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  1. I'm not sure how much FH4 you've played but I suspect not much. There is every type of track and every type of vehicle you can imagine. It is the exact opposite of samey and that's what makes it great
  2. My 5 year old loves the lego games, Disney Adventures, Disney Rush, Totally Awesome Delivery Service, Goat Simulator, and bizarrely Forza Horizon 4 (you'd think it would be too complex but it's a sandbox game).
  3. There seems to be a delay in points being added at the moment. Took 3 days for one of my purchases to log against the black friday total
  4. Mr C

    Dark Souls 3

    How does this run on series x? Any improvement in performance?
  5. So wanted to put this on the Xmas list but it's only available digitally!? I know it's been mentioned already but there's no way this can be justified at £60. No disc version and over priced digital edition means this is sadly likely dead in the water already.
  6. I think the issue I am getting only affects wireless headsets though I suspect the issues you are getting are related. Let's hope for a fix soon
  7. I've got an annoying issue with cracking noises and disconnects on my stealth 700 headset. It seems only to happen with dialogue heavy games. I was just about to buy a new headset but read that the issue could be related to the new controller. I tried using my spare controller and sure enough the issue is gone so it is definitely related to the new controller. If anyone else has the issue thats a workaround that works. Hopefully a firmware update for the new controller will fix the issues.
  8. Don't post much on here but just had to agree with how brilliant this game is. It has something special about it that makes you feel like a genius when you solve something or discover a secret area. The game world is also wonderfully put together. The frame rate thing is weird. It feels jarring to me at first but my brain seems to adjust and its fine after a couple of mins
  9. God of War. I know its a fantastic game and I enjoyed it up to a point but something just didn't click for me. Same for new Devil May Cry, loved the combat at first but just couldn't be bothered to play it
  10. Loving the game but this is the first bit I have really disliked. Put into the game to artificially lengthen it.
  11. Burnout 2 was just perfection. To this day my favourite racer of all time. No game since has captured the amazing feeling of chaining boosts and absolutely nailing a track
  12. Mr C

    Music websites

    I would have suggested Ramalbumclub. Pitchfork is good though can be a bit pretentious
  13. Yeah they really should have included more situations. Would have like to have seen the situations list updated regularly to mix things up
  14. Tales of the borderlands had a great soundtrack. Some of the music really fitted perfectly with what was happening with the game
  15. Hey all. Have come here from BXB who have decided to close their forums. This place has been recommended by Captain le chuck as the place to be. Currently have an xbox one but will be getting a PS4 at some stage this year
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