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  1. Think I'll knock the difficulty right down as I don't enjoy the prolonged boss fights and want to finish it soon as Callisto Protocol is out Friday. With CoD Warzone my gaming time will be split with the three.
  2. Is the M13B as good as the furore getting it suggests?
  3. Loved this though thought the finale was a bit of an anti climax. Looking forward to S2.
  4. Almost fisticuffs between Souness & Keano.
  5. Pug

    Battlefield 2042

    I got Stupid Cuntitis and bought the Ultimate Edition on the strength of loving Battlefield games online. Pisses me off when I think how little I've played it.
  6. I have the last gen ATV 4K (2nd gen) and P+ isn't UHD or HDR so I doubt the new one is, unless someone here here has the 3rd gen ATV 4K & can prove me wrong.
  7. If the focal distance is around 1m+ then I should be ok without my reading glasses.
  8. My slot was 11 onwards but I ordered 10 mins ago. Saw on here people ordering a charge station that I never knew about so popped back in and ordered that too.
  9. Just realised, I now wear glasses to read. How comfortable was the last unit to use with glasses?
  10. Just had the more useful email with a link to preorder tomorrow. Pretty sure they don't take the money until dispatching.
  11. I got the email this afternoon. It says registering doesn't guarantee a change to preorder. So I'm registering for a chance to preorder.
  12. That's exactly what I've been doing. Clicking R3, shows me the way....go the other way.
  13. Yeah got the Edge one, nearly pre-ordered then remembered VR2 is out just after.
  14. Another OG Live beta guy here. Getting a three letter username was cool but has resulted in friend requests with similar names with added numbers and stuff to this very day. Loved MotoGP, the Jerez track especially. I also liked using a headset in the early days, won't use one now as I don't like listening to your distorted music when I'm playing thanks....let alone the disgusting trash talk that goes on.
  15. Good advice guys, I've definitely improved.
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