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  1. Just finished this. Level 3 almost put me off entirely, being some of the most frustratingly unreliable platforming I've experienced in a while. It gets a lot better after that, but always feels like a weird mismatch of LBP cuteness and Limbo bleakness.
  2. Wife's in-laws. Wouldn't that be...your parents? Tetris appears to have really hurt your relationships.
  3. How peculiar. Apologies, I was repeating what he said in good faith. As you say, it's a funny thing to not be open about.
  4. Got to be honest, that sounds like a fair reason to release on Xbox to me. What's the beef?
  5. The Witness doesn't have exclusivity. Blow said on his blog that it was just a practical decision to launch on one console. Given the resources, it would be on Xbox One as well already.
  6. *knock knock* I appear to be homeless. Any room for another BXBer?
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