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  1. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    I'm pretty sure the Eevee needs to be set as your walking buddy when you do the evolution. (So if you'd put the 10km walked Eevee back as your buddy first before evolving I think that would've worked)
  2. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    Done! Will hold off on opening your gift until we hit best friends.
  3. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    Yup no worries, will hold off on opening your gift for now. Not too fussed about the xp tbh so feel free to open mine whenever suits best
  4. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    @Billy Brown - Yup same again is fine!
  5. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    No worries, it still says 1 day to go for me too. Have sent a gift over & will hold off on opening yours if you want to give it another go today
  6. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    Yup, just after 7 is fine with me. (Hope you enjoyed all those gifts from such exciting places like 'Eastbourne Post Office' )
  7. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    Yup that's me, just replied to your PM & sent a gift over
  8. DJK44

    Pokemon Go

    Just sent requests to a bunch of ppl in this thread, anyone else feel free to add me DJK447 1130 7520 3708

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