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  1. So no excitement on Visions out today on Disney+ ?! Pretty sure I'm going to enjoy this a lot more than What If?.
  2. I like Cold War multiplayer, pulled me away from Warzone, which pulled me away from Apex. I'll be getting this but I just know my go to baddie shooting online will be Battlefield 2042 next.
  3. Glad I stuck with this, it’s grabbed me a tad. How are saves done, is it auto save before going in?
  4. Going to get this when the OLED Switch arrives methinks.
  5. As the phones/tablets in the Matrix in this film are similar to current devices, the time is either set to around 2021 or more time has passed in this matrix. That is if as touched upon earlier, time continues and not on a short loop.
  6. Made Matrix numbers for my faux Nixie clock. The last number is seconds. There are LEDs on the back of the little screens that are set to green and it looks awesome in the evenings. Hard to take a good photo of it in the dark showing the ambient green light showing on the wall. Here's a couple of pics anyhow.
  7. The OracIe steers them all to fulfill their roles to complete the cycle. This time she wanted to give humans choice at the end so engineered their love. Yeah, you could be right and it might be the first time they pair off but it's definitely the Oracle's doing. I wonder if they all were clones, would explain the young Morpheus this time. Looks like they saved the bodies and reinserted both Trinity and Neo into pods and the matrix. Anyone notice when Trinity used that shout power that the blue haired girl was part of the surrounding image. Maybe she is this matrix version of Trinity so they are linked. I don't know I'm tired and spitballing ideas out aloud.
  8. Neo & Trinity always fell in love but the other Neos chose to save Zion and reinsert his code for it all to restart again. The common theory is the Oracle gave Neo those 'cookies' that had code on them to make his love stronger for Trinity and alter Smiths code when Neo ...um....enters him.
  9. Played about an hour Saturday but am not drawn back to play it. Will force myself tomorrow.
  10. Good chance I reckon, defo Monday if not.
  11. Mine was shipped today also, £45.55 with discount code from The Game Collection.
  12. That dude in the mirror I think will be the body plugged into the matrix that Neo’s mind/digital self/soul was downloaded too. He died, that body has been buried/dipoles of. So he will look like Neo in the matrix but that dude in the pod/in the real world if freed. Maybe.
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