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  1. I thought it'd make a great bench for the garden.
  2. Hmmm... I usually buy the new shinies day one but I don't see anything apart from Spider Morales and maybe Ratchet & Clank. Any cross platform I'll be going Series X. I haven't played Ghost of Tsummat, will that get enhanced on the 5? If so I guess there's that.
  3. This arrived today even though I subconsciously tried to scupper it by not including the street name of my address. I'm hoping my low expectations will result in me enjoying this.
  4. My cousin's dog's sister who knows a guy who works with an apple a horse belonging to my mate's uncle ate told me those prices. I've no reason to disbelieve him.
  5. It'll be the same price as Series X for disc drive, £449 and £299 for digital only where they can recoup with digital sales.
  6. Looks like I'll be needing to upgrade my C8 as it maxes at 60Hz through HDMI, not sure it can even do 1440p at 120Hz. My Denon 2200 AVR will be out dated too as that maxes out at 60Hz for all resolutions. Though I guess I could keep the AVR for now and connect the new consoles direct to the (new)tv and use eArc to get Atmos. I can wait until nearer launch incase there's a price drop on the LG CX.
  7. So if I don't own it and buy the Ultimate edition I get the Series X enhanced game and the DLC? If so I'll buy it and wait until the Series X arrives to play it.
  8. £34.99 there now. Giving it a go at that price, but somehow I missed out my street name on the shipping address. Should still get to me with the house number and postcode.....hopefully.
  9. I'd literally cancelled the renew on my EA sub yesterday morning as I wasn't sure if I would carry on.
  10. Pleasant to read positive comments. MS have nailed this price wise and seems to have pleased the gaming community. Good stuff. Just want to know for sure the Series X price.
  11. Wasn't there supposed to be another remake coming?
  12. Hahaha, perfect description. Love the show though.
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