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  1. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but Millarworld have a huge Humble Bundle on right now with pretty much everything you'd expect.
  2. Not sure what the point is of debating contentious moments with people who just come into this thread on the wind up and have no interest in the football itself.
  3. Yep. He's been on record saying that they've spent a lot of time working on penalties. I doubt there will have been surprises when they were dished out. The occasion, the quality of the other keeper... there are things that you can't practice for. One team, and some players have to be on the losing side in this format, it can't be another way. Also, some comments have been made on the fact that the penalty takers who missed were young and black... it will be hard for them over the coming weeks for sure, but to have a manager who looked at their quality first and believed in them, that's gotta count for something.
  4. The England team and management have been brilliant. Taking a knee, supporting players that the press turn against, not being swayed by the tabloids or the Tory government, trying to encourage a more diverse set of fans. And that's just off the pitch, on the pitch they played in a way that gave us a bit of dignity as a football nation - before we had flashes of individual brilliance but lacked cohesion or a long term plan. We were always one mistake away from disaster, it's not been like that for a long time now. They are decent people in the England set up, and they've given a lot of joy to people at a difficult time. They deserve a lot of appreciation and I hope they get some. It's hard to get your head around trolls enjoying putting the boot into all that. People are shit though.
  5. So quick to blame someone. They're a team who keep talking about taking collective responsibility and standing alongside each other. I hope people learn something from Southgate's undeniable success during the last 2 major tournaments. Demonising a player or manager is a massive step backwards. We lost the game. We're still a good side with good people in it.
  6. Did you not see the fans in the background as the Italians sang? Barely a boo there...
  7. Same on BBC with their commentators. I think they might be *gasp* enjoying themselves.
  8. Technically the TV series is series 2 of KMKYWAP if you count the radio show Which is brilliant if you haven't heard it before, search it out on Audible or YouTube!
  9. I saw it in the smoke. It's the Emperor who is behind it all. He survived. Again. Just transferred his living essence to the MCU. Finally Disney's franchise purchases will start to make sense. Star Wars is given the kick up the arse it so desperately needs and Marvel gets the toxic community it's so far lacked.
  10. As an England supporter that’s nice to hear I suspect Southgate has a lot to do with it. Most courageous manager England have had in a long while. The media and fans disagree with his tactics? He continues on and makes his own decisions. The media and some fans boo his players taking a knee? He continues on and firmly makes his team’s point. His best players are criticised? He stands by them time and again. The fans are desperate for a certain player to start or get game time? He uses that player only when it’s the right time for his game plan, and double substitutes him when the team can get something better from another player. All this stuff takes guts, and so many England managers before him have capitulated to the unbelievable pressures they are put under. When he was a player you got the sense that he was appreciated by his team mates but he was not exactly one of the lads. He’s a slight, quiet and humble guy. It’s like the nerdy and thoughtful kid at school has turned out to be more successful than all the loud knobs. And I love it.
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