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  1. I have the last gen ATV 4K (2nd gen) and P+ isn't UHD or HDR so I doubt the new one is, unless someone here here has the 3rd gen ATV 4K & can prove me wrong.
  2. If the focal distance is around 1m+ then I should be ok without my reading glasses.
  3. My slot was 11 onwards but I ordered 10 mins ago. Saw on here people ordering a charge station that I never knew about so popped back in and ordered that too.
  4. Just realised, I now wear glasses to read. How comfortable was the last unit to use with glasses?
  5. Just had the more useful email with a link to preorder tomorrow. Pretty sure they don't take the money until dispatching.
  6. I got the email this afternoon. It says registering doesn't guarantee a change to preorder. So I'm registering for a chance to preorder. 🤷‍♂️
  7. That's exactly what I've been doing. Clicking R3, shows me the way....go the other way.
  8. Yeah got the Edge one, nearly pre-ordered then remembered VR2 is out just after.
  9. Another OG Live beta guy here. Getting a three letter username was cool but has resulted in friend requests with similar names with added numbers and stuff to this very day. Loved MotoGP, the Jerez track especially. I also liked using a headset in the early days, won't use one now as I don't like listening to your distorted music when I'm playing thanks....let alone the disgusting trash talk that goes on.
  10. Good advice guys, I've definitely improved.
  11. I am impatient and rush to find action when killed. I'll try to slowing down like you say. Going to try to up my sensitivity a tad too.
  12. See I rarely like to join a 'team' for fear of embarrassing myself and losing us games. There's probably a few factors hindering me, I reckon a major one is having no sense of direction. I quite often go through a door or window and straight into a wall & get shot. Another is my low sensitivity settings. I try raising them but can never get used to it. It gets me down as I love online shooters, it's my fave genre and so I keep trying. But more often than not I finish the session feeling rubbish about myself. Thankfully God Of War is out next week. 😄
  13. My utter shitness of online FPS seems like it's forever. Played all afternoon and constantly at the bottom of the scoresheet. I don't understand why I don't improve and it makes me feel a tad inferior. I know I'm 50 but I've always been shit, lol.
  14. I'm hoping to be surprised and the given a retroactive points deduction. Unlikely. It really needs to be a deterrent though, no good having teams weighing up whether it's worth them going over the cap. The punishment needs to be severe enough to be crippling. Braun will look a fool if it's a light punishment that doesn't have 'bite'.
  15. Had an hour or two on it this and it's pretty good. I like the race track map. I'm still shit but having fun at the moment. That vain American dickhead that's on SAS Who Dares Wins is a player skin, so much fun shooting him over & over.
  16. Watching Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix has me wanting to have a 2nd play through.
  17. *sigh* Preloaded yesterday, jump on to play at six and now have a 29GB update. 🤯
  18. Preload for Xbox UK is from 6pm today.
  19. I likes me back paddles, £210....oof. Will buy but jeez...
  20. Yeah, same. It's a good sign if we're looking forward to more.
  21. Enjoying the beta but frustrated how my skills fluctuate. I probs need to learn to play with higher sensitivity, not sure it's my age as a lot of folk are doing pretty well in FPS around the age of fifty.
  22. That's exactly what I said to my wife! He so does.
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