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  1. Had an email today about this. I bought a 3 month Now sub that would run out at the end of June specifically to see if it would convert some or all of my Playstation Plus (subbed 'til mid October '24) to Premium Plus. Seems the email is saying it'll all be converted to Plus...unless I'm reading it wrong.
  2. Someone that dresses the way he does and is vain enough to get a hair transplant will absolutely care what it looks like to be losing to the new guy and hate that it is happening. But Lewis has mastered thinking before speaking and pretty much always says the right thing. Is George better than Lewis? I don't think so but until they get the car doing what they want it to we won't find out. I'm a massive Hamilton fan and although I get pleasure seeing Russell, Norris, Gasly, Ricky Bobby(sad times) & LeClerc do well, nothing gets me going watching a race like when Lewis is fighting at the front. I miss it fucking bad.
  3. Saw this yesterday. Enjoyed it but didn't find it the second coming like everyone else. Great action, well worked sequel but wasn't really worth the trip to my nearest cinema half hour away. Needing the loo with not being able to pause is a big negative for me. Cinema was great with decent sound (looked like there were hundreds of speakers) and electric recliners were nice. 8K big screen too. I still would prefer to watch at home. Wish I waited to watch it on my awesome AV kit as I will with all films from now on.
  4. Just booked Odeon iSense tickets for Monday 17:20 and just realised the Apple WWDC is Monday.
  5. Had a quick go on the phone, liked it but found it too small so installed on the 12'9" iPad Pro. Sat at my desk with an Xbox controller it's pretty good.
  6. Maybe he's dehydrated in an attempt to improve the look of his physique.
  7. Dived back in and took me a while to remember how it all works, felt sorry for the teams I was in. I'll wait until the next season starts before getting a pass, I used to earn enough for new seasons and characters whilst playing so will be the first time I'll have to buy the credits.
  8. It is pitiful the single digit amount you get.
  9. I wish I kept on with this instead of being wooed by CoD Warzone when that began. I'm too far behind to jump back in now with all the newer characters, etc.
  10. Pug

    The Man Utd Thread

    Will be announced sometime after the cup final against PSV on Sunday.
  11. Charles always has two black rings but I see he removed them for the podium. edit: looking at other pics it looks like he wasn't wearing them for the race, following the rules.....
  12. Found a tiny Wheat Crunchies ring in the packet today.
  13. Had a go when I saw it was on LG tvs but couldn't get my controller to connect so binned it off.
  14. Ooooo, I love feathering the throttle round the corners in a Ferrari. A long while back now I won a Jaguar VGT Coupe on a spin, was I lucky or is it a common spin prize? Haven't tried it yet as I have been concentrating on finishing the menu.
  15. Never mind, getting the International A License gave me the required car.
  16. Their velocity, their eagerness is all in their hands.
  17. Tips for a good car to get through the wank rallying Cafe menu please.
  18. Yeah highlights at 19:00 but in full 02:25 Monday morning and again 19:00 Monday evening.
  19. Nice early release surprise. 👍🏻
  20. Unfortunately not. It does work with a drive hub and a wired 3rd party controller but with some force feedback errors. It DOES work on a PS5 with the PS4 version of GT7 which I appreciate isn't much use to you.
  21. Spent most of the day Tuesday on this with the pad and was loving it, new pedals coming today and am excited to get back in the game with the wheel. Been a long while since I've felt this way about a racing game.
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