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  1. Rest mode seems to crash the game.....after letting you play until you quit out to the World Map. Loses all the progress from that session too. Done it twice on the trot to me. I now close the game after playing. In other great news, my pedal fix didn't last long so I've ordered a replacement set from Thrustmaster for £55. Didn't want to fork out for a whole new wheel set.
  2. Pedal fix success!! Easy to take apart, a few sprays of contact cleaner on the potentiometer and making they gear teeth are lined up in the right place on the pedal gears. Less than a tenner and 15 minutes. 🙂 Had a quick go for an hour and worked perfectly.
  3. Nah, it's a lowly Thrustmaster T150. Looked in the ingame settings and there's no pedal adjustment settings at all for the T150. Got some contact cleaner coming tomorrow so hoping a spray in the potentiometer will fix it. If not I might get a set of T3PA pedals to replace them.
  4. Got the wheel stand pro out and took me a while to work out why I was miles behind the AI drivers. My brake pedal is borked. Doesn't go past half brake power and comes on by itself randomly. Will take it apart over the weekend and see if it's something simple to fix.
  5. Usually enjoy all Louis stuff, not so with any of these latest.
  6. Oh yeah, the final straw that got me ejecting the disc. When I crouched down the other side of a wall of some ruins that had three or soldiers in it to decide my strategy, I got stabbed twice right through the thick stone wall. Compounded my frustration I'm afraid.
  7. ....and the telly to the left!! 😜
  8. Nah, I appreciate the I appreciate that, it's very unlikely I'll get on with it. Makes me feel a little inadequate if I'm honest as I wish I could get the enjoyment out of it that it's giving everyone else here.
  9. Xbox version for sale in Trading. Also advertised elsewhere.
  10. Yep, hardly touched it and I'm jacking it in. Not got a clue what's going on, not a fan of redoing the same thing over and over. I accept it's my poor gaming ability mixed in with no patience at all. I kinda new it but gave it a go just in case, lol. Ah well......
  11. Will tuck into this in a mo, preloading before getting the disc was a great tip.
  12. I definitely need advise on the easiest class to prevent me noping out after a couple of hours.
  13. Yeah, like an idiot I've bought it. Good chance it'll be in Trading next week. 😁
  14. Pug

    The Boxing Thread

    Brook sounds like Keith Lemon. 😄
  15. I hope there's decent drainage if it's sat in rain.....
  16. I really need to stop using really so much. Really. The open world difference......ok let's try it. 😀👍🏼
  17. I really want to play this as it looks so good, but I know I'll get quickly frustrated with dying repeatedly at the same point and sack it off. I really wish they put in an easy mode for cretins like me with no patience. Sacrilege I know for this genre but I gave up early on Bloodborne and Dark Souls but really wish I could have seen the whole of the games.
  18. Watched two episodes and I'm amazed with the waves of love for it in this pretty critical forum. The guy can't act for shit, it's like he's just reading the lines. I guess it must be hard to find an actor that has the required stature and physique as well as coming across as intelligent. Will keep with it, but not feeling it like everyone else.
  19. As long as it's a paid for version, you can upgrade.
  20. Pug

    Battlefield 2042

    I've hardly touched this due to Halo, COD also. I did enjoy COD apart from the map that feels like you're all in a cupboard together.
  21. Skullnco do good grips. As a man with large hands, the Switch is impossible to use for me without a grip.
  22. Started this yesterday and my immediate impressions are that the visuals are the same (amazing then, not so now) but the smooth frame rate is obviously much, much better than my original play through.
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