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  1. Just watched this. Fun film. Loved America Chavez's stars and stripes jacket with LGBTQ+ pin badge. Nice move forward from Cap's typical getup.
  2. Yeah I noticed that too. Someone new on the writing team or a Guardian editor?
  3. It seemed to suggest they aren't returning to This Time.
  4. Interview with Coogan. Partridge is the interviewer.
  5. I tried Dark Souls but bounced off as it wasn't hugely accessible for me. With Elden Ring you could just fuck off from a bit you couldn't do and return later levelled up. Are there any others From games that are similar to that vibe?
  6. So, I finished the game a few days back. My first From Software game. I couldn't beat two optional bosses, but I ended up on level 180ish with around 180hrs done in total. What a game. The thought of playing something else now seems slightly absurd. What can possibly match that sense of exploration? The variety of locations and enemies? The tense battles and tense catacomb runs? The way you can completely change your build and play style to overcome a new challenge? The way everything seems so seamless and immersive? Before I started Elden Ring I was half way through playing Mass Effect 3. Which is a good game. I'm now desperately trying to muster the enthusiasm to get back in there and complete that. I know there is a thread somewhere here of people lamenting similar feelings; when I saw that thread a month or so ago I thought it was hyperbolic; not any more. Anyway, what a ride. I wish I could erase my memory of Elden Ring and experience it for the first time again. I can't wait to see what From Software do next.
  7. I dunno man, if the various Marvel threads here are anything to go by some people appear very happy to continue to watch hours and hours of films and TV shows they don't much like. 20hrs of homework doesn't feel like a stretch to me.
  8. Any joy yet? I'm a ranged sorcerer (read: coward) and I'm pretty stuck, I don't think levelling up will make a difference as I've reached a bunch of level caps. Not quite sure how to proceed now, she's first boss I've been properly stuck on.
  9. So is this thread just a retread of the Souls accessibility discussion, or is there some other way the fanbase is obnoxious? I ask because Elden Ring is the first Souls game that I've properly played, and everyone here has been super helpful and friendly. For example, someone here made video tutorials for others to get started. Someone else drew amazing art from their adventures and shared it with us. There's a whole thread dedicated to answering questions and helping people. When I've got stuck or had a question and searched online for an answer I've been taken to other places where people are similarly helpful and friendly. On Reddit for example the more popular posts are people joking about the difficulty of the game and lauding the funny but talented players that help others when they get stuck. To me it seems like the opposite of an obnoxious fanbase. But maybe I've somehow missed it all.
  10. I'm 75hrs in and I reckon that's around halfway through what I'd consider my likely 1st playthrough. I bounced hard off Bloodborne (too hard) so I wondered if this was going to be another one of those 'you've bought a genre you don't like again' mistakes. How wrong I was. This is a simply incredible game. Already it's my GOAT, there's no doubt in my mind there. There's so much to do. So much variety in the places to explore, the lore, the enemies, the equipment, the tactics available. And it's all a huge challenge for me. I can't wait to start again and play through with a completely different build. And I can't stop thinking about this game when I'm not playing. Thank you From Software. I didn't think it was possible to make a game this good on so many levels.
  11. Cross post from the other thread... might be more useful here... If anyone is finding they are struggling to find an area that's suitable for their level below is a map that shows you the order of areas according to difficulty and level. Of course, there are spoilers there in terms of map areas and names, but if you have got a bit stuck looking for places to explore without getting whooped then it's a life saver.
  12. If anyone is finding they are struggling to find an area that's suitable for their level here is a map that shows you the order of areas according to difficulty and level. Of course, there are spoilers there in terms of map areas and names, but if you have got a bit stuck looking for places to explore without getting whooped then it's a life saver.
  13. Great film. Total surprise for me, didn't like the look of the trailers much. One thing that did bother me though...
  14. NickC


    Queer Eye Germany is now on. Different Fab 5, same feel good formula.
  15. Speaking of Saga there is a great Humble Bundle on at the moment with loads of Saga, Monstress, and other good stuff. If anyone has not read Saga it's a steal.
  16. So I bounced off Bloodborne after 3 or 4 hours due to the difficulty. But I'm far more engrossed in this so far. Feels like when I find something too difficult I can just go in another direction and find something new that I can do. Just. I have a few questions for veterans of the genre. Given that this is my first proper attempt at this sort of game... I'm trying to grind a little and practice my fighting at the guard encampment at the base of the castle on the cliff. I assume a bit of grinding will help ease the difficulty going forward, right? I find combat a bit floaty at the moment and I struggle to know how to kill certain enemies (e.g. mosquito beasts on a pond and the captain at the guard encampment). That's normal, right? As I get stronger and practice strategies the nuances of combat will become apparent, right? Or are these ominous signs that this game might not be for me? Also, I am running away a lot. There's plenty to explore, but also plenty of places I can't go. Again, normal? I'm an astrologer and there's no way to spam spells, right? You have a limited amount of magic available, so keep it for when you really need it, right? Sorry for all the noob questions, but a bit of reassurance would be appreciated!
  17. It's very cool seeing so many gamers get excited by a launch, and to see a game that seemingly lives up to the hype and then some. Enjoy everyone I bounced off Bloodborne after defeating the first boss, too hard for me, but with all this talk I feel like I'm missing out on a gaming event if I don't at least experience Elden Ring and give it try. Fingers crossed I get a bit further this time.
  18. I've finished it now and was pleasantly surprised that the TV series doesn't closely follow the events of the memoir. Lots of similar situations reworked for the narrative. I was a bit confused as to why they kept the main character as Adam Kay, surely people watching will therefore assume it all happened to him irl like it did in the show. Anyway, it was fantastic. The tension was incredible during the scenes of peril. Something so real about it that medical dramas like ER lack.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mail raked it up again. He's pretty vocal about his opposition to the government's approach to the NHS
  20. Couldn't find a topic on this. Anyone watched it? Ben Whitshaw stars in a dramatisation of the Adam Kay memoir of the same name. All episode are available on iPlayer, I believe. I loved the book, which is a wonderful glimpse into the beauty and horror of working in our beloved NHS. So engaging to read as well, I finished it in 3 sessions which is unheard of for me. As a TV adaptation of something I love I had low expectations going in. But having now watched the first episode, it has the potential to be something pretty special. Feels very real. There were a few gut punches in the first episode and the writing of staff on the ward is sharp. What do other people think?
  21. He'd make a great Tippy-Toe
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