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  1. The Eventlab track this week is probably the best one yet, It's like a full on rally stage. Just pick a nice A class rally car, go in car cam view, take off the Hud and feel the feels!
  2. Missed this but yeah, Ill have a go if I can get on this week.
  3. Well it's a bit easier when you've got a benchmark to aim for with no time left for anyone to respond They're all beatable with the right car, the S1 Lotus GT1 tune has about another 3 seconds in it going by the number of dirty laps I set! Found a nice Ford Capri C class tune too that I'll share when I'm next on.
  4. Times in, apologies for getting them in so late this week but managed to sneak in at the top. Found it tough going in S1 and S2 too. As Anjin said there are so many points where a bad landing can ruin your lap. Thanks for organising Anjin!
  5. I've been away this week but should get some time tomorrow to get some times in. From memory this is one of my favourite tracks on 5 so looking forward to it!
  6. I'm up for that, cheers Anjin. I'll get some times down later this week.
  7. I just shut mine down now because of the faff, it's an absolute shitshow.
  8. Unfortunately not, I was already in another group that I sometimes race online with and you can't join another unfortunately. If you want to add me I'm Yippeekiyey. Also if your struggling to find a tune, it's handy to follow some of the better tuners as it will throw theirs up first. Here's a googledocs list of some from a German YouTuber: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1F3xqy6yodUmnuua08YU-fet4KDDoIbaoNZRiZ9U8yxk/htmlview
  9. You're best using the stats on the right rather than the infogram. The calculated speed is usually correct and the lateral G rating is useful to guage handling ability (higher number better turn in/less understeer). If I get chance tonight I'll try and get my time back off you @Anjin!!
  10. I'm not sure I want to watch that Seriously though, cheers Meatball for providing some target times to aim for, I've really enjoyed (unsuccessfully in most cases) chasing them down! If you have the time I'd really appreciate a Tune amnesty to find out your S1 Puma tune and your A class Nissan Pulsar tune too as they are clearly very decent. They come in handy when I race with friends on a Friday night!
  11. My sons on now so I'm not liking my chances. He may save me smashing my pad up though to be fair!!
  12. Thanks Anjin, yeah there's a couple of corners late on that can catch you out, but it's a brave person who commits a handbrakes through that last one! Just found this on a YouTubers account which has a list of great cars and tunes (A class and above) which should prove useful : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1F3xqy6yodUmnuua08YU-fet4KDDoIbaoNZRiZ9U8yxk/htmlview Just noticed Meatball has got my S1 time down to within a tenth . I dread seeing any form of notification number on my Forza online tab
  13. Times now in from me and I don't think I have the energy to improve as it was quite stressful at times (that last corner !) I reckon A-Class is the sweetspot for this track (B was good fun too actually) and the Boneshaker Dirt Tune seems to be a class in it's own here, it is great fun to drive too (Tune by Rocklxd if people want to sample it). S1 was seat of the pants stuff in the Lola. I'm sure there's loads more time in there but I don't think I have the refinement to find it! S2 was horrible and was pretty much all about feathering that accelerator the whole way. It took me about ten goes just to get a clean lap in. Interested to see how high you guys get on with it. (That A class Pulsar is a Rocket by the way Meatball!)
  14. Post deadline I had another quick go and managed to split Tommy and Meatball in S2. I'm pretty much flat out all round and struggling to see how others can be even upto a second faster. Its still pretty impressive that 3 of us are within a thousandth of a second of each other! Squeezed a bit more out of my Civic B class but couldn't get close to Suplex's C class time in that Escort.
  15. Fair play chaps, I thought my S2 time was my best too!!
  16. Ok got some times in for S2-D last night. After starting in the higher classes those C & D's were tough going. Noticed that I'm not troubling any global top 100's so either it's a competitive track or my laps aren't that great/using the wrong car/tune. I'll list my times and tunes tonight/tomorrow.
  17. That's exactly what I do, I don't have time to tweak, test drive and then refine so I just download from popular tuners like Nalak, Raceboy77 and Don Joewon Song. If you have the time, this video is pretty informative https://youtu.be/wkHNIBBw6Tw
  18. Interesting. I went straight into S1 and put in a couple of laps which felt like fun but I can see how the lower classes will reward fast cars that steer like boats. Would you mind sharinh that C class tune on the Renault Anjin, it was untouchable on that last track and I wouldn't mind using it on a Friday Night Forza online session!
  19. Ha ha fair play Meatball! I reckon if I could link up my clean laps I could probably get a bit closer, but that isn't going to happen Like others have said, the street furniture littered around this track is an absolute nightmare to navigate especially that last corner over the brow of the hill. I'm always tempted to give it too much beans and end up sliding into the two telegraph poles. Good track this one though, enjoyed having something a little more technical.
  20. You can definitely go back and try and beat past times. I don't think there arevany hard and fast rules to be honest.
  21. Thank god for call the midwife... Rubbish start of the lap but just snuck a tenth up on meatball in the Transit Share code for racing transit is 141880208
  22. Oooooph, 8 tenths is a lot, great lap meatball. Not sure my wife will let me sneak on tonight! I'll add you to my friends list Barnard as I was already shacked up with another group.
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