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  1. Even though we lost I was content that we now have a team that can compete with the best and not far off being title contenders. Arsenal were the better team but with Casemiro things may have gone our way. But we didn't have him and still came close.

    Would be ecstatic with a top four and one of the cups (preferably FA) but will be happy as long as we make top four.


    Nice to enjoy watching us play instead of the frustrating shit I'd got used to seeing.

  2. I bought the Pulse as I recently got the Xbox wireless because I got fed up of the convoluted way I had AiPods Max wired up with a separate mic, so though may as well get the PS ones too. Glad I did now with the PSVR nearly here.


    It is pretty annoying though that they aren't compatible with each other so you could just choose one set for iPhone/Xbox/PS5.



  3. Think I'll knock the difficulty right down as I don't enjoy the prolonged boss fights and want to finish it soon as Callisto Protocol is out Friday. With CoD Warzone my gaming time will be split with the three.

  4. 9 hours ago, The Disco said:

    *Their support page does say the Apple TV 5 can do 4K, but doesn't say if that's in the UK and I'm not going to buy yet another deivice just for yet another streaming service....


    I have the last gen ATV 4K (2nd gen) and P+ isn't UHD or HDR so I doubt the new one is, unless someone here here has the 3rd gen ATV 4K & can prove me wrong.


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