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  1. Can confirm using IPVanish on my phone, iPad & macs. I have a US Apple account too which is how I got the Disney+ app, but on the macs it's via the website.
  2. Is it common knowledge that if you buy it on the Xbox One you get a free upgrade on the Series X? Not sure if the same with the Playstations.
  3. Signed up and works great on via a VPN iPad Pro, IPhone 11 Pro Max (in Dolby Vision) and the iMac & MacBook Pro. The Apple Tv app lets me sign when I used shared internet from my VPN'd iMac but wouldn't go any further. I can Airplay from the iPhone (with Dolby Atmos) but it skips the odd frame. Probs as it doesn't use the ATV's frame rate match so could set it at the correct frame rate I s'pose but I'd rather wait until March 24th and use it properly with Dolby Vision.
  4. Gemini Man is weird as hell to watch on an OLED in 4K 60fps. It's like your telly is a window and you're watching real life!
  5. Got mine too, feels great. Had to butcher the silicone grip I had on the controller a little but turned out great. (I find the Dualshock a bit small without added grip). One of the reasons I favoured the Xbox over the PS4 was having back buttons on my Elite/Elite 2, glad there is now an inexpensive solution.
  6. No Dolby Vision on Sky (or any HDR!) makes it a no from me.
  7. A fortunate shot. Took out two enemies which took out their downed teammates at the same time. Five in all.
  8. Wasn't it Qui Gon Jin that discovered how to become a force ghost?
  9. Ah yeah, Sky Comedy. Caught an advert for it the other day, saw Comedy and presumed Comedy Central.
  10. Think it's on 28th Jan. Comedy Central.
  11. My Pro disc drive has been failing for a while. I did fiddle with the eject disc screw once that sorted it for a bit but didn't last.
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