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  1. Loving the look of this, what is a good moderate priced arcade stick for this? I feel the controller lets me down when trying joystick sweeping movements. Like the idea of a knob between my fingers.
  2. Pug

    R-Type Final 2

    When is the update out for Switch?
  3. Pug

    The Man Utd Thread

    Ronaldo staying then, not sure how I feel about that. Leaning towards wanting him gone.
  4. Haven't seen this yet, but Westworld had a flashing white pixel every two seconds every episode. Top left area.
  5. Pug

    The Boxing Thread

    I hope he apologizes to Usyk tomorrow for spoiling his post match glory. Idiot.
  6. Sorry, missed this. No not wireless. The rears wire goes through the stand. I've just got the wires along the floor/skirting. Doesn't look bad as at a distance it blends in with the floor, but I would like to get some minimal trunking at some point.
  7. Pug

    The Boxing Thread

    I think AJ lacks belief sometimes. I think he can beat Usyk but not if he tries to out box him. Needs to use that extra 20 odd pounds and connect with the big shots.
  8. I keep the covers handy incase of young visitors. 😄 They are Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders with Alteco Upfirers sat on top. Vokal centre and Zensor 1 rears. Ef9 sub. As said, great speakers that aren't painfully expensive. I'm certainly in no rush to upgrade anytime soon as I love how they sound.
  9. Thanks of for the info, I think it's cheap enough to give it a go.
  10. New power recliners came yesterday. Wide angle lens used on first pic.
  11. Fack, my pre-order is being delivered by RM. Ah well, maybe it'll be sent earlier.
  12. Think UHD digital is same time as physical, HD available first.
  13. Available now on the Wakanda Forever Prologue. Here's the Apple Music link, I expect it's on all streaming formats.
  14. The CGI and dino puppets are shoddy in this.
  15. Was fun until I couldn't
  16. Looks amazing, I likes your style.
  17. Watched the 1st episode yesterday and it's sucked me in, great stuff.
  18. Cool that it's free with Sky. Cool I can use it on Apple TV, iPhone etc. too once signed up through Sky. Uncool that it doesn't support UHD or Dolby Atmos yet. I'll wait until it does before using
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