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  1. Monkey Tennis, the most popular Partridge podcast, calls it the APU
  2. I think that sort of ending works for something like The Wire, which week in week out demonstrated the futility of policing and crime at every level. But Line of Duty never really struck that tone for me. To me they always seemed to suggest there was a big mastermind at play, and then in the last episode they came out with with 'Nah, not really lol'.
  3. A disappointment for sure. As my wife said last night though, Line of Duty relies on conspiracies laid over conspiracies, and the writers tie themselves into knots they can't easily untangle. The only way they could have upped the ante further would have been for the finale to have revealed the existence of the long-rumoured BBCU, with the camera panning back at the end of the episode to reveal Ian Beale writing a scheming letter to Charlie from Casualty and using the word "definately".
  4. NickC

    Xbox Game Pass

    I just turned on my Series X to play Bloodstained and finally finish the game. I got up to final boss room, and had spent the last few days upgrading my weapons, buying the health I needed, cooking meals to boost my stats and finishing off side quests. But now I see that it disappeared from Game Pass I'm sure its removal would have been promoted somewhere if I was looking in the right place, but would it have been so hard for Xbox to see I was playing it and send me a notification that it's on its way out?
  5. So does the end reveal mean that I wonder if at the end of the run we see
  6. It's Snyder's 'this movie is for ADULTS!' that is the odd bit for me. I haven't seen all his output, but his DC movies are the sort of thing 13-year old me would have loved and thought was incredibly clever. Another slow mo scene! Fighting set to a rousing iconic song! Batman just swore... again! Every character, even minor ones, have portentous lines of dialogue! OMG they're all doing these amazing things but they act like they just don't give a shit!
  7. Thread title is the opposite of clickbait. Is there a name for that?
  8. Wow that's some powerhouse cast / creative team right there. Amazon don't mess about.
  9. Tried Al's basic chicken curry as a gateway curry for my kids. They basically hoovered it up. The wife and I liked it too. It's a little sweeter than your average BIR curry (it has a tablespoon of ketchup in it!) but it was cracking with rice and chips.
  10. Oh man I love my Series X and Game Pass. For lockdown it's been a dream. I've finally after 30yrs as a gamer got into online gaming with friends and I'm like a kid in a sweetshop. Last night I played PUBG for the first time along with 3 friends. The matchmaking is good - we played 5 games, 1 we got to the final few players and another we won. Bombing around in a pickup truck with 3 of us hanging out automatic rifles drawn, the driver banging his horn. Haven't laughed so much in ages.
  11. During that reveal, the camera work and reaction line were perfect.
  12. That was brilliant! but it bloody well was Proper nerd boner stuff.
  13. Yeah I thought that was a decent trailer. Funny how they've got
  14. Pretty much Malcolm In The Middle, then.
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