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  1. Does anybody have 2 basketball hoops they can order and send me? Happy to pay above value
  2. Nothing yet. It says you’ll get something in the mai.
  3. Thank god that’s over. Seemed to get a repeat of a lot of the prizes.
  4. Finally got the stringfish after around 100 bait
  5. I don’t recall getting any black lines either. Is it docked or undocked as mostly played undocked.
  6. Completed it this weekend. The final tournament at Blue Moon Dunes felt difficult compared to the rest of the tournaments, took a good couple hours!
  7. Jake Peralta

    NFL 2017

    Yeah Barkley from Penn State is who i’m hoping for, no need to draft a QB as Manning has a few years left yet and they drafted Davis Webb in Round 3 this year. Not sure why they don’t move Flowers to Left Guard as that’s where he played at college. Whats happened to the Browns this year? Thought they were going to do better this year after the draft.
  8. Jake Peralta

    NFL 2017

    The Giants have been bad even the few games Beckham and Marshall have played. The problem is the offensive line’s awful and gives Manning zero protection. Think it’s between us, 49’ers and the Browns for number 1 draft pick next year so should be able to get a decent running back or offensive linesman!
  9. Jake Peralta

    NFL 2017

    Can’t belive how bad the Giants are this season. It promised to be a good season after adding Marshall and Engram to compliment Beckham and Shepard and keeping last seasons defence together. I think Coach McAdoo might get 1 more season but wouldn’t be surprised if they fire him come February.
  10. Is anybody else playing NBA Playgrounds? Seems to have been abandoned by the developers as it’s a couple updates behind the other versions.
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