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  1. Waggo

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Could not agree with this more. R1 is by far my favourite SW movie since the original trilogy. Then to be fair Solo would be next. The new trilogy I am pretty meh on and the prequels I doubt very much I will ever watch them again.
  2. Waggo


    I’m done with Arrow this season. Chasing unicorns around Woodstock is my level this year.
  3. Waggo

    The Walking Dead!

    I watched Starship Troopers last night and bloody hell the preacher dude (Gabriel) is in it which I never realised before. He plays the black guy (Doh!!!!) Watkins who sets of the Nuke near the end. As for this weeks episode not bad at all. Probably the best since Glen bought it.
  4. Waggo

    Perfect Films

    That the one with Kirk Douglas as a newspaper journalist? If yes I saw it many years back and it’s excellent but not even close to perfect. I stick with my original statement there is no such thing as a perfect film.
  5. Waggo

    Perfect Films

    While no film is perfect the original Terminator is right up there for me. Most people go for T2 as the best, but for me the original pisses all over it, with a superbly tight script with no bloat in there whatsoever. Yes the FX look dated these days but still superbly plotted and acted.
  6. Waggo

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Gerald’s game was good apart from last couple of minutes.
  7. Waggo

    Best WWII Movie

    The Clint Eastwood directed double bill Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima are also well worth a watch. Two films dealing with the insanely ferocious Battle For Iwo Jima near the end of the Pacifc War, one from the American side and the other the Japanese
  8. Waggo

    The Flash - TV series

    My main issue with the Arrowverse is the number of episodes per season. 23 or whatever it is just makes it all far too much of a commitment these days. Lose the filler and cut the episodes down to 10 or so a season and it becomes much more digestible. I will probably only go with Legends this time as that is the one that appeals most to me.
  9. Waggo

    Best WWII Movie

    Most of my favourites already mentioned but you could try: Cross of Iron - The war on the Eastern front from the German perspective. Enemy at the Gates - The Battle for Stalingrad from a Russian perspective. Generation War - Not a film but a superb German mini series which follows 5 young Germans (3 men and 2 Women) from 1941 just before Germany invades Russia and they are winning the war all the way through to defeat in 1945. Bit of a theme there in terms of seeing the war from a non western view point. Oh and Casablanca which is an all time classic.
  10. Waggo

    The Walking Dead!

    It was not that bad. Just not that great either and miles too long. They need to keep it under an hour.
  11. I went to see this over the the weekend and thought it was superb. I have thought for a long time that underneath all the bizarre antics Lady Gaga is the most naturally talented musician of the current generation, so not in the slightest bit surprised that she knocks it out of the park. Bradley Cooper both as a singer and director are a pleasant surprise though. I would go 9.5/10 as no film is perfect so I don’t like 10/10 scores, plus as already mentioned above I agree that a slightly tighter edit losing 20 minutes in the middle third would not have hurt. Still this is a wonderful film and well worth your time.
  12. Waggo

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    We certainly do. It’s not even the best film out this week as A Star Is Born is a far better movie with half the box office.
  13. Waggo

    The Walking Dead!

    Just seen that the guy who played Hershel (Scott Wilson) has died. Not a massive age either at 76. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-45776409
  14. Waggo

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    For me it has to be Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. Not really a massive Western fan but that film and performance are simply awesome. Gene Hackman runs him mighty close as well in the same film. Russell Crowe also gets an honourable mention from me. Just for the hard as nails delivery of the I am Maximus Decimus Merridius (Not a clue if I spelt it right!!!) speech in Gladiator.

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