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  1. For me the thing that clicked with Ironclad was getting my block nice and high and then using cards that used my block value as the damage value. Might have just been lucky with synergies though.
  2. Finished a Silent run yesterday. So much fun that character! But I’m finding playing the Defect hard. I think I’m playing it wrong, I’m always far too light on block. Any tips for a Defect beginner?
  3. I had my first victory yesterday, with The Ironclad Such an amazing game. Now to do the same with The Silent. Can't wait.
  4. My kids are going to love that! And me.
  5. There's an X-Men sale on at Comixology now. The X-Men thing I've read is House Of M. Any arcs that are must-reads? I should say that I know the main characters from the films, but I don't have a deep knowledge of who's who.
  6. So I've done one run so far. Am I correct in understanding that you don't get any enhancements / upgrades each time you play? It's more about learning the mechanics of the game and how to deal out the best possible damage with each run?
  7. Completely agree. And anyone who hasn't watched Detectorists yet needs to have word with themselves
  8. Most AAA games exhaust me now. I probably play one a year, that's enough for me. Finally getting into all those indie games via the Switch has made a huge difference to how I play and enjoy games. Dead Cells, Tesla vs Lovecraft, Steamworld Dig 2. And many more. Easy to pick up for a 30 minute session, but each can drag you into obsessive 3hr sessions if you have the time spare.
  9. I think the Osborne thing could work really well. In the Dark Reign comics he’s a bit like Trump. Even though people know he’s got a dodgy past he uses fear to get the public onside and before you know it he’s in control of Shield. Some heroes go with him but most don’t. And then he starts ‘reforming’ villains to work for the government. I could see him trying to take out Thor’s New Asgard (a la Siege) by blaming them for some bad event that happens.
  10. Has anyone tried Moonlighter? If so, any good?
  11. I thought the last episode was fine. Not brilliant, but fine. I’m pretty happy with where everyone ended up. I think that a lot of the complaints people have can be traced back to the pacing of the whole show. Previous seasons were too slow, which was great for character development and writing, but plotlines almost ground to a halt. I remember at the end of one season thinking “Is Dany ever going to cross that bloody sea, I’m getting sick of this.” The last few seasons have had the opposite problem in that they were too fast, so character development was shrunk to the bare minimum but my goodness did stuff happen. Too much, I guess. Another result of the pacing shift was that the rules of the world felt uneven – events that might have taken a whole season later on took a single episode. I think that if Weiss and Benioff knew what they were getting themselves into before they started (and we should remind ourselves that they probably didn’t) they would have done things differently. Evened it out. Maybe brought on someone else to share the burden of later seasons. It’s been a huge commitment for Weiss and Benioff: 8 years, 73 episodes, and so many characters, places and plotlines. I tip my hat to them for keeping the plates spinning and not quitting on the fans. With how popular the show is, and how passionate its fans are, the pressure must have been enormous. There have been other popular and critically acclaimed TV shows, but none quite like this. It’s not been perfect, but there’s no doubting it’s been a juggernaut of a show. Overall I think it’s been an incredible achievement. GOT has risen the bar for TV in so many ways: Spectacle. Writing. Action. A decent fantasy story, on TV no less! Amazing actors and acting. For me it’s been a joy to watch. We’re lucky that it’s been around, and I for one am sad that next year I won’t have another season of Thrones to look forward to.
  12. I don't think so, no. £12.
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