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  1. I don't like how menu window text in the UI briefly appears in low res then appears sharper. Does this happen for everyone?
  2. Thanks @Shimmyhill just got the Amplified Edition for £18.76!
  3. I've Control Ultimate sat on the shelf waiting for the next gen update yet I won't be able to wait with this game and will have to play straight away.
  4. I'm getting the opposite on the Series X in quality mode since the patch. Before it was tear city, especially in cut scenes. Now it looks lush with no tearing at all.
  5. I have my MacBook on a side table next to me on the sofa so using it's USB-C is (or would be) dead handy to plug in if running low on the Dualsense. Ah well, will probs just run another cable there.
  6. Might not go down well here with the fans of the heavier stuff but one of my guilty pleasures is Amaranthe. The keyboards can be a bit happy hardcore but it kinda works with the beautiful female lead, the male vocals and the screaming. They always make catchy stuff with upbeat tempos but the latest album Manifest has knocked it out of the park. Always puts a smile on my face listening to it. Here's a few from the album, the videos are a bit naff but most are I guess.
  7. My MacBook Pro charging cable doesn't charge the Dualsense. Charges every other USB-C device I own bar the controller. Mildly annoying.
  8. Just did that bit no option to choose any modes in WRC 9, unless in being a complete thicko.
  9. Just unsuccessfully tried to play 1080p 120fps. Put the console in 1080p mode and had no option to choose 120fps either in system settings or game settings.
  10. Of course, yeah I'll try and remember to give it a go tomorrow.
  11. Sorry, I'm still on a lowly C8. I'm holding fire on the CX until the new AVR's can handle HDMI 2.1 correctly. The audio lag of Atmos from a HDMI source via arc/earc is preventing me buying and connecting straight to tv. But it's great in 60fps if that's any use.
  12. I played am hour or so of Nuke Town this afternoon and I must have been possessed by a teenager or something as my kill count was more than double my death count nearly every game. Perhaps that's usual on that map but it's normally the opposite for me generally as I'm not the best.
  13. Whoever championed WRC 9 here because of the haptic feedback......THANK YOU!!! Now I'm a guy who prefers using a force feedback wheel with the more serious racers but this game is proper good fun with the Dualsense. The triggers react to the accelerator or brakes and you feel the little backfire burbles. I wish the Series X had similar.
  14. Is the audio still being played through your AVR/TV for those who just want chat through their headset? In any case the easy remedy is turning the volume on your AVR/TV to zero.
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