

    Been to see it today and easily the best of all the recent transformer movies (I do have a soft spot for the original Bay film). This dialled it right back though to just basically a yellow good robot battling evil red and blue robots, which made the story refreshingly easy to follow and all the better for it.
  6. Waggo

    Movies that need a remake

    This is probably starting to happen as a result of the success of IT, but a lot of Stephen King’s stuff deserves better than the original efforts. The Stand, Needful Things, Salem’s Lot, The Tommyknockers, and The Langoliers are a few I can think of.
  7. Waggo

    Movies that need a remake

    The Thing (John Carpenter version) was a remake and that is an out and out classic.
  8. Waggo

    Movies that need a remake

    Masters Of The Universe. He-Man deserves a decent film.
  9. Waggo


    Count me in the pleasantly surprised column as well. Visuals were stunning, plot was easy to follow and the characters were likeable and humorous. Passed a couple of hours nicely.
  10. I would love to see a follow up to Robin of Sherwood which was awesome when I was a kid. Blakes 7 would also be well worth a reboot.
  11. Waggo

    Classic Christmas Specials

    Does anybody remember The Box of Delights? Used to be on every Christmas when I was a kid and I thought it was brilliant. Tried watching it a few years back though, and maybe best left as a childhood memory!!!
  12. Waggo

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Could not agree with this more. R1 is by far my favourite SW movie since the original trilogy. Then to be fair Solo would be next. The new trilogy I am pretty meh on and the prequels I doubt very much I will ever watch them again.
  13. Waggo


    I’m done with Arrow this season. Chasing unicorns around Woodstock is my level this year.

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