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  1. Yes basically you just slaughter everyone in sight. All guns blazing all the way
  2. I love the FH games but not going to try to persuade anyone to like them. I agree 100% with everything that's been said about Wreckfest. One of the best arcade racers I've ever played. The absolute carnage is just amazing. It's not really an arcade racer (probably arcade sim?) but GRID is worth a play. Also Project Cars 3 got slated for being too arcadey by long term fans but I loved it. Its a great arcade sim.
  3. PGR 2, Burnout 2, Mario Kart (Snes)
  4. No Belfast is most definitely in Ireland or it was the last time I was there.
  5. Have to say this is the best single player experience I've had since Witcher 3. It's just superb, and as others have said I don't want it to end. All guns blazing the whole way!
  6. Mr C

    The Gunk

    I'm quite near the end and have really enjoyed this game. It's not the most complex game, nor does it have an amazing storyline but there's just something about it I like
  7. Single player looks like the best one yet from 343. Am really enjoying the multiplayer. It feels similar to Halo 3s multiplayer which IMO was always the best. Does anyone know if you can set up custom games in different modes with friends vs bots? Had a quick look and couldn't figure it out
  8. There's an option to download user created tunes from the tuning screen before the race. I do it all the time. Need to have available funds, and can't usually change the rating of the car
  9. You don't NEED to know any of this stuff straight away, you'll figure it out as you go. If you really need to know it, and it's affecting your enjoyment of the game, then look it up in the numerous online guides
  10. FH4 had the same complaints as this. It doesn't really have a structure. Just play the game and enjoy it, not every game needs a beginning, middle and an end. Personally I like that I'm not being treated like an idiot for the first 10 hours with pointless hand holding
  11. Some or the comments here makes me think some of you guys have never played a Halo game.
  12. Bioshock, Halo CE, Mass Effect, Half life 2. Not many recent games tbh.
  13. This forum seems to be the only place that doesn't like this game. Everywhere else I have seen has been mostly positive. Will wait for full reviews but polygon love it https://www.polygon.com/reviews/22745542/riders-republic-pre-review-pc-xbox-ps4
  14. Probably the worst game I've ever played. I know its not big budget but the graphics are truly awful. Would all be fine if the gameplay was any good but my god but it is worse than bad. Stay well clear
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