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  1. I think it might have to do with the noise cancelling they use. I find them annoying, I can also hear the muffled background cut in & out when they speak. Once you notice it you hear it on EVERY show.
  2. Pug

    The Man Utd Thread

    Even though we lost I was content that we now have a team that can compete with the best and not far off being title contenders. Arsenal were the better team but with Casemiro things may have gone our way. But we didn't have him and still came close. Would be ecstatic with a top four and one of the cups (preferably FA) but will be happy as long as we make top four. Nice to enjoy watching us play instead of the frustrating shit I'd got used to seeing.
  3. Watching these vids and it's just gobbledegook to me. Would love to have the patience to learn the ins & outs of this, but I know I'll be mostly butten mashing.
  4. I bought the Pulse as I recently got the Xbox wireless because I got fed up of the convoluted way I had AiPods Max wired up with a separate mic, so though may as well get the PS ones too. Glad I did now with the PSVR nearly here. It is pretty annoying though that they aren't compatible with each other so you could just choose one set for iPhone/Xbox/PS5.
  5. LOLOLOLOL! Well done to the guys trying to carry on through that.
  6. Is no one watching it LOL! WTF!?
  7. Started 1883 last night and we all love it. Will finish it then go on to Yellowstone, then 1923. No reason for the order but as 1883 is only one season and is complete, thought we'd start there.
  8. I find the keys a bit soft on mine.
  9. Lol, what a dimwit! To answer properly.....runs great. It was patched almost immediately to sort initial hiccups.
  10. Ok ta, I'll leave it then. Won't have any fun being a clueless 50 year old against others.
  11. I'm in the beta this time. Before I try it, is there any offline mode. I'm not interested in online play.
  12. Pug

    High on Life

    You can reduce the chatter in settings.
  13. Probs due to lower expectations but I'm quite enjoying.
  14. Could have told you it was shit because I preordered it. At least I have a physical copy coming (when RM get through the backlog) so can sell on when finished or had enough, probs the latter.
  15. Think I'll knock the difficulty right down as I don't enjoy the prolonged boss fights and want to finish it soon as Callisto Protocol is out Friday. With CoD Warzone my gaming time will be split with the three.
  16. Is the M13B as good as the furore getting it suggests?
  17. Loved this though thought the finale was a bit of an anti climax. Looking forward to S2.
  18. Almost fisticuffs between Souness & Keano. 😄
  19. Pug

    Battlefield 2042

    I got Stupid Cuntitis and bought the Ultimate Edition on the strength of loving Battlefield games online. Pisses me off when I think how little I've played it.
  20. I have the last gen ATV 4K (2nd gen) and P+ isn't UHD or HDR so I doubt the new one is, unless someone here here has the 3rd gen ATV 4K & can prove me wrong.
  21. If the focal distance is around 1m+ then I should be ok without my reading glasses.
  22. My slot was 11 onwards but I ordered 10 mins ago. Saw on here people ordering a charge station that I never knew about so popped back in and ordered that too.
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