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  1. Please, tell us what a Ghostbusters film should be
  2. Not giving much away apart from the premise. Looks fun I guess.
  3. Ghostbusters 3: Return Of The Toxic Fandom
  4. Comixology are also doing a huge sale on a lot of 1st volume TPBs, so go there if you've been meaning to try something new, they might have it on discount.
  5. What do you get when you cross Rogue Legacy with Diablo-lite, in a game that allows you to switch between 6 different and fun classes after each run? Children Of Morta, of course. It's not getting much love here, but it should. It's terrific, so go and play it peeps
  6. Yep, Celeste showing the big boys how it should be done:
  7. Marvel movies are a symptom of, or reaction to, old school cinema's demise, not the cause. Many people now are finding their adult 'movie' experiences in TV. I know I am. I'd much rather spend 10hrs in 1hr chunks over a few weeks exploring character-driven plots with superb, realistic and multi-layered dialogue, than spend 100 minutes on a one shot, edited to within an inch of its life movie. With such incredible TV shows now available some movies feel undercooked, the dialogue feels unrealistic and strange, the finales feel undeserved. At the same time, we also now have a lot more access to gritty and real life content outside of cinema. We are bombarded with constant and free news, social media and videos online, and it's exhausting. People want to escape from that shit, not wallow in it. People want fantastical experiences at the cinema. Also, traditional cinema serves a certain demographic very well whilst Marvel films are more inclusive. I don't mean in terms of representing different types of people in their films - although Marcel do this pretty well - but in terms of who goes to see them. They don't talk down to their audiences, anyone can watch a Marvel film and understand it. It's got broad appeal - your class, upbringing or education doesn't matter. I'm not saying there's not a place for old school movies, but it's not the place it used to be. Movies used to be the only place for major spectacle, incredible acting, the funniest scenes, the best of the best dialogue, showcasing some of the most interesting and complex ideas. Now it's just another place to see those things, and it's an expensive one as well. Marvel movies work in cinemas because they don't try to do too much, they aren't competing with TV, social media and streaming, they are short, sharp, fantastical bursts of fun for everyone that don't require too much thought. Often that last one's used to denigrate the films, but to me it's a big part of their draw.
  8. After a day on this, getting used to the combat and characters, I love it! Really scratching that rogue-lite itch.
  9. It's perfect really, as one of the characters you can choose is more or less invincible, so would suit your 3 year old. I have it and think it's brilliant.
  10. Ha! On the next run I beat the boss, and immediately almost beat the second boss An epic run was had.
  11. @Flub How do you activate the abilities on the character select screen? Some are highlighted bit say 'Deativated - requires X levels'... but my characters have reached those levels (I think!).
  12. So, is it normal to have died 8 times and still not have beaten the first boss?
  13. NickC

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes! Only played to the first boss, and quickly died. Lovely stuff so far. The story narration and house are brilliant. The artwork is terrific too, feels like I'm playing an old Lucasarts game, it's got that side-on pixel art feel. Combat is fine so far, but I'm expecting it to get better as I get more upgrades. Did you ever finish it on PC?
  14. This is supposed to be out on Switch today. I say supposed to, because it hasn't landed yet But I can't wait to give it a crack when it does.
  15. Jessica Knappett is one of the most naturally funny comedians out there, IMO. Will give this a try.
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