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  1. The Thirteenth Warrior - 3.5/5 One of those films I always seem to end up watching whenever I stumble across it. I was flicking through the new Disney Star content, came upon it and so naturally a rewatch was in order.
  2. Treasure chests will helpfully glow to let you know where they are in a dark room. Perhaps less helpfully once you have successfully infiltrated said dark room to steatlhily loot the glowing treasure chest, it will for no apparent reason play some sort of loud jungle drum beat, which anybody within 50 metres of you ought to be able to clearly hear.
  3. I have had a blast playing a proper session of this all afternoon. Highlight has got to be the talking White Elk I met, after coming into contact with some dodgy shrooms.
  4. That sounded right up my street, so just checked the trailer on YouTube as I had never heard anything about until I just read your review. Yep definitley my kinda film, so Bluray ordered from Amazon.
  5. Tenet - 4/5 Despite liking most Nolan films I for some reason had little interest in this one. Got it for Christmas and only got around to giving it a watch this weekend, and wound up really enjoying it. Will definitely give it another watch in the next month or so, as I think there will be more to discover on a second viewing.
  6. I want to say shorter is better, especially as has been argued above that good characterisation comes from the quality of writing not amount of time devoted to it. But and it is a big but I am a Trekkie and in the case of Star Trek shorter is definitely not better. Longer gives us TNG and DS9, compared to the shorter Discovery and Picard. Now nobody is ever going to convince me shorter is better in those instances. Voyager and Enterprise both in longer formats somewhat muddy the waters, and undoubtedly in all longer format Trek there are plenty of filler episodes. Howe
  7. Why do I remember the Dragon Head of a Viking Longboat for the monster then? I am fairly sure I think that I didn't make that up.
  8. The episode I vaguely remember best from the McCoy era was about Viking ghosts and perhaps even more bizarrely Russians attacking the British army. They can’t have had any money for a monster though, as it was just the head of a Viking longboat underwater that was used to signify the Viking Ghost attacks. Ace was a great character though.
  9. Fair enough. I don't have any prior experience with Sid as a poster to understand the full context. It just looked to me from the outside that he had made a post about something he had little understanding of, attempted to backtrack and got jumped all over for doing so.
  10. No that is a perfectly valid point. But equally admitting you are out of your depth on a subject that you have commented on perhaps without fully understanding the context, is to my mind an apolgetic post that got jumped all over. Don't forget this thread is actually about popular TV show The Mandalorian at the end of the day, and posters contributing may be trying to understand why a character they may like in that show has been fired.
  11. Cracking game. No surprise at all it going 4-4. In fact it netted me thirty quid, as I put a tenner on Spurs to score the 8th goal after Richarlison scored.
  12. Waggo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I must have got lucky as I did it tonight in about 2 minutes. Just walked over a hill not tracking anything and there were 4 or 5 rabbits in a wood. Got one with a single shot, and it unlocked the reward and also got me my daily achievement.
  13. On topic you could do far worse than ‘The Impossible’ for a small scale disaster movie. It focuses on a single families ordeal during the Boxing Day Indian Ocean Tsunami of the early 2000’s.
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