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  1. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    I found Vostok Inc very de-stressing. Not difficult, lots of blowing up stuff, lots of lovely weapon upgrades.
  2. Oh man I loved Irredeemable. Recently reread it. Wonderful story. Great, original superheroes and villains. Not funny like The Boys, but not trying to be.
  3. I guess if a game is addictive and isn't giving you joy then it could be called a bad game despite lots of hours sunk into it. But I've never had that experience myself.
  4. Yes. Me and the wife enjoyed it too. Great 5 minute arcade style games.
  5. Thanks for this recommendation. Perfect for kids, my 4-year old and 7-year old love it.
  6. I've never read the book or seen the film, but have just finished this series. I loved it. Beautifully shot, great music, some really funny scenes. Amazingly tragic and sad, for me it really sold the insanity of war. The last 3 episodes really did me in too - the deaths, the acceptance of it all. The general consensus seems to be that this pales in comparison with the original book, but if you haven't read that, perhaps give this a whirl. I didn't regret it.
  7. In today's edition of So Obvious It Doesn't Need Saying... RE4 is still fucking amazing, huh?
  8. Oh, and PSA for anyone into fun, breezy, anti-machismo comics: Batgirl and iZombie are loads of fun, have beautiful art and are well written. If you like Squirrel Girl give them a bash!
  9. Honestly the Fire 10 is very good for the price, and Comixology works flawlessly on it (as you'd expect being an Amazon company). But if you want it to do more than read comics, books, listen to Audible, watch Netflix and iPlayer, etc, then it's not the best.
  10. I think if the main characters are badly written, fair enough. Just weird - and sadly predictable I suppose - linking that to their gender and making wider points about gender and videogames. Gonna wait until the first price drop to take the plunge on this. I wasn't a huge fan of TNC, the story was ace, but the difficulty was f'ed up for me. I'm hoping this will be better balanced.
  11. Just to flag for anyone intending to read the comic run now: even though the TV and comics seem very different, there's a pretty big twist in the last few comics that you might not want spoiling in the TV show.
  12. "Look, there's nothing wrong with having females in videogames, but..."
  13. I've downloaded it to my Kindle Fire. You have a choice of 3 formats to download them in. Any free comic book viewer will work with it. Hell, anything that displays a PDF will do it, although that's not the best format. The Jennifer Blood stuff is surprisingly good in that bundle, by the way. It's like a crazy crossover between True Lies, Killing Eve, Breaking Bad and The Punisher. Ennis only wrote the first volume out of five, but it actually gets better after that, believe it or not. Ennis's take on feminism is pretty eye-rolling sometimes, but stick with it, it's worth the ride and just gets better IMO.
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