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  1. Got the game on disc still, bought the upgrade this morning and downloaded. Now, can I delete the PS4 game data (not game save) and it function ok? Haven't installed a NVME yet and space is at a premium at the mo.
  2. Glad I didn't watch the trailer if all that was in it.
  3. Julia Garner is fucking amazing in the last ep. Gave me goosebumps.
  4. Saw them live at Cardiff ice rink when the album come out (Hardline support, who I love also). Unfortunately the More Than Words success made a good chunk of the audience something akin to what would be at a pop concert.
  5. Fucking love III Sides To Every Story!!! What an album.
  6. Does the £1/£10.99 three year upgrade thing still work? My Gamepass Ultimate expires tonight.
  7. That Rolf Harris one, god knows how they thought they'd get away with that!
  8. Was just going down an Apple Music rabbit hole looking for stuff by an old vocalist in other bands and found the riff in the song Mysterious by Talisman to sound very similar to It's A Monster by Extreme. Blatant rip off?
  9. Bam Bam Boys _ Take My Soul Love Matt Alfonzetti's voice. Jagged Edge - Fuel For Your Soul is one of my all time favourite albums. Shame they didn't last.
  10. After that song came on I showed my wife an old picture of me in a Tigertailz t-shirt. 😊 I'm in old rock heaven watching this show! I keep telling my wife, "I have this, it's on this album..." then show her the album on my music library on my phone. 😁 The latest one had me showing her Faster Pussycat House Of Pain. Great show made greater by fave music from my younger days.
  11. Pug

    The Expanse

    The wife and I started this a while back but no doubt prematurely noped out after a few eps. How long before it sucks you in?
  12. Yeah the poor acting sucked some enjoyment from this for me. Not a good film but I don't mind the poor/average Marvel and Star Wars stuff so much as I like the intermingled plots and character integration that grows into something bigger.
  13. I think the more human looking Twi'leks are the result of crossbreeding with humans.
  14. Looked and sounded perfect actually. 🤷‍♂️
  15. 4K Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos quality version more like. Crazy.
  16. Really enjoyed it! Didn't expect to but pleasantly surprised. 🙂 👻
  17. Is this the first use of the word "mate" in Star Wars?
  18. So what are the favoured NVME sticks people are using?
  19. Is R-Type Final 2 any good on the Switch for a casual user? I like this sort of game playing handheld, but don't like the bullet hell games.
  20. Looks like views on this film in here isn't Marmite, it's pineapple on pizza whereas the people who enjoyed it are in the tiny majority. A little gutted for those that didn't enjoy it as it must be horrible being a fan and excited about the new film only for it to not meet expectations.
  21. Yeah, fucking loved it! Apart from maybe Was nervous and worried it would be shit, but very pleasantly surprised. I have ALL the McFarlane figures The plot was engineered perfectly to be a believable continuation, well chuffed. Loved the way Morpheus was brought into it.
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