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  1. In case anyone isn't aware, there's a really good subreddit dedicated to MS Rewards. Every month there's a guide to completing the monthly quests in as little time as possible. Also people report rewards not tracking and when they start tracking again, so you know when things are not working as they should be.
  2. Got mine today. Super impressive and comfortable.
  3. I have one on order for the same reason. I fucking hope it does
  4. I think the point of it is that after all he's gone through, he's still Slipping Jimmy. Even in the relative safety of a mundane life. A mundane life he needs to survive. He can't not be Slipping Jimmy. The question for me now is will Kim redeem him? Or is Saul's inevitable conclusion coming? The fantastic thing about this show is that we really don't know. The signs point one way, but the showrunners know how to show you something unexpected.
  5. Apologies if this question has been answered previously here... I'm on holiday for a week and my order email just came through. I instinctively placed my order without thinking whether I'll be home when it's delivered. How long do they generally take to be delivered to the UK? And if you're not going to be in is it easy to delay the delivery by a few days?
  6. Great episode, fleshing out who Jimmy was, is and probably will be. Some lovely parallels with things from the past.
  7. Oh ok, I see what you mean now.
  8. I think that's fair. The first few episodes had loads of those cheeky and fun moments and it really added to the overall vibe.
  9. Sorry to be thick here, but I didn't understand this comment. Likely I have somehow been unaware of some unpleasant phrase or fact here, but I'm curious as to what the connection between "crammed in" and Pakistani culture is.
  10. Playing with friends on PC is back working
  11. Still enjoying it a lot but... I miss Nakia and Bruno! Also the bad guys and fight sequences are a bit lame, but I guess both of those are more a problem with MCU TV series in general.
  12. Ah fair enough! It's been a while since I read it and I think I was mixing it up with another storyline.
  13. In the comics (minor comic spoilers below)
  14. The colours in this show are amazing. I've been to both India and Pakistan once and it's something that I have strong memories about - as someone from the UK the colour vibrancy in everyday life is so different and cool.
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