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  1. Lovely goal, shite celebrations.
  2. Fantastic cross and header there from Cameroon. Great goal.
  3. Yep I grew up to a background of Fleetwood Mac too, so this one definitely hits home for me.
  4. IGN certainly like it with a score of 9. https://www.ign.com/articles/willow-season-1-review-episodes-1-7 This was not really on my radar, although I do have fond memories of the film from back in the day. So I am certainly prepared to give it a go, now that I have an Andor shaped gap in my weekly TV viewing schedule.
  5. Even in Rogue One though there are suggestions which are greatly elaborated on in Andor, that the Rebel Alliance is not a single uniform entity. For example Mon Mothma instructs Cassian to capture Jyn's dad alive so he can be questioned before the senate, while his commander orders him to forget about that and to assasinate him instead.
  6. Have you played the Valhalla crossover missions, which I believe are FTP? If you haven’t or don’t have access to Valhalla then check it out on YouTube, as it is well worth a look based on your enjoyment of the Atlantis reveal.
  7. Hardly some reason. He was the commander of the Death Star in Star Wars, which is set immediately after the events of Rogue One, so it would have been weird if they had just ignored such a pivotal character.
  8. Why is there no game trial of GOW Ragnorak on the Premium service? I thought Sony had made it a prerequisite of all developers to make a trial of new games available, and assumed that would be doubly so with Sony owned studios.
  9. Yep no chip pissing on intended, so glad no offence taken.
  10. Watch Andor instead mate, if you want to see what truly exceptional Star Wars looks like.
  11. Andor - 5/5 from me as well. Stupendously great TV, and as I just said in the dedicated thread it is objectively speaking the best Star Wars product ever produced. 2022 will be a year long remembered. It has seen both the resurgence of Star Trek with ‘Strange New World’s’ and now Star Wars with ‘Andor’
  12. While my love of the original trilogy and TESB in particular means this is never going to be my absolute favourite Star Wars, I have to agree. Objectively speaking there has never been a better Star Wars film/tv show.
  13. I have been chuckling to myself all day at work today thinking, is there actually any point whatsoever to Stormtrooper armour? Intentional humour or not it made me laugh.
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