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  1. Is R-Type Final 2 any good on the Switch for a casual user? I like this sort of game playing handheld, but don't like the bullet hell games.
  2. Looks like views on this film in here isn't Marmite, it's pineapple on pizza whereas the people who enjoyed it are in the tiny majority. A little gutted for those that didn't enjoy it as it must be horrible being a fan and excited about the new film only for it to not meet expectations.
  3. Yeah, fucking loved it! Apart from maybe Was nervous and worried it would be shit, but very pleasantly surprised. I have ALL the McFarlane figures The plot was engineered perfectly to be a believable continuation, well chuffed. Loved the way Morpheus was brought into it.
  4. Not sure if this has already been posted......
  5. Seemed fair to me, probs just frustrated.
  6. Pug

    The Man Utd Thread

    Glad it's not until February, gives the team a chance to improve under RR.
  7. As mentioned the Perez trying to prevent Hamilton past was fantastic to watch and a big fucking hats off to Perez for keeping it hard but clean. Would have been so easy to collide & finish Lewis' race, great integrity that made my respect for him grow even more.
  8. Woke up still uneasy with yesterday, it's an uncomfortable feeling. Such an injustice to dominate the title decider all race to it literally being taken away from him because Masi wanted to. If I'm struggling to come to terms with it then god knows how Lewis is feeling. I feel so bad for him. The way he behaved afterwards just shows what a decent guy he is, 100% Max would have been in a huge strop if roles were reversed. There is small consolation in that everyone knows that on that final race performance, it was Lewis that should have been crowned Champion that day. It's definitely going to be a mind worm in Max's head that he was gifted the final race and therefore the title. People will always say or think it when talking about his first world title. No one would have complained if Max won the race fair and square.
  9. Had a weird thing happen, not sure if it was a glitch or not. There was a minute ship in the middle of an orangey pulsing globe in a quiet area. Took an age to destroy and nothing happened afterwards. Leaning towards glitch. I think I captured a video of it and will post it when I have a moment.
  10. Those subtitles need turning off, would annoy the shat out of me.
  11. I've been playing this when I want to rest from stressful FPS's for a bit. Pretty sure I'm close to the end and have enjoyed it immensely.
  12. Pug

    Battlefield 2042

    I'm leaning towards liking this as well. I do need to set up my controller sensitivities better though as I feel I could be better with fine tuning.
  13. Not sure if this is what you mean but a LOT of films are using chromatic aberration artificially added or naturally produced from the lens and I HATE it! Makes my eyes hurt trying to focus properly. Dune uses it a lot where you get a small portion of the picture in focus and the rest out. Hurts my eyes and head just thinking about it.
  14. Looked fan made to me with the ROTS & TESB footage made to look like Ewan Kenobi fighting Vader. 😳
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